Chapter 44 – Part 2



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Vaje, who had briefly looked towards me, once again turned her face away. It was the signal from Vaje that our conversation was over.

With the feeling that I had become a father with a daughter who had entered her rebellious phase, I gave a small smile as I flapped my wings. Because this young lady was often doted upon and spoiled by her real parents, I worry about her future, and if she will become a full-fledged dragon or not. I have come to warmly watch over her.

「Now then, Vaje. I will probably stop by again in ten days to see you」

Vaje’s ears and tail suddenly perked up with a start.

「……Ten days?」

「Yeah, it’ll take around that long. I’ll be going now. I know you don’t have to worry about the poison, but be careful not to overeat and upset your stomach」

With that, I turned my back on Vaje and left this place. I had already flown quite some distance, when I noticed Vaje finally raised her head to look back at me, but I made my body double keep on flying straight south.

Ryoukichi, the Water Dragon Emperor, had many duties to fulfil, so unlike Vaje who was living freely, I couldn’t meet her right away without a prior reservation. For now, I would leave at least a message.

Ryoukichi’s daughter, Liu Yu, was also busy spending her days studying to be the next Water Dragon Emperor, so it would probably be hard to meet with her too.

Remaining in the shape of a white dragon, I visited the Palace of the Dragon King that emitted a brilliant shine, even from far away on the other side of the sea. I neared the vast fortress city, which was surrounded by castle walls made of coral, and told the fish-person and the Water Dragon guarding the gates, that I was on an errand to inform them that the giant squid which had sunk even a large ship, was named the Kraken.

The last time I had visited, Ryoukichi told them I was a citizen, so I wasn’t turned away at the gate this time.

Instead, once the guards confirmed that I was actually Dran from my name and the features of my outer appearance, they became flustered and returned to a waiting room inside the gate, and then they began to discuss something in very loud voices.

Hmm, well I wanted to leave a date and time for when I would next visit, but when I tried opening the curtain to the room, this is what happened.

I had just shifted my gaze a little bit to the right, to take a peek, but then —

「Lord Dran, how may I help you?」

Standing before me was the figure of a beautiful woman with a radiant smile. Governing over the Dragon Palace Country, which included the mermaids, the fish-people, and the Water Dragons, was one pillar of the three Dragon Emperors, the Water Dragon Emperor Ryoukichi, in the flesh.

Hmmm, I would have thought that she’d have duties as a Water Dragon Emperor, or as Queen of the Dragon Palace Country, but not once did she let me even consider that possibility, as Ryoukichi then led me to a private room and, with the tea container held in her hand, asked me if I’d like more tea.

Inside the room, besides me, who had returned to my human form, and Ryoukichi, who had also taken back her human form, there was no one else. The two of us were alone.

Somehow, the King of the country was now alone with me who was of unknown origin, and that made the court ladies and the generals panic. They reported their concerns to Ryoukichi, but she only calmly sent them away.

Within this palace, there was no one more powerful, no one more beautiful, and no one more dignified and majestic than Ryoukichi. So when she made her decision clear, there shouldn’t be many who would dare raise an objection against her.

Well, this time, I have the deep trust of Liu Yu, and Ryoukichi is one of the strongest beings on earth, so who could possibly cause harm to us? Aware of this, even those people wouldn’t be able to object.

「Why have you visited so suddenly, I didn’t expect to be able to meet with you like this, so I was a little taken aback」

I brought the clear, blue glass cup to my lips, and drank the thin, gray colored seaweed tea. The flavor was different from tea leaves, it had a stronger taste over its scent.

The tea container itself was a deep, rich blue color, and perhaps was a product forged from a special clay or mineral found at the bottom of the sea.

「My dear Dran-sama went to the trouble of traveling all the way here, so no matter what I put out, it is only the proper courtesy for being able to meet you.
Additionally, there is nothing more fun for me than talking with Dran-sama. So please, accept the tea」

「Right, thank you」

She held up a beautiful porcelain teapot to my empty glass, and poured a second serving for me. If the people of this country were to see their Water Dragon Emperor taking the initiative and acting like a lady waiting on my every command, and burning gallantly to take care of me, they would be so amazed they would forget to breathe.

「This tea is delicious. Especially because a beautiful woman like you made it for me」

「Oh, were you always a person to say such flattering words? However, even if it is merely empty flattery, I am still happy」

「I only gave you my honest thoughts. But is this really okay? You ended up spending your time like this with me, even though you are probably busy」

「Please don’t speak of such things. I already finished my work as a king a month ahead of time.
Matters that can’t be solved without me aside, all the other regular work will not be a problem. That is why I can spend my time having fun with you to my heart’s content」

Hmm, as expected, but perhaps because she had been sitting at the top of the kingdom for hundreds or thousands of years, she had become cunning about her work.

Unfortunately Liu Yu had practice as a shrine maiden to do, but it apparently wouldn’t be long until she came back.

And so, until Liu Yu returned, I continued to talk amicably with Ryoukichi to kill time.

I talked about a recent incident that had happened after entering the Magic Academy, my meeting with the Vampire Queen of a dying country, Dramina, but then from the hallway outside the room, I heard the sound of footsteps hurriedly come running.

「It must be Liu Yu. But it seems she’s in quite a rush」

「Fufu, it’s a little shameful, but please overlook my daughter’s clumsiness. She just admires you so much」

「I am undeserving of such admiration. My apologies for not visiting in so long」

「It was not just Liu Yu. To not be able to see your face, and not be able to hear your voice, I was sad too」

Hey, hey, Ryoukichi was hiding her eyes behind her sleeve, as she pretended to cry. Thinking that she was showing me a childish side of herself, I laughed.

For Ryoukichi, I was the one and only existence with whom she could take off the mask of the Emperor, so whenever she got like this, I always ended up playing along. Come to think of it, it was the same with Dramina too.

「From now on, I will do my best to not make you sad again」

As soon as I said that, the crying act that she had put on disappeared somewhere, and as if a bunch of large flowers had just fully blossomed, a bright and beautiful smile rose to Ryoukichi’s face.

「I am extremely happy to hear those words from you, Dran-sama. Please do your best for Liu Yu’s sake as well」

Just as I answered in acknowledgement, the door opened, and clad in the red and white uniform of the Shrine Maiden, Liu Yu poked her face inside, short of breath.

With reddened cheeks, Liu Yu spotted me, and then just like her mother, she too smiled brightly and with cheerful steps, she walked into the room.

「Your Majesty, I have returned. Also, Dran-sama, I have missed you. I am happy to see that you seem healthy!」

She rushed through her greeting to Ryoukichi, who was both her ruler and her mother, and instead anchored me in place with a wide smile that covered her whole face.

When I don’t visit Vaje often enough, her mood becomes dreadful, but on the other hand, in Liu Yu’s case, her feelings for me pile up so that it would explode upon reuniting with me.

「Hmm, it’s you who seems to be doing well. You’re wonderfully fulfilling your role as the Shrine Maiden. That’s excellent」


She gave me an answer so energetic and eager, it unintentionally surprised me. It was as if she was a child who’d just been praised by her father, having helplessly wished for praise from him for so long. Such a child would probably have that kind of response.

For me to have gotten so far as to become so beloved and adored by Liu Yu, it couldn’t be helped that all coherent thought vanished from my head.

Maybe it was because Ryoukichi saw her beloved daughter’s reaction, that with the face of a young girl, she seemed to have thought up a prank, she then turned to Liu Yu with the kind face of a mother as she said words to tease her.

「My, my, Liu Yu, to think that you wanted to meet Lord Dran so badly, you would run down the hallway. You did a bad thing. Even though with just a little bit of patience, you would have gone on that promised date with him regardless」


It seemed like the words her mother had said would need some time to sink in for Liu Yu. As she tilted her head slightly to the left, her black hair smoothly slipped over her shoulder, and then she tensed up.

「A– A date!? M-mother, what are you saying!!」

And so I also played along. It was sudden. There was no room for complaints, it was that sudden.

「No, it wasn’t a date, it was a secret rendezvous」

「Fufu, that’s right. It was a secret rendezvous」


Seeing Liu Yu seemingly about to faint right where she stood, her mother, Ryoukichi, and I were on the verge of smiling cruelly. It was the prank that we had set up, and the fact that we had finished it so successfully brought smiles to our faces.


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