Chapter 46 – Part 1



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The airship that was docked on the lake’s surface had a process for taking off, which involved pouring magical energy into the floatation jewel that was installed in the middle of the ship’s hull. The energy needed to float would then be released from the jewel, and the ship’s buoyancy would increase. By this technique, the entire airship would take flight, carried by its buoyancy.

In phases, the ship would slowly rise to float a little above the lake’s surface. Once that happens, the sails could be raised. Spirit jewels were used as magic tools to blow wind through barrels and pipes, and this wind would hit the sails and move the ship forward.

The floatation jewel provides buoyancy, and propulsion is gained through man-made wind. Then the folded up wings unfurl, and magical output put into both the flotation jewel and the wind spirit jewel would be gradually increased until the ship takes off from the lake’s surface completely, and as a result, flies into the air.

The small sized, high speed airship, Silver Swallow, took off, and we were soon overlooking Wagrail below us. The fact that the very deck we were standing on was rising into the blue sky and floating up into the clouds, made us excited for the lands that we aimed for in the higher altitudes.

Solania was floating in the sky, an island with a long shape, running from North to South. On top of its land, a variety of trees had grown wildly for many years. A fortress and the line up of countless houses were all swallowed up by the forest.

Upon first look, one would think that the buildings were made up of some sort of stone material, but it was neither stone or asphalt or plaster. It seemed to be made up of a compound synthesized by artificial means.

Hmm, I should try shaving off a little and analyzing it back at the Magic Academy.

If it was able to remain so well preserved after such a long period of time, there was no doubt that it was made of material much superior to anything being used today.

The surface area of Solania has only been approximated, but it boasts a territory equal to about five days of travel along the length of the island from north to south, and two days if it’s from east to west.

Because numerous countries have sent investigation teams to Solania in the past, the places for ships to lay anchor for each country have already been decided since back then.

The harbor made for our kingdom was built on the shore of a river in the southeast side of Solania, and was big enough to fit three small sized ships, or two medium sized ships.

Depending on each countries’ military strength and national power, the air routes and the related locations, and even the number of airships they were allowed to possess, were decided. However, there weren’t many eager countries left that saw scientific value in Solania anymore, so there were even countries who had stopped maintaining or had abandoned their harbors.

Since Solania was floating in the sky, we saw it from the bottom first, until the ship gradually rose to a height high enough to see the island’s top side. In what appears to be a city in the middle section of the island, we were able to see a giant fortress. And surrounding all around it, was what couldn’t be described as anything other than a rich, luxurious growth of lush greenery.

Sewn right down the middle of that greenery, was a flowing line of silver that reflected a stream of sunshine. It was a river.

Even while branching off into many tributaries, the river still flowed all the way to the far edges of Solania, and poured right off towards the surface of the earth, blown away into a white mist by the wind.

When we had looked at the bottom portion of Solania from a lower altitude, it had looked like it was colored white, but it seems the cause of that was this mist.

The closer we got to Solania, the more the chilly air of the high altitude disappeared, and we soon found out that the story of the island carrying the warmth of an eternal spring hadn’t been a lie. We had been told to stay inside our ship cabins until that point, but when we were able to see Solania grow bigger outside our windows, we got permission to go out onto the deck.

Originally, because of the high altitude that Solania flew at, if one were to leave the ship and step outside, unless they wore layers of fur, or outfits suited for the middle of winter, they would end up freezing.

But when we went outside onto the deck, the wind that caressed our faces was a warmth suited perfectly for spring, and all traces of winter had completely vanished.

The ship that had been rising diagonally from the bottom side of Solania, cast a shadow upon the land that was swallowed up in green, and with a slower speed, made its way toward the harbor.

The buildings held a gray, ashen color, the same as stone or asphalt, but it was hidden under the short grass, vines, and moss growing all over the surface of the synthesized material.

When the Silver Swallow No. 1 finally landed in the river that flowed through Solania, it advanced against the river’s current. Standing at the bow of the ship was Professor Edward, who said this as he saw our destination up ahead:

「Ladies and gentlemen, take a look. That is the harbor we will be using. Compared to Wagrail, this one is called Little Wag」

Ahead of the Silver Swallow No. 1 that was sailing against the current, was a place that was carved into a neat circle. It was spacious enough for ten ships the same size as the Silver Swallow to dock there.

There was enough equipment for up to eight ships to anchor, two simple buildings made for lodging, and a warehouse that looked like it was meant to store equipment and materials. There was even a thing that looked somewhat like a vegetable garden, though it was long since abandoned.

I saw Professor Edward exchange a firm handshake with the ship’s captain as he arranged for our return flight, and handed over several pieces of gold coins.

I thought Miss Eliza, who was holding onto the cord of his wallet, would scold him for spending gold coins so freely, but until now her expression hadn’t changed once yet. She was a maid assistant who looked completely unconcerned.

Selina and Christina-san looked like they were a little bit interested in the two’s relationship, but I hope they would not forget that our goal for coming to Solania was to conduct an investigation.

Along the road toward the camp that our kingdom had constructed for previous investigation groups, Professor Edward began a lesson about the Sky People.

「The extent to which we know about the history of the Sky People stops at around 2000 years ago.
Of the countries that the humans and animal races rule on this continent and other continents today, a majority was once under the rule of the Sky People, and contain their descendants.
They preserved the magic and science of this civilization, but one day, they suddenly went extinct, and there are theories of how they disappeared」

「I have read your books, Professor, and the books of others who wrote theses about the collapse of the Sky People. It is said by many that the Three Dragon Emperors of the Three Dragon Empires, or the Divine Beasts; these so-called Celestial Beings came down from beyond the stars. The decline of the Sky People came about because they fought with such beings.」

「Ah, that’s right, indeed.
The Sky People who ruled over large numbers of humans and demi-humans, were not yet taken over by the strongest race on the earth, the Dragonkin. In a different dimension from this world, there exists a fairy homeworld, where ancient giants live in secluded lands and try to extend their evil influence. This path of thinking was obvious, in a way.
This Sky City is but one of the many things that were discovered to have fallen toward the earth. The vestiges of violent battles are still left on the city itself and the surrounding terrain.
At the very least, the Sky People fought with full force in ferocious battles of an unimaginable scale. There is no doubt about that. This is something that all people of this era who research ancient history understand and agree on」

「But wouldn’t it have been too arrogant of them to think that they could succeed in a fight against the Three Dragon Emperors?」

Although with that said, the humans’ understanding of the power of the Three Dragon Emperors came from mostly speculation or extremely dubious legends scattered throughout the lands. I wonder just how many actually know of their exact combat capabilities and miraculous virtues.


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