Chapter 47 – Part 1



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Amazed at the overwhelming amount of magical energy and the sight of the race so rare that they were called phantoms or illusions, Selina and Christina-san were tense and on their guards, wary of the two Dragonkin. Lenia suddenly found an opening to come over and take a peek at my face, leveling her curious gaze on me. Meanwhile, Vaje and Liu Yu didn’t seem to pay any mind to their stares at all.

These two only saw each other, their fellow Dragon, standing right in front of their eyes.

Of course, I understood that when it comes to getting along with other people while meeting for the first time, there wasn’t anyone worse than these two. But I didn’t think they’d be so cruel as to not give other people even a single glance.

「I bet you probably missed that guy so much, you ran away from the Palace of the Dragon King, didn’t you, you snot-nosed little girl! You should just meekly do your duties as the Dragon Shrine Maiden and live your life quietly」

「Oh, but you also came all the way here to the Sky City just to chase after that person’s shadow, isn’t that right? You’d be perfectly happy spending the rest of your days just lying around lazily, eating your meat like a slob from atop your pedestal. You abandoned that easy lifestyle, and carried yourself all the way here with your own feet. I won’t let you tell me you’re here just to sightsee」

「Ha! I chased after him, you say? That idiot can’t do a thing by himself. I only wondered what kind of job he was doing alongside the humans. I came to laugh at how pitiful his lifestyle must be. Don’t make such a ridiculous misunderstanding. Are you trying to make me laugh to death? If so, that’s a terrible joke. It suits you, who grew up living like a jewel dancing on the palms of others’ hands」

「You should stop with your lackluster provocations. You normally treat him so cold-heartedly, I wonder what kind of emotions someone like you could possibly hold in your heart, hidden deep within that chest of yours, which has scattered leftover meat still sticking to it! I always thought you were suspicious」

「You’ve gotten a little ahead of yourself, haven’t you? I don’t know what kind of education and training you got from your parents growing up, but if you don’t shut up and hold your rude tongue, then just setting your scales on fire won’t be enough for me to forgive you」

「Since even that person would forgive you for constantly badmouthing him before, of course, I intended to grace you with kind understanding. However, you’ve now said things equal to insults to him. He has now found happiness in his current life. I can no longer turn a blind eye. If you don’t take your words back immediately, I also won’t be able to forgive you until I break your scales」

The Crimson Dragon was the top ranking class among the Fire Dragons, and the direct descendant of the Water Dragon Emperor held the strongest bloodline of the Water Dragons. These two Dragons who held such opposing traits were standing in confrontation. This threat, momentarily forgotten by Selina and Christina-san, suddenly grabbed their attention again, and created a tension that made them hesitate to even breathe.

In the face of these two unimaginably powerful beings on the verge of clashing, Selina was clearly showing fear on her face, and even the battle maniac Christina-san couldn’t hide her nervousness.

「D-Dran-san, those two, they could start fighting at any moment. Isn’t that really, really bad?」

「Hmm, right. If those two were to rampage freely until they got tired, Solania would definitely be destroyed to some extent. At the worst, this city might even fall to the earth’s surface」

After overhearing Vaje’s low, growling voice that only brought on more panic, I heard Selina speak fearfully to me as she grabbed onto my shoulder tightly.

The lamia may be a powerful magical creature, but against the Dragonkin, it was a given that she would have this kind of reaction. To reassure Selina, I placed my own hand atop hers.

Hmm, with the magic in the surrounding atmosphere of Solania, a barrier was made to suppress any powerful and large amounts of magic from the inside, but if these two dragons were serious, it was doubtful that this ancient barrier could hold them back.

「Vaje, Liu Yu, stop this. What are you two doing in a place like this?」

I understand that the reason and purpose for them being here is me, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try asking first.

My words had such a sudden and immediate effect on Vaje and Liu Yu, that even I, the one who had spoken, was surprised.

The moment my voice reached their ears, the magic power that they’d been raising at full throttle suddenly died down. And then almost as if they were twins communicating with each other telepathically, they both turned their faces toward me at the same time.

Even though their argument alone could have destroyed the whole Sky City, these two were similar, in some strange ways.

「I was sweating bullets thinking you were going to seriously fight. I don’t think you two would be so unwise that you would actually go that far, but you had me nervous there for a bit」

「Oh, how I’ve shown you something so shameful. I did not think that I would possibly come across Vaje-san here in this city, so I became unsettled as a result. Ah, to think I showed something like this to Dran-sama. My, it is all Vaje-san’s fault」

「What did you say?」

「That’s enough, you two. There’s just no end to your argument. Realize that this isn’t the time or place for that right now. I’m sure you didn’t fly all the way up to this faraway city just to fight with each other, right?」

「That is right, but…」

「Hmph, well if that one wouldn’t clash with me over every little thing, I wouldn’t have to fight with her over such nonsensical things」

「Oh, what is wrong with you, talking like that」

Just when I thought I’d gotten them to stop, they started quarrelling once again. I figured I would have to use force to get them to stop, so I started to lightly pour some magic into my clenched fists. When I did that, Lenia spoke up with a truly shocked voice from right behind me.

「This is the Dragonkin of today? They argue over such meaningless things. How far they’ve fallen」

「They’re still young. They’ll grow. But if you speak like that, it’s as if you’re declaring that you knew the ancient dragons. You shouldn’t talk about that in a place where there are other people around」

「I’ll do as I please. But, well, if you say so, then I’ll keep that in mind」

「Anyway, Liu Yu, Vaje. As long as you’re within my sight, don’t act so violently. I won’t stop at just words if this happens a third time」

「Um, Dran-san, it would help if you finally introduced these two people to the rest of us」

「Ah, Selina, sorry about that. I just thought that if I didn’t calm these two down first, the conversation wouldn’t get anywhere. Liu Yu, Vaje, you two haven’t met these people before.
This young lamia woman is Selina, and she’s working as my familiar right now.
And this is my senior at the Magic Academy, Christina-san, and my classmate, Lenia. We all came here to help with the scientific investigation of this Sky City.
The other two are a professor from the Magic Academy, and his assistant」

Then, the next problem was Christina-san and Lenia.

I thought they were looking at Christina-san in admiration, because she was so beautiful, that one would think that she couldn’t possibly be an ordinary human. But in that next moment, Vaje put on a mask carved in conflict and hostility, and Liu Yu put up her guard and took on a stance of caution.

「Ahh…… Do you take issue with me?」

These two people who she has never met before are so blatantly taking up a guarded attitude with her, so Christina-san looked bewildered as she spoke in a confused voice.

「What’s wrong, you two? Christina-san didn’t do anything to you. Why would you be so tense around her? Tell me the reason」

「The reason? Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed! That blonde woman, she holds the factor that could kill dragons. As if I could keep my cool, with the one who killed our brethren right in front of me!」

「A factor that can kill dragons? If that’s true, then I understand why you two would have no choice but to be cautious. But Christina-san, do you have any idea why they think it’s you?」

When I looked towards the water, unexpectedly, Christina-san simply just shook her head left and right.

With every shake of her head, her blonde hair swayed, tied up by a blue ribbon hemmed with gold thread. Her hair was covered in countless specks of reflected sunlight.

However, the moment right before Chirstina-san started to shake her head, I did not overlook how she seemed to remember something, and a dark cloud momentarily tainted her beauty.

It seems she does have an idea about her having the factor that could kill dragons, but still, the cause of the dragon killings probably wasn’t Christina-san herself.

Moreover, I was convinced that the guess I had made at the small celebration in the Ente Forest was right.


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