Chapter 47 – Part 2



EDITOR: Ryunakama

「That’s ridiculous! I’ve never once in my entire life, ever attempted to do something as monstrous as killing a dragon. I’ve never even seen a real life dragon before, not even a low ranked one」

「Liu Yu, are you sure what Vaje said was correct?」

Liu Yu wasn’t quite as hostile as Vaje was, as she was probably considering that my soul was that of a dragon’s. But even regardless of the matter concerning the dragon killer, when I questioned her with a light tone, a slightly troubled expression rose to her face.

「Yes. She gives off a strong power that even I can perceive. It is very clearly the factor, so I think there is no way that Vaje-san is mistaken」

「Isn’t this something you should definitely be able to see as well, Dran-sama?」 Liu Yu asked me through unspoken, implied words. With a bitter smile, I replied wordlessly, 「It’s exactly as you say.」

「Vaje, for now, stop being so hostile. It’s probably making Christina-san worry too」

「Why do I have to be considerate towards a dragon killer?」

「Vaje-san, it’s best if you do as Dran-sama says. If all you do is rebel, then you’ll probably be scolded by him later. Also, Christina-san’s dragon killing factor might not be her own. She may have just inherited it from an ancestor. If she’s done no wrong herself, then I can’t find it admirable that you are facing her with such hostility」

「You’re always just so clever…… Hmph」

Usually, for someone who holds the dragon killing factor, they can cut, break, and pierce through a dragon’s scales much more easily than a normal person could. They were superior warriors who had an unnaturally strong resistance to a dragon’s fire and various breath and magic attacks.

However, instead, there are gentle dragons who would avoid killing amongst their own tribes, and there are even dragons who would never bare their fangs against a human or demi-human outside of self-defense. But in the face of those with the dragon killing factor, even these gentle dragons’ hostility gets exposed.

So by thinking of that, the reason why Liu Yu and I were able to show restraint, and Vaje didn’t attack Christina-san yet, is because we probably all understood that Christina-san wasn’t someone who had killed any dragons by her own hands.

That’s why Vaje showed a prudence and discretion that she rarely ever shows. She doesn’t believe that a child should be responsible for a parent’s sins.

「So now, we’ve gotten to the real question at hand; why are the two of you here? I’d like to know the answer to that, but there are people who we’re making wait. First, let’s go explain the situation to them, and then we’ll go to a quieter place to talk further. Until then, refrain from arguing. Got it?」

There were still a lot of things that I wanted to question them about, but it wouldn’t do to keep Professor Edward and Miss Eliza waiting any longer.

Because I had shown my clenched fists and implicitly given them a warning, Liu Yu whispered apologetically, 「Yes.」 And Vaje said, 「Hmph」with her usual snort, but it did sound a little weaker than before.

「Christina-san, it’s unfortunate that you suddenly got tangled up in the mess with people you’ve just met」

「Well, yes, I suppose so. But now my curiosity towards you has only grown stronger. Just how in the world did you meet Dragonians? Even if I didn’t want to know, I’m sure everyone else still does」

「I will explain that too, once things have settled down. I don’t know if I’ll be able to explain it well, but Selina, you’re okay with that too, right?」

Selina, who had witnessed the exchange between myself, Vaje and Liu Yu right in front of her eyes, forgot all about her instinctive fear of them, and actually showed really obviously that her feelings had been hurt. She was upset.

In particular, it was because Liu Yu had addressed me so formally, and always took on an obedient attitude with me, that Selina was probably imagining a lot of nonexistent things about my relationship with Liu Yu right now.

「I– I don’t really care……. There was Diadora-san, and recently Christina-san has been very suspicious too. Then, there was Dramina-san from that other time as well. Somehow, without me knowing, you just keep finding other girls when I’m not with you……」

How cute, she’s not even trying to keep her voice lowered. It didn’t seem like Christina-san had heard anyway, but Selina really was deeply hurt by this.

Should I just declare that I will make her my bride right here? I wasn’t not considering that option, but what would be the best thing to do?

Up until now, in situations like this, I always honestly spoke my true feelings, but that was what had brought us to this current situation. However, since I didn’t have any other brilliant ideas, I decided to do it just as I always have.

「The cutest of them all, Selina, is you」

「……E-E-E-Even if you say that, I don’t believe you!」

「Is that so? Well I guess that’s reasonable, since I’ve been repeatedly behaving in a way that you can’t trust」

「Ah, no, I don’t mean that I don’t trust you at all. It’s just, the way you said that just now was, how should I put this…」

The effect of my words was immediate, as she became tongue tied. But it had been the truth.

The one who had been with me the longest, and often came with me everywhere, was Selina. I thought she was the cutest, and recently, having her by my side has become a natural given.

It was like we were a married couple that has been together for many years.

Selina, red as a lobster, looked like she was about to slither away into some unknown direction and hide, but I called out to her to amend things, and we all returned to the professor together.

「Well, well, well, the magical energy spiked up and down and up again, and with every rise and fall, our hearts also shook! But it seems you safely brought it under control, Dran!」

「Yes, somehow or another. But it’s not completely under control yet」

「So then, who are those– oh wow! Dragonians? Are they dragon-people? Or Imperial Dragons? That’s amazing, you said you knew them, so you’ve met these girls before?」

「Yes. I’ve known the two of them since before I came to Galois. The red one is Vaje, and the other one is Liu Yu」

「Yes, yes, Vaje is the red dragon– no, based on the color of her scales, could she maybe be a Crimson Dragon or a Scarlet Dragon? Liu Yu is wearing the uniform of races from the east. Plus, she has no wings and based on the shape of the corner of her ears, she might be an Imperial Dragon? Regular Dragon-people are rare enough, but if she is an Imperial, then that’s even more rare. Those ones should be living deep in the mountain valleys, or under the southern oceans」

「It’s amazing that you know of that. Anyway, for now, I’ve calmed them down, so let’s head to the campground first. There, those two will explain why they’re here, and we can get them to talk about all sorts of other things too」

「Ah, understood. Nevertheless, I had four students come to help out, and then I even got to meet the phantom race too. I must have been blessed with good fortune today! Right now, the investigation team from Todorokuni is here in Solania. If they find out about us, they might just grind their teeth in jealousy! Ahaha」

Todorokuni is the large country that holds territory to the east of our Galois Kingdom.

They have a history of several thousand years, and they have personal history as the important land for influencing the counterattack against the Sky People. Their pride and confidence in their own country is extremely high.

Between the two countries, leftover signs of human habitation have been spreading in the vast Ente Forest. Many different races of demi-humans have settled there, creating small countries and armies of their own. There are countless obstacles, including ruins left behind by evil gods and demons. There aren’t any large scale military clashes, but it wouldn’t be weird if an outbreak of war and invasion happened either.

But that wasn’t the problem.

Overhearing what Professor Edward had said, Liu Yu tilted her head to the right very slightly, and, Vaje, who was chomping away at the miso crab shells from the Solania Chimera Club, wasn’t able to hear us over the sound of her happy crunching, so she asked us about what we had just been talking about.

「You say there are other humans here? That’s weird. When I got here, I didn’t sense the presence of any humans. If it’s a mage who can use concealment magic of a high enough grade that it could trick my sixth sense, then that’s a different story. But I don’t think they’ll show up too suddenly yet」

I had thought the same thing as Vaje back when I was in Fraupa Village. Someone in the Sky City might be planning something. I prepared for the possibility that there might be someone hiding in the village, lurking with evil, slimy intentions, and the fact that they might be planning obstacles and barriers for us now.


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