Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 05 – Part 1

Isolated from the chaotic terrestrial world where life and death, good and evil intermingle, the most sacred and pure utopia where the deities live—the Celestial Sphere, and also called the Divine world is the world where I am currently.

My consciousness escaped from my body and emancipated itself as the original soul of the ancient dragon, thus arriving at the divine world where many gods dwell.

I was released from the invisible chain known as gravity that binds all things to the Earth, I spread the six wings that grew from my back, and flew through the blue sky with white clouds, but because the destination is now visible I guess this is also the end.

A goddess who had anticipated that I would come beforehand, was lying in wait for me with a smile on her face, as I alight on one of the floating islands.

I noticed that I was somehow delighted in the atmosphere of the unchanging beauty of an acquaintance’s face and her warmth like the mother of all things, and that I was smiling like the goddess without realizing.

Jet black hair that was almost touching the ground, dark eyes with concealed glow reminiscent of black agate, the figure relaxingly clad in a silky white fabric reminiscent of an era when there were only fabrics and strings, is unmistakably none other than the Supreme Mother of the Earth, Goddess MAIRAHL.

「It’s been a long time. My ancient dragon friend」

「Surely. How long has it been, oh incarnation of Mother Earth. I am so delighted from the bottom of my heart to see you in good health」

Mairahl seemed to narrow her eyes slightly and deepened her smile. I do not think I have said anything strange though…….?

「Fumu, it seems due to the influence of reincarnation my soul has deteriorated considerably. I wonder if it has become a shabby appearance to expose in front of you?」

「That is not the case. It’s because compared to the last time I saw you, you seem to be very lively, and that makes me very happy.
As you seemed to have lost interest in living, so when I heard that you had been taken down by the humans, I thought ah! Just as I thought」

「I cannot deny it. The me at that time, there wasn’t much difference between being alive or dead. When the hero’s sword pierced through my heart, I didn’t feel despair towards death, I just felt relieved.
I just accepted reality is all. Now I think that I made the hero go through some unnecessary trouble」

「That is indeed true. But now I can see that you are full of joy to live.
Because the you who stand in front of me expose the truth of the soul that does not conceal anything, I feel that your heart and soul are overflowing with the joy of living, I am very happy as if it were me」

「Mairahl, I am proud to call you my friend precisely because that’s who you are, and why you can honestly feel that way.
Fufu, I honestly did not think that I would be reincarnated as a human being, but after I was reincarnated, the weariness of my soul seemed to be blown away and filled with fresh stimulus.
To the extent that I think that being alive is fun」

Then after we talked about how I was born as a human and what I saw as a child, how surprising the world looks different from the view of a dragon, how surprisingly frail my human body is and my unfamiliar lifestyle without magic, the joy and excitement of when my younger brother was born and when I was called elder brother, and about how hard and painful it is to live in the remote region but you actually feel alive, I kept talking to Mairahl without getting tired.

Mairahl, one of the supreme goddesses, considered to be the most exalted in the world, listened attentively to my story like an affectionate mother listening to her bragging son, and while I interposed my tongue between verbal and interrogatory I once again became talkative.

As soon as I began to think that the incarnation of Mother Earth was very good at listening, I realized that I had not yet fulfilled the real purpose for which I came here, and slightly lowered my head to Mairahl.

「I am sorry for just talking about myself.
I am ashamed to expose this shabby appearance before you, and I am brazenly doing this because I wanted to thank you for the matter concerning Selina the other day.
I truly appreciate it. Selina is now welcome in the village thanks to the oracle that descended at that time」

「It is fine.
Among the prayers of the people on earth that have been dedicated to me recently, I felt a very nostalgic presence, so I thought that perhaps and tried looking at the situation on the ground, and there you were at the village in the middle of a conversation concerning that young Lamia girl.
And so I listened on the conversation a bit, and out of concern I thought I should help and so I handed down the oracle」

「Still to me it is something I cannot thank you enough for」

「Please do not worry about it too much. It is not something I did to put you in my debt. I will just be satisfied if from now on we continue to be good friends」

「I see, I would also love that more than anything. How happy would it be for the people on earth if other deities were like you」

「Just as each person has a different way of living, deities also have different ways of being. So we deities too are neither absolute nor perfect.
That is why the present world is established the way it is. Do you dislike the imperfect world as it is now?」

「Oh friend, so you also have a mean side to you. Having being fulfilled with a life as a human you already know what my answer will be」

How sneaky, as I tried to indicate that, Mairahl showed a little smile, when I saw the innocence left by that smile, I just lost interest and felt well it is fine.

When I think that she has shown the tolerance and affection like that of the Mother of all things, then again, I think that I have always liked Mairahl since long ago, who shows the childishness and the mischievousness of a girl who does not age.

Of course this 「like」 is not one of romance but a deep affection that one has for a friend.

It was a lot of fun talking with my old friend named Mairahl for the first time in a long time, but with my body already destroyed and being reincarnated as a human being it would be bad if I stayed long in the world of the gods, I was thinking of returning to my current human body.

A small village in a remote region of the kingdom is the place for me to return to for now, It is the place I live. And I love that village.

「I unexpectedly went on and talked for a long time. You are a very good listener as a goddess. Where normally having been reincarnated as a human being, coming in and out of the celestial realm would cause a disturbance.
Before I cause any unnecessary disturbance, please let me excuse myself」

「Well, the god of war Aldeath does love having a contest with you , so if he notices that you are around, even if he is in the middle of a bath he will probably come rushing towards you with nothing but a weapon in his hands.
Even now your power may have weakened compared to before, but your soul still emits a dazzlingly beautiful yet powerful shine to it. Well the other gods will notice soon too」

「Then even more reason for me to excuse myself. I also have to go out to the field early tomorrow to take care of the potatoes」

「Is it sweet potato?」

Mairahl tilts her head and held her hand against her right cheek.

Myself and potatoes, huh? True I can’t say they are related in any way so it is justifiable that she thinks it to be strange.
To the innocent act like an infant’s of my adorable Mairahl, I answered firmly in a serious tone and voice while accommodating a gentle feeling.

「Yes sweet potatoes」

「You, tending to sweet potatoes ……..」

When I replied Umu, and nodded strongly and gazed directly into Mairahl’s eyes from the front, eventually Mairahl begins to smile and hid her mouth with both hands.

Did I say anything that funny?

Well it is quite fun, planting potatoes.


Now that I have returned to my body sleeping in the village, just as I told Mairahl, I take care of potatoes which has been the main dish of the table since I was born, but what about Selina who has been permitted to live in the village.

It’s a situation where three of the soldiers stationed in the village are constantly monitoring her, I guess they still don’t completely trust her.

According to Selina when she was still at her parents’ house she worked in the fields so she could secure her father’s food, as well as mending things, cooking, laundry and household chores are knowledge her mother educated her on.

Even if most things are left to Selina, she will probably accomplish them flawlessly.

Nonetheless, I guess anybody will be wary of a Lamia, I am also indirectly receiving caution from father and mother and elder brother too.

Well, in five days, the villagers too will soon come to understand Selina’s nature given her character.

Now that she has been let into the village, all that is left is to slowly and carefully allow the nurtured soil of trust grow. As for me I have no shred of concern.

It is a storehouse that was given to Selina as her residence, but since the family who had used the hut previously moved to another rural village in the south due to the marriage of their son, no one used it, it is sometimes used for maintenance and left alone.

Should I take her under my custody in my home for a while? I suggested this but sadly it was rejected.

It is because there were voices saying living together with a monster is dangerous, and minority voices against making a young man and a woman live in the same house.

Well, although it is a storage shack that has been abandoned for about five years, but thanks to its solid construction, there are no leaks in particular nor any drafts.

Nothing can be done if a mouse is nested in, but that is resolved by the appearance of Selina who is a Lamia.

Just by having Selina who possesses the characteristic of a serpent which is a kind of natural enemy of the mouse approached the hut, the mouse inside ran away with great vigor in dashing speed.

There were only empty shelves and old bundles of firewood left in the storage hut, but at the very least Selina is now a new resident of the village and it is absurd that she isn’t doing anything.

Instead of a couch, several simple cushions wrapped in clean sheets of a large amount of straws are prepared, and laid in the back of the hut.

Because Selina’s lower part is that of a serpent, it was suggested by Grandma Magul who said that this was better than a couch which was made for human use.

Actually Selina also said that back at her parents’ house she lays down cushions on the floor, Praise be to our gracious Grandma Magul.

Among the villagers, Grandma Magul clearly shows her willingness to welcome Selina.

It is probably because they believe in the result of their divination.

After she finished moving the luggage, the village chief told Selina to take the whole of today to rest, Selina who was enjoying the feel of the straw cushion, straightens up with straw scraps hanging around her gorgeous blond hair, and with a bright smile like a sunflower, she replied saying Thank you very much.

In the face of that smile, who the heck can declare that Selina is a dangerous monster.

Selina who showed a smile reflecting her heartfelt gratitude, appeared to be nothing more than an innocent and adorable girl.

In this way, Selina’s first day of relocation to Bern village ended with a guide to her new home, and from the next day along with her surveillance, she went hunting together with the village hunters.

Young Selina is still immature as a Lamia, but there is no danger if it is a monster in the vicinity of Bern village. I was relieved that the villagers are sure to be safe if they’re with Selina.


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