Chapter 50 – Part 2


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In the same way as the chimeras that attacked on the ground, each of the chimeras here had appearances that differed greatly from each other, and in response, Selina used a combination of paralysis magic and attack magic from her snake eyes to create an ironclad defense.

Christina seemed to be suspicious about being treated specially by Zagurs, but she was now absorbed in the current situation of the approaching battle with the chimera monsters. The speed of her adaptability is nothing short of incredible.

Not falling behind them, I also let magic power flow through my longsword, turning it into a pseudo-magic sword, and then I began to slaughter the chimeras.

The chimeras are more powerful than the average monsters and beasts on earth, but in this case, we can say that we are also too extraordinary.

「This tremendous power of the Ancient Dragon is within my expectations, but to think a student of the Magic Academy, let alone one of my brethren, would have it, how interesting」

When Vaje and the others were within ten steps from him, Zagurs made his first move.

From a wand that could be instantly recognized as a magic item with a single glance, dense magical power was released, hitting the white floor in many spots. The vibrations that were transmitted from those points then hit Vaje and Lenia.

Vaje tried to avoid it by spreading her wings and taking off, and Lenia tried to cancel it out with thought magic, but both were bad moves.



The vibrations struck Vaje’s tail and the tips of her claws before she could get away in time, and Lenia’s thought magic was instead destroyed by the vibrations, resulting in her getting trapped inside it.

Both of them escaped instant death due to their inherently high magic resistance, but they were now rendered unable to move. The reason why Vaje couldn’t avoid it was because as the vibrations further spread, their speed also increased.

As for Lenia, she must have forgotten that her opponent was a superhuman, and misjudged the amount of magic power in his attack.

This is the trouble with dealing with superhumans. They are existences that are as close as possible to the perfect beings that the gods tried to create, and they are born with spirits of high ranks.

And the higher the rank of the spirit, the higher its ability to interfere with things of all creation. It has a strong resistance against the laws of physics and spiritual power, and is very likely to prevent or weaken the attacks of opponents with lower ranking spirits.

The fact that Lenia’s attack was crushed depended largely on this characteristic of a superhuman.

As she originally possessed the spiritual power of a god, even a superhuman shouldn’t have been able to oppose her attack, but since Lenia was currently creating her thought magic through the magic in her body and mind, she wasn’t yet making full use of her spiritual power as a Divine Beast.

Fumu, now that I know that Lenia wasn’t very dangerous yet, I’ll have to consider doing a tuning of her soul and body later.

「This is a magic called “Quavering Earth,” which was invented long ago by a mage named Evelza.
Originally, anyone who got caught in this super-vibration wouldn’t be able to escape until they were broken and pulverized into fine pieces, leaving not a single drop of blood or piece of flesh behind, but just like this, it can also be used as a prison that doesn’t allow your opponent to move.」

Zagurs smiled elegantly, suitable for a gentleman who could seduce a lady in high society, as he slowly approached the immobilized Vaje and Lenia.

「I already prepared a method to seal dragons, but I guess I don’t need to use it after all. You’re easier to deal with than I thought, Crimson Dragon.」

Ridicule could be heard within Zagurs’ words, causing Vaje to get very angry as flames flickered between her gritted fangs, but they were scattered by the vibrations and disappeared.

「The difficult one is the Water Dragon-God. It won’t go as easily as this time, but I’m sure Bastrell will be happy if I capture her」

Selina, Miss Eliza, Professor Edward, and Christina noticed their unexpected predicament, and immediately responded by unleashing a magic attack on Zagurs, but due to his magic barriers and his characteristics as a superhuman, they all dispersed and fizzled out just before reaching Zagurs.

With another mocking smile, Zagurs tried to look toward Christina and Professor Edward, but his eyes, which had been overflowing with composure, suddenly widened in astonishment.

The reason was exceedingly simple. I closed in on him at point-blank range, and thrust my dragon claw sword straight into the prison of super-vibrations that kept Vaje and Lenia trapped, forcibly destroying the magic formulas that made up that prison, and freed them.

And then, my next slash cut from Zagurs’ crotch up to the top of his head, splitting his body completely in two.

My dragon claw sword, which held the magic power of the soul from a different Ancient Celestial Dragon than Lenia’s soul, ignored Zagurs’ defenses and the special characteristics of his soul, and cut through even his bones, organs and his brain.

「Ngh… Ugh?!」

「Fumu, this is what happens when you can’t accurately gauge the strength of your enemy. Vaje, Lenia, understand this well」

I spoke to the two of them as if admonishing a troublesome daughter or student, and as they were released from the prison of vibrations, they both made matching awkward and sullen faces.

Lenia especially, who seemed to have wanted to show me her good side, looked clearly dejected. Fumu, why is Lenia this concerned about me?

I looked down at Zagurs at my feet, who was spewing out his guts and black blood, and aimed a question at his dead face, the whites of his eyes showing.

「This can’t be the end yet. How about next time you come out for real, instead of sending out this fake?」

When I said that, Zagurs, whose body had been split in two pieces, smiled gruesomely, as his eyes turned to focus on me.

「I’m surprised. It’s been a long time since someone took a swing at me, let alone seen through my dummy with a single glance. It seems the Magic Academy has found some real talent」

Although his throat, tongue, and lungs have been cut into two pieces, Zagurs’ fake could still speak fluently, which surprised Professor Edward and the others, who were now calmer since the chimeras around them were retreating.

「I don’t know what your magic society’s goal is, but you are definitely not using the functions of the Sky City Solania for any legitimate purposes.
Judging by the incompetent chimera you’ve been sending out to us, could it be you were attempting to create a new biological weapon?」

「Now, I’m not obligated to tell you that.」

「Well, that’s true, but I can imagine the general idea. Now, one more thing…」

「And what’s that?」

Zagurs seemed to enjoy talking to me through his dummy which he was controlling from a remote location, but his smile stiffened from my next words, and changed into an expression of deep hostility.

「Was it your group that summoned the demons from the Demon World in Ente Forest? The core of the technique you use is similar to the core of the summoning circle that was used in that forest. I guess that must be the main part of the so called grand magic your people keep talking about」

「I received reports that the Four Horsemen of the Demon World were killed and buried by the warriors in Ente Forest, but are you telling me that you had something to do with that?」

What a fool, he just admitted himself that he was involved with that incident at Ente Forest. Maybe he thinks of it as some kind of gift from the Underworld.

「I buried one body. The rest fell to the hands of the fairies of Ente Forest and Christina.
It seems you had many elaborate plans, but just like in Ente Forest, I will crush your schemes in Solania next.」

「Kukuku… hahahahaha… So it’s like that, I predicted that the gates of His land would eventually be sealed if the High Elves and Yggdrasil of Ente Forest took action, but to think it would be sealed by humans and their brethren instead.
It seems that besides Christina, we also need to capture you and examine you both. You’ll be examined thoroughly, in body and soul. 」

As soon as Zagurs finished saying that, the face of his dummy began to melt, turning into a pink, gooey liquid and disintegrating.

Fumu, I guess a declaration of war is enough for now, and the next step would be to deal with Zagurs himself in person.

I made sure that all signs of more enemies in the area were gone, and although I was being observed, I sheathed my longsword.

「I guess the prelude concludes with this. Was anyone injured?」

When I asked that, everyone shook their heads in unison, conveying that no one was hurt.

Although they had been trapped in the prison of vibrations, Vaje and Lenia were also unhurt, albeit a bit fatigued.

The only person who looked gloomy was Christina, who seemed to be worried about how Zagurs had singled her out, especially regarding the incident at Ente Forest.

「Christina, are you worried about what Zagurs said?」

「Oh, um, I was called a “superhuman” by the demons in Ente Forest as well, so I was just wondering what that means…」

The word “superhuman” is not very well known. It wasn’t surprising that even Christina, who is a diligent student in terms of knowledge, didn’t know what it was.

Instead, the ones to react first to the word “superhuman” were Vaje, Lenia, and Liu Yu.

Vaje looked at Christina with grim eyes, Lenia wore an iron mask of indifference, while Liu Yu had a slight frown.

「Tch, so she’s a superhuman in addition to having the dragon slaying factor. Apparently you haven’t fully awakened yet, but I’m starting to hate you more and more.」

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