Chapter 51 – Part 2



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「Whether or not they are surprised or prepared, the rune of Dragon Seal will not have much effect, but you will gradually be exhausted in that battle, and if you get hurt, the rune of dragon seal will gradually increase its pressure.
I just need to wait for them to exhaust themselves and run out of power, to see how long they last against the anti-dragon weapon.
The same goes for the likes of that Edward person and the lamia, I just have to wait until they become another of my experimental subjects.
But out of friendliness for one of my fellow superhumans, and towards you, who ruined one of my plans, I shall welcome you two myself directly.」

Something was wriggling in Zagurs’ robe. Fumu, I guess he is applying the results of his experiments here in Solania to himself too.

More than ten tentacles spilled out from the seams of Zagurs’ robe, wriggling and exposing fangs while drooling sloppily.

「What a shame, I thought I could surprise you」

Zagurs then muttered with deep regret, waving his stick and pointing it at us, and at the same time, the tentacles came to attack us all at once, piercing through the wind.

The tentacles moved faster than an arrow released from a drawn steel crossbow, but Christina swung her Elspada without any hesitation in her movements, cutting the tentacles down.

I also swung my dragon claw sword to cut off the attacking tentacles, but the tentacles were as hard as steel. Nevermind me, Christina feels the same too.

The cut-off tentacle parts were still not dead, and continued to flail on the floor, so full of life, they were trying to bite our feet, and in the next moment new flesh appeared in the cross-section, and it returned to its original shape.

「Regeneration Ability!? Even so, it’s too fast」

As expected, Christina let out a cry of astonishment at the speed of regeneration the tentacles had, and she stopped dead in her tracks, surrounded by a swarm of tentacles that were now attacking from behind as well.

I moved to a position from which I can cover Christina’s back, observing the tentacles that were swirling from all directions.

「I don’t want to believe it, but were you born with this kind of body?」

When I looked at the base of the tentacles and asked Zagurs a question, who was waving his stick completely calmly, Zagurs began to speak with a sense of superiority. Perhaps, he’s never had anyone to boast to before until now.

「What a thoughtless question. Of course I wasn’t born like this. Everything is the benefit of Solania’s heritage. You can imagine it, right?
This Solania was an experimental city that aimed to cross breed different creatures and create new life forms.」

「Taking into account the Celestial Beings’ time of twilight, it is no wonder that every aerial city may have some biological testing facilities, large or small.」

「Even the students at the Magic Academy know that the Celestial Beings tried out various means to stop their decline as a species. This Solania is but one of those.
If the Celestial Beings were in decline, then we were going to extend our lifespan by taking in the biological characteristics of other life forms which are still full of life force as a species.
This city was made for that purpose. Those hybrid creatures are a by-product of the experiments. It seems that they were also converted into a biological weapon, though.」

「Thank you for the explanation. Then just one more thing. Judging from the purpose of your association, have you been experimenting with evolving or transforming yourself from a human being into a 『Person』 from the biological experiment facilities in Solania and the accumulated records of the past?」

The smile on Zagurs’ face deepened even further, and the malice that radiated from his good looks changed into something even more sinister. An ordinary person would spend the rest of their life bedridden just by coming into contact with this evil.

「You are half right, but also half wrong. Transformation is not a bad way to put it, but we, no, my mentor, his goal was something beyond human. Far above that」

「Fumu, so was he aiming to become a god? The power of the gods is limited on this earth, so it is easy to misunderstand, but the gods are not in the realm of reach for creatures of earth.
Even the lower-ranking Gods are omnipotent and almighty in this terrestrial world, if they could exert their full power. They are free to create and destroy this world as they please.」

「Kukukuku, many dreamers would likely indulge in attempts to turn themselves into gods, but I would appreciate if you don’t compare my teacher to those people.」

「The Dragonkin, huh? If that’s the case, then we’ve been targeted by some unbelievable people.」

It seems that my muttering didn’t reach Zagurs’s ears, and Zagurs surrounded us with tentacles that came out from his chest to his abdomen, and he appeared convinced that his superiority is unwavering.

「Rest assured, even if you lose your limbs, it is not difficult for us to grow them back again. Just enjoy your pain and regret, then lick my shoes and join our association.」

「Seriously… Why are there always such irredeemable people born among humans? That’s why they’re treating this as a failed product, but it’s unforgivable.」


「Just wait a minute, Christina-san. Soon enough I’ll make that idiot cry and regret ever having been born.」

「Dran, what are you? I wonder why. When I’m in front of you, my body trembles. No, it’s my soul. My soul is terrified.」

「I’m just me, of course. I’m a farmer from Bern Village, a student at Galois Magic Academy, and your friend, Christina.」

The tentacles that were destroyed because of my dragon claw sword weren’t showing their regenerative function, so Zagurs cut off the tentacles from the base with a suspicious look on his face and immediately grew new tentacles.

「I see, so that’s it, so this is why the Demons were defeated… Interesting. I wondered why those ancient dragons, Vaje and Liu Yu, were helping you, but now I understand. Are you the reason?」

His ability to perceive in an instant that the magic power flowing through my dragon claw sword was that of a dragon’s power is worthy of praise. But that will not slacken my hand.

「That’s right. Therefore you have no chance to win. You are a fool, trapped in delusions of grandeur.」

「Kufufu, I really want to present you to Bastrell-sama even more. Taste the essence of the bio-fusion technology obtained from this Solania!」

In the next moment, Zagurs’s robe appeared to bulge like a balloon from the inside, as countless tentacles, and wings glistening with mucus and slime spread outward, and then Zagurs’s limbs became covered with a dark blue shell, as evil claws sprouted from them.

Glaring red eyes opened right beneath his chest, and a murky golden third eye opened on Zagurs’ forehead as well.

「The evolutionary methods that I applied to myself didn’t elevate me to the level of a『Person』 but I still have more than enough power to slaughter all of you!」

The tips of the tentacles sprouted from the base of his wings on his back, his shoulders, and his sides, crawling like squirming larvae, and aimed toward us. Each tip of the tentacle had a different, small-sized magic circle drawn on it, but all of them added up to a great concentration of magical power.

The roughly more than 20 tentacles themselves became a medium for magic activation, and Zagurs transformed into a threat capable of using several dozens of units of magic all at once. He is a threat to all mages in this world.

「I see. But I don’t think so.」


Zagurs let out an astonished shout as I appeared right in front of him faster than he could even perceive me, as if time had stopped. And then with a single flashing swing of my dragon claw sword, just as I did earlier during the battle in front of the fort, I cut him in half right down the middle.



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