Chapter 52 – Part 1



EDITOR: Ryunakama

I looked down on Zagurs, who was spewing black blood and guts on the white floor, and I thrust the tip of my dragon claw sword into the right side of his body, which I had sliced in half.

The white magic from the unmarked longsword rose and flickered like a shimmering heat haze, but it seems this was not enough to end Zagurs’ life.

「I was going to finish it with a single blow, but I think I was a little bit too soft.」

As if he was waiting for me to say that, Zagurs, who was cut in two, opened his eyes and looked up at me while laughing arrogantly.

「Fu, fufu… fuHAHA HAHA!」

His wings, which were spread out across the floor powerlessly, suddenly began flapping strongly, and the two halves of his body flew into the sky while still spilling blood. Midair, his body fused back together, and the slash line that ran down his body disappeared.

「I’m surprised, I didn’t expect you to have such power」

We looked up at Zagurs glaring down at us in the air, and I heard Christina gasp when she saw his grotesque figure.

Unlike Georg for example, who we fought in Ente Forest, where we were confronted with a deformed figure and identity from the start, but this time, we were more than a little surprised because the enemy had a human form in the beginning, only to transform into something so inhuman.

「You talk as if you know what I’m capable of, and you accepted my strike so easily. Or did you deliberately take my blow to test my limit?」

Zagurs narrowed his eyes upon the provocation I uttered to him. The white part of his narrowed eye turned black, and his eyes turned into demon eyes and took on a golden color. His gaze composed of murderous intent was fixed on me.

「You’ve underestimated me. Even though this was not the result I was looking for, this evolutionary method has not only transformed my body into that of a superhuman, but also one that incorporates many magical beasts and spirits. Your brethren from your past life are included among them, Dragonkin reincarnation!」

Suddenly Christina gasped.

I couldn’t help but think that he was saying too many unnecessary things, but I guess it was my own fault for not having been able to finish off Zagurs.

「Dran, are you…?」

I stared back into Christina’s red eyes, which were filled with confusion, anxiety, and disbelief, and I laughed quietly and shrugged my shoulders. Like a young child who has been told a secret story.

「Well, that’s how it is. This body was given to me by my parents, but only the soul is different.」

With Zagurs suddenly revealing the truth and me confirming it, it was easy to understand why her soul was shivering and trembling in front of me, and it was clear to see that she was upset.

「Fumu, Christina, you seem to keep getting surprised by everything for a while now」

「Wouldn’t it be impossible not to be surprised!? No, I’m not blaming you, but that must be why Vaje and Liu Yu are so attached to you.
But if that’s the case, if your soul is really that of a dragon’s, then do you not find me unpleasant?」

Christina’s demeanor seemed to give off a feeling of clinginess and fragility, showing her anxiety and fear that she would be hated by me, one of her few friends, or that she would no longer be able to call me her friend.

「I’m not bothered by you. I already knew that you have the dragon-killing factor, and that you were born as a superhuman, but we’ve come a long way and I’ve known you for a while now.
That’s why I don’t hate you at all. Rather, I was scared that you would hate me for keeping it a secret from you.」

Christina gripped El Spada again, and as we both looked up to where Zagurs was floating in the sky, he glared down at us with the tips of the tentacles growing out of his body pointed toward us.

「You went to the trouble of waiting for us to finish talking? I wish I could say that was nice of you, but that’s probably not true」

When I asked that, Zagurs answered with a smile that looked like the crystallization of pure hatred. There was no way that Zagurs hadn’t done something while I was busy talking with Christina to calm her down.

My dragon eyes and senses knew that the blood vessels, nervous system, and organs that have been artificially rearranged to assist in processing magic within Zagurs’ body have been stimulated and are on the verge of being activated.

The tentacles then released a breath made of the compressed magical power from the spirits and demonic beasts that Zagurs had taken from here in Solania.

A bunch of light, purple fog, blue lightning, black flames, yellow water, and other attacks of various shapes for each attribute attacked us, filling up the sky above our heads.

It was an attack that could cause a fatal wound even to a mid-level ancient dragon. In most cases, I would honestly admire the fact that a human, albeit a superhuman, could become this powerful, but…

The attacks bombarded the area around me and Christina one after another, and the extremely resilient floor made of the liquid metal of Solania, which contains a self regeneration function, was blasted apart and gouged open.

In the midst of the destruction, which was equivalent to ten or twenty consecutive high level magic attacks in a row, even Christina had her eyes shut tight and she was trying to endure the incoming sharp pain, and the death that might arrive before she even has the time to feel it.

「Christina, it’s going to be okay」

I shielded myself and Christina with the snow-white wings that extended from my back, and those wings acted as an absolutely impenetrable barrier, which completely blocked all of Zagurs’ attacks.

「…Dran, is this your defense magic? No, your wings?」

「It is reconstructed based on the data in my soul, data of my body from my previous life. Half of it is my real body, and the other half is pure power itself」

「So, you really were a dragon」

I nodded slowly to Christina, who was still shocked after seeing what happened.

「That’s right. I wanted to live out my current life as a human, and welcome the end of my natural lifespan, but that won’t work out as planned. It’s beyond my control」

「So, you don’t lose your composure even in circumstances like these. Honestly, I was prepared to die」

「Fumu, I won’t let a precious friend get hurt from an attack of this level. Nevertheless, Zagurs does in fact have the ability and knowledge that he says he has. I have no choice but to face him myself」

When the seemingly never-ending attacks from his tentacles finally ceased, the remnants of magical power that fluttered around like mist of varying colors cleared up to reveal the figure of Zagurs, who had forgotten to smooth over his expression, as he looked clearly astonished to see us without any injuries from his deadly attack.

He was standing still, floating in the air with his left arm, which was cut off by me, held in his right hand, and he no longer had any room to boast over his evolutionary method, or think of us as inferior to him anymore.

「Even when you try to kill me, this is all you’ve got, superhuman?」

「Bastard, you aren’t just a reincarnation of any ordinary dragon! It’s impossible to block all of those attacks, unless you are some kind of ancient dragon, or at least a dragon lord」

「Take it as you will. Either way, if you die without giving it your all, you will die with regrets. Challenge me with all your might. And then with all that might, be defeated.」


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