Chapter 52 – Part 2


EDITOR: Ryunakama

I flapped my wings to disperse all of the remaining magical power, and then raised my left hand to Zagurs, and with the magic in my soul, I temporarily materialized a part of my form from my previous life.

The outline of a dragon’s neck and head took shape as if it were enveloped around me, and I turned my pure magic into a breath of destruction, unleashing it toward Zagurs.

The pure white breath released from the dragon’s mouth approached Zagurs with a force similar to a flood breaking through a dam, and for a moment, the entire world was painted white.


Zagurs let out a scream that sounded like both a shriek and a cry of astonishment as he barely escaped a direct hit by evading my breath attack.

My breath pierced straight through the ceiling of the room, continued on through to the surface of Solania and into the night sky, and drew a ray of light among the countless stars in the night sky.

Zagurs glared at me with an expression of irritation that he couldn’t hide, sprouted four new wings from his back and activated them with flying magic, and then flew through the giant hole in the ceiling toward the surface of Solania.

Does he plan to intercept me using the ancient weapons outside? I hope he’s not so naive as to think that would be enough to kill me, but…

Before chasing Zagurus, I turned the tip of the dragon claw sword a little diagonally to the lower right, and I concentrated my magic on the tip of the blade and released the same breath as when I had made a large hole in the ceiling earlier.

From my sudden actions, Christina’s eyes widened, and she seemed to be speechless, but there was something that I needed her to do.

「Christina, up ahead, you’ll find Selina, Professor Edward, Miss Eliza, and Lenia. I want you to head toward them for protection」

「So you knew where they were located… You’re right. It’s frustrating, but even if I challenge Zagurs, I’d just get in your way. Going to help Selina and the others is the best thing that I can do. By the way, where are Vaje and Liu Yu?」

「The two of them were driven outside. I’ll meet up with them if I chase after Zagurs, so I want you to leave that side of things to me」

「Yes, I will. If I am being honest, I still feel out of sorts whenever I am near you, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are a trustworthy friend. Doing as you say seems to be for the best.
But, well, you know. I end up thinking you are an omnipotent being who can do anything」

「That’s not true. If I could really do anything and make everything go as I will it to, then we wouldn’t have had to fight like this with Zagurs in the first place」

I didn’t say it aloud, but if I were truly omnipotent, then I never would have reincarnated as a human either. In my heart, I let out a sigh full of an emotion resembling regret.

At the same time, I thought that it was good I wasn’t an omnipotent being. That is because I see my current life as a human being as a happy one.

「I see. It was a strange conversation, but I’m a little relieved to hear you say that… Dran, I pray for your good fortune. Although I feel like you don’t need prayers」

「Thanks. Christina, too, be careful not to get hurt recklessly」

Christina, with El Spada in one hand, leaped through the big hole in the floor I made and started running at full speed.

I already told Selina via telepathy that I’ve opened up a path and that Christina is headed their way, so the rendezvous between them should go off without a hitch.

「Now then, I should head off toward the sky and do some cleaning up」

I flapped my wings and flew through the large hole in the ceiling to follow after Zagurs.

As I looked up, I saw Zagurs had wiped all signs of emotion from his face, and was completely concentrating on chanting and controlling his magic.

「In a distant sea, a lonely demon chirping at the edge of a mountain—–」

「The lament of a king lying on a bed of darkness. A pile of corpses atop a bed of bones. Be buried in the flow of time and forgotten. Oh, fallen country—-」

「The roar of a demon rises, the single, strong strike from a god of war—-」

「Ripple of chaos. Jet black emblem. The dead who turn into ashes. Reach those who govern Purgatory. My cursed voice—–」

Zagurs himself and now more than a hundred tentacles were now in a circle with each of them chanting, and each one echoed through the sky of Solania with malicious magic and power.

Zagurs and all his tentacles finished chanting at exactly the same time, and then countless magic attacks came down from the sky toward me.

「Be crushed, down to your soul, Reincarnator!! Die, die, die!!!!」

Having released all of his magic power, which had increased due to his evolutionary method, Zagurs was barely able to stay afloat in the sky, and it was clear he was exhausted and losing his composure.

His arrogance in thinking that he had the complete upper hand just a moment ago, was now nowhere to be seen. It was considerably thrilling.

「Fumu, you’re finally desperate. It’s too late, superhuman. What will you do next? There doesn’t seem to be a way for you to make any more attacks. It’s over, Zagurs.」

It seemed like the magic attacks would go on for a long time if I just accepted it without doing anything, so I waved both of my wings and blew away the magic attacks using a wind magic that is far more powerful than all of his attacks combined.

「Impossible…!? That was my strongest attack magic, given to me by my contract god, Sekioma.

Not only that, but you received a barrage of ancient magic attacks and spells and remained unscathed. You… Could you be the reincarnation of a Dragon King, or even a Dragon Emperor!?」

「Unfortunately, I am neither the Dragon King nor the Dragon Emperor. The reason why I wasn’t wounded was simply because of our absolute difference in power. That means you’re just no match for me.」

「…I need to tell Bastrell-sama, that this person, this is the one person he must not fight!!」

Zagurs, whose face was finally filled with despair, still tried to take action for the sake of his teacher, Bastrell, but I denied him even that.

「It’s useless. I’ve already shut off this airspace. Even if you try to connect with your soul, you still can’t use telepathic communication. Even if you try to get help even from Bastrell, or even if you just try to warn him, it will never reach him」

I turned the tip of my dragon claw sword at the wide-eyed Zagurs, and re-created the body of my previous life once again, and the shining figure of the white dragon with white scales and wings appeared in the sky of Solania, keeping the darkness away from Solania’s sky.

「Don’t look so down. Considering the actions that your organization took, I most likely would have ended up meeting your teacher Bastrell eventually.
As soon as that happens, I will make Bastrell fall into the same place as you. Endure the tortures of hell together with your teacher, and learn the weight of the sins you committed.」


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