Chapter 52 – Part 3


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Zagurs tried to say something, but I no longer had any intention of answering him.

Without paying him any more attention, I adjusted my destructive power so that it would not adversely affect the surrounding spiritual veins, flows of magic, and time and space. Then I released a Dragon Breath that far exceeded the power of the one from just earlier that I shot through the ceiling from the mouth of my magically formed white dragon body.

Zagurs immediately deployed nearly a hundred layers of defense barriers, including his wings and tentacles, but it was a useless thing to do, because although they were barriers that could easily defend against ten or twenty nuclear explosions, they might as well have been nonexistent in the face of my Dragon Breath.


This time, Zagurs was swallowed by a torrent of rainbow colored breath instead of white, and with a long, long scream, his body, which had been deformed by his evolutionary method, disappeared from this world without leaving a single trace.

I stopped releasing my Dragon Breath, which extended far beyond the night sky and to the far ends of the sea of stars, and I said my usual phrase, at the ending moments of Zagurs’ life, who left no trace at all.


That’s what I muttered.


After we defeated Zagurs, we immediately met back up with everyone, and escaped from Solania by riding on Vaje and Liu Yu in their original dragon forms.

Professor Edward, Miss Eliza and I were riding with Vaje, while Christina, Lenia, and Selina were riding with Liu Yu, either on their backs or in the palms of their hands.

Professor Edward looked at Solania with regret as it got smaller and further away, and I felt very bad for being part of the reason why this happened.

And then, over on Liu Yu’s side, Christina and Selina were talking with Professor Edward and the others, and meanwhile, we began to descend toward the outskirts of Wagrail.

Since we landed in the outskirts of Wagrail in the middle of the night, we would have to spend the night here before entering Wagrail, and then inform the military headquarters and the Magic Academy about the details of what happened, first thing in the morning, so we prepared to camp out for the night.

Miss Eliza was preparing a late dinner for us, and while Selina, Liu Yu, and Christina were helping her with that, Lenia called out to me, and we proceeded to go into the woods, a little further away from the camping site.

「You, I want, no, I wish to inquire something」

Wait, why was Lenia suddenly speaking so politely? Confused, I urged her to continue. Now then, fumu, fumu, what could Lenia be trying to tell me?

「You are one pillar of the Seven Original Dragons, born from the heart of the Primordial Dragon. Are you not one of the Ancient Celestial Dragons, Dragon-sama?」

「Hmm, despite that being my own name, a nostalgic name came up, huh.」

Dragon, that was my name in my previous life.

The reason why the old and wise Dragonkin never named themselves with the name “Dragon,” is because as the Ancient Celestial Dragon who is the source of their blood as their ancestor and was the strongest dragon in history, my name was “Dragon.”

And the reason why other races sometimes refer to the Dragonkin as Dragon, is because after the other Seven Primordial Dragons and the True Dragons all moved to the Dragon World, I remained on earth. My name then became widely known by all the people throughout the earth, until the word “dragon” soon came to be synonymous with me myself. And as more time passed, the misunderstanding that the name “dragon” refers to the Dragonkin became established and widespread.

「Then, you really are the reincarnation of Dragon-sama」

「That is true, Lenia, I was never suspicious of the reason why you keep following me around, and I didn’t ask you about your true intentions until now. But, I think it’s about time you tell me the reason for your actions.
Originally, with you as a divine beast, and with me as an Ancient Celestial Dragon, we were supposed to have been incompatible enemies. Lenia, is there some kind of connection between you and I?」

「I-I… I… and you… Dragon-sama, you are…」

「Lenia, it’s fine to take it slowly, so speak calmly. We have plenty of time.」

Lenia wiped her dripping tears with the back of her hand while hiccuping repeatedly, and then she laughed softly, like a bud sprouting at the prospect of the coming spring.

「I am a false dragon, a divine beast created from combining a small amount of your blood and information from your soul, with the flesh and a fragment of the soul from the Great Goddess, and I was made in order to kill you.
For me, killing you was the reason for my existence. However, I was no match for the other great gods and the dragon gods, and I did not possess enough power to defeat you.
Therefore, I was cast down to the earth world, with almost all of my power and divinity sealed away.」

「Fumu, you’ve had a hard time」

「Yes, it is a relief to hear you say that, Dragon-sama」

「But that alone doesn’t quite explain why you are so friendly to me. If that is how you were born, then wouldn’t it be more natural for you to be hostile toward me?」

「Certainly, when I was first dropped into this world, it was just as you said, I did harbor such feelings of hostility. But one day, I was fortunate enough to witness your fight against the Ag-Lagona faction that had manifested on earth, and I watched the battle from a distance.」

「That fight, it left a bad taste in the mouth」

「Well, that is true, but for me, it was a fight that showed me just how mighty and absolutely powerful you are.
Of course, we are on earth now, so I’m sure you still weren’t fighting seriously yet. But still, I understood. Perhaps because I possess a part of your power, I understood that I will never be a match for your original power.
And then, I knew. The reason why I was able to somehow obtain power of the same level as a great god, is precisely because I received your blood!」

「Fumu, well, so that’s why you are so attached to me…」

「And then I realized. Dragon-sama, as the one who gave me this great power, you are my… my Father!」

「I see, well, it’s true that I am responsible for being the main reason for your birth, and my spirit and body were used to create you, so I guess it’s not hard to understand why you would want to call me your father.
Also, by the way, Lenia, who is the great goddess who produced you? There are a limited number of great goddesses who can produce as powerful a demon beast as you, and even seal your power as well.」

「Yes, Father. It was Caravis-sama, one of the oldest goddesses who came out of the original chaos, the one who governs destruction and oblivion. She is the one who made me.」

As I thought. While Lenia was already completely committed to addressing me as Father, I sighed a deep sigh, and then shouted out with a loud voice.


The reply came immediately. A woman with brown skin, long hair of the same color as darkness, and three eyes shining in gold appeared without warning, standing at a position where an equilateral triangle can be drawn between her, Lenia, and myself.

She was as beautiful as ever, with a bewitching beauty that could make one lose their sanity just by her being present, but that was what she looked like this time.

「Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! It’s me, Caravis, I rushed out to meet you when you called for me. Dra-chan~」


With the appearance of Lenia’s creator, Caravis, who showed up just from me calling for her once, Lenia was even shedding tears, her mouth was opened wide, and she seemed to be unable to catch up with the sudden situation.

Caravis had appeared before me once again with a bright voice, but she sensed the coldness in my gaze, and not just her temporary pretty face, but her whole entire body was covered in a cold sweat.

「Well then, Caravis. Let’s hear about our situation now from you.」

「Y-Y-Ye…Yes, Dra-chan-sama!」

Recognizing that I was serious about her attitude and behavior toward Lenia, Caravis seemed to be terrified from the bottom of her heart, as her teeth chattered together with her shivering.

This goddess, what in the world did she do?

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