Chapter 53



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Caravis, the god of destruction and oblivion, was one of the most powerful goddesses who possessed the strongest spirit and divinity among the ancient gods who arose from the original chaos.

Since she has control over oblivion, she can make other evil gods even forget their own foolish plans and intentions, and she herself has repeatedly acted in a reckless and unplanned way as soon as she came into existence, so she has always been loathed by both good and evil gods alike.

Caravis has a nature that repels all other gods, and at the same time, a nature that only a few gods can counter against, but if I were to concisely describe her current state of mind, it would be this:


If they keep at this over and over, then Dran will probably get to know Caravis’s true feelings.

At almost the same time that Caravis realized that she was in an extraordinarily dangerous situation, she turned her attention to the other girl who was present, besides herself and Dran.

As Caravis observed the girl who looked back at her blankly, she felt a small twist in her heart.

She noticed that the soul of this human girl, who she had never met before, was not that of a human’s, but of a fake dragon-like divine beast, and then she noticed that the girl’s soul was restricted tightly by a seal.

「Mm, I know, Dra-chan」

On the surface, Caravis was still smiling, but deep down, she was scared to even speak or blink.

「Did you maybe call me here because of that cute girl? Maybe? Maybe?」

The growing number of times Caravis said “maybe” showed just how anxious and scared she was, as well as how shaken her mind was.

「That’s right. This girl’s human name is Lenia. She was once the divine beast you created by combining my blood and spiritual information with fragments of your own soul.
She reincarnated as a human, and she happened to meet me. We told each other our original identities, and I found out you gave birth to Lenia in order to have her kill me.
I’m not going to complain about how you wanted to kill me, after all the time that’s passed. You and I have tried to destroy each other more than once or twice in the past, so it’s too late to mention it now」

「Well, I was one of your many enemies, Dra-chan」

Caravis, who still continued to smile, seems to have finally successfully drawn out recollection of Lenia, the divine beast she had created, from the storage of memories that she shouldn’t forget.

「Ah, that’s right, I remember, I remember!
That’s right, I made her from a mixture of fragments from both of our spirits, and she turned out as powerful as me.
But of course, she couldn’t compare to Dra-chan, or Baha-yan, or Levi-chi. I was disappointed because she would just end up being defeated if I let her fight」

At that moment, Caravis stared at the vein twitching at Dran’s temple.

This was because he was angry at Caravis for being so insensitive by saying that she was disappointed in front of Lenia, who revered Caravis as her creator, and as a response, Lenia hung her head apologetically.

Based on him reacting this way, it was hard to tell whether he acknowledged Lenia as his daughter yet, but at the very least, it was certain that he did not hate her.

「I was always worried about what I should do with this child, and then I finally realized it. If you ever found out about this, I knew you would be very angry!」

「Fumu, I have no idea how you can say that so proudly. And why did you seal away Lenia’s divinity and power, and banish her to earth?
If she possessed the same amount of strength as you, she should be a formidable fighting force in battles against other gods aside from myself.」

「Um, well, honestly, I wanted… Lenia, was it?
If Lenia-chan were to fight with Dra-chan or the other Original Seven Dragons or with Mairahl, and information about her circulated to you, isn’t it obvious that you would give me a hard time about it?
No, even though I was seriously trying to defeat you, I didn’t want to actually make you mad at me, so I was worried about how I should use her.
In the worst case scenario, I could have used her as my trump card, but, well, I have a history of forgetting about things like that.
I couldn’t send her out in battles with other gods, and I couldn’t just put her aside and save her for the right time and forget her until then. Besides, Dra-chan, you’re a good-natured person, so if you knew about Lenia-chan, who shares the same flesh and blood with you, then I’m sure you would easily grow to care for her.
So then, it would be a benefit to me if I could win you over through Lenia, but there was also the small chance that Lenia would end up loving you.
After all, she is of my blood, and of your blood too. So at the time, I decided that it wouldn’t be a good plan to leave Lenia-chan at my place.
And then, well, Dra-chan fell into a world on a different dimensional axis than the one on earth where you were living at the time, and Lenia went after you, with most of her powers sealed… probably.」

The fact that Caravis couldn’t make any certain and definitive statements, is something that almost everyone agrees is a problem with Caravis.

In response to Caravis, who apparently couldn’t remember any details clearly herself, Dran also let out a big, exasperated sigh.

「And then after that, you forgot all about Lenia」

Dran was looking at Lenia with concern, but from an outsider’s point of view, Lenia didn’t look that agitated. Maybe it was because she understood the nature of her own creator very well.

Or maybe it was because of all the things Caravis had just said earlier, Lenia was reminded that it was better for her if she doesn’t expect too much from this goddess.

「Fumu, Caravis. What was Lenia’s name in her previous life?」

「U-Um……. Um, well…」

At Dran’s question, Caravis’s nervousness became even more intense, and her face suddenly began to change into many shades of red, white, black, and purple as she broke out into a cold sweat. Seeing her like that, Dran’s eyes narrowed, and a shrill scream rose from Caravis’s throat.

If she thought she was in danger earlier, she’s in super danger now.

「Father, I had no name. The first name that was given to me was my human name, Lenia」

At this time, Lenia had no ill will nor anything else against Caravis. She was just giving an honest answer to Dran, who she loved and respected.

But Caravis, who knew full well how that answer would be received by Dran, moved in a panic to cover Lenia’s mouth, but Dran stood before her, with an emotionless expression on his face.

「W-W-Wait, Lenia-chan, time out, TIME OUT…!」

「Oh? To think you never even gave her a name…」

「Eek! No, no, there were circumstances, really deep circumstances, yes, circumstances as deep as the cleavage of my breasts, you see!」

「Such circumstances don’t exist」

Dran did not need to say aloud that Caravis hadn’t seen enough value in Lenia to give her a name. He had no interest in saying words that would hurt Lenia any further.

「You would deny me, just like that!?」

「Please wait, Father. I beg you, don’t blame Caravis-sama any more than that. She is my creator. I cannot stand to see her suffer like this.」

The one who put a stop to things was Lenia, who still held reverence and respect for Caravis as her creator, although it had diminished greatly.

Lenia immediately slipped her slim body in the space between Caravis and Dran, and then spread both her arms to protect Caravis behind her, and she confronted Dran with an imploring expression on her face.



Dran was somewhat surprised by the dedication and self-sacrificing spirit Lenia had toward Caravis, the one who had given birth to her.

He had fought with many of the divine beasts Caravis had created before, but this was the first time he had seen one that could show so much emotion and intelligence.

「Oh, Lenia-chan, what a filial daughter you are!! From now on, you can call me “Mother.” If you’re calling Dra-chan as “Father,” then it’s obviously only natural that I would be your mother!」


Caravis already knew that Dran originally had a tendency to be kinder and would want to spoil those who showed affection toward him, and since he was reborn as a human, he had acquired parents and a family aside from the Seven Dragons. So she knew that he holds strong attachment towards those he recognizes as family.

At this time, a small part of Caravis really did think of Lenia as her daughter, but as she was still an evil god, she still had some dark thoughts, like Lenia’s existence as their daughter would let her deepen her relationship with Dran, and she could use her if they ever become enemies again.

「Hey, Dra-chan…」

If Dran were to seriously pressure Caravis into having a child with him, Caravis, who was actually a virgin who doesn’t really know any men, would have started panicking for a completely different reason than the fear she felt just earlier.

But that didn’t happen, and Caravis, who was starting to feel saved by Lenia, was prepared to be sent to the depths of hell.

In that moment, there were two things that Caravis misjudged. It’s true that since Dran was reborn as a human, he had gained a new family that he was related to by blood and he loved them.

But the first thing that Caravis misjudged was that although his love for his family was strong and deep, it also meant that his anger toward anyone who threatened to hurt or take advantage of them was just as strong, and was in fact more terrifying than Caravis remembered from the past.

The second thing Caravis got wrong was that, although Dran was not aware of it, he had a certain amount of lenience toward Lenia, who respected and adored him as her father, even though he was still reluctant to acknowledge her as his daughter.

As Caravis watched Dran hold Lenia in his arms, his shining rainbow colored eyes spoke more eloquently than any words ever could.

It was a pronouncement of absolute truth which could never be overturned.

—- Caravis, I know what you’re thinking. If it’s just a thought, then I can still forgive you. But, if you ever take action on those thoughts, then —-



It was extremely difficult to accurately describe Caravis’s feelings while being pierced by Dran’s rainbow colored eyes.

One of the few things Caravis could say was that the thoughts she’d had just earlier completely left her, and she experienced a fear that she has never felt before.

Her body, which couldn’t even shake in fear, separated from Lenia, and turned her completely emotionless face back to Dran, which left Lenia looking at her in doubt.

Even now, Dran’s eyes, which were fixed on Caravis, were still shining with that rainbow color.

「Dra-chan, Lenia-chan, I’m sorry I made such a fuss today. Especially Lenia-chan, I’ve neglected you all this time, but I’ll do my best to cherish you from now on」

「N-No, I’m undeserving of such words, Caravis-sama」

「Just call me Mother now. Well then, Dra-chan, Lenia-chan」

Caravis, who was now completely quiet and obedient, disappeared from before Dran and Lenia’s eyes without any warning, just as she had done when she’d first appeared, and she returned to the Greater Demon World.

Lenia, who couldn’t sense any movement across the dimensions just like when she had first appeared, seemed to have regained some of her reverence toward Caravis as her creator.

With gloomy thoughts, Dran brought Lenia with him back to the camp where Selina, Professor Edward, and the others were.

And when Dran and Lenia left behind the night forest, Caravis, who had disappeared from before their eyes, had returned to the dark skies of the Greater Demon World, and she stepped into one of the many castles scattered throughout the realm. That’s when this great goddess gazed up at the sky with a rare philosophic look, and began to laugh as if she had gone mad.

「Fufufufufufufu… Hahahahhahaa!…. I pissed myself so bad!!!」

If you look at Caravis’s crotch, as she muttered to herself somewhat sadly, it was indeed clearly wet, anyone would agree.

Apparently, this was the reason why she disappeared from Dran and Lenia’s sight in such a hurry.


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