Chapter 58 Part 1


Translator: “Kousei”

The scene they witnessed and experienced on that day deviated completely from the common sense and reason they had cultivated thus far.

Almost all of the students and teachers of the Galois Magic Academy were gathered in the spectator seats of the Magic Academy’s grand stadium.

The audience seating and the grand stadium are separated by not just the Magic Academy, but also by the power of nature itself, and the two sides are so different from each other, it seems as if they are two different worlds that have accidentally come into contact with each other.


The purity of the Thought Magic rose and has taken on higher spiritual elements, which caused a phenomena that transcended the laws of physics.

The Thought Magic of Lenia, who possesses a soul on the same level as a Great God, is in the realm of destroying everything it touches into subatomic particles. The stadium has already lost its original form, having been blasted by the destructive Thought Magic, and it looked as if it had been struck by a huge meteorite.

Even now, Lenia was compressing her physics-defying thoughts through a funnel, further increasing their purity, and she opened the jaws of a projection of a beast, or even a dragon, releasing a breath attack toward her enemy as if a real dragon were there.

The breath attack reached a level that could even surpass most average dragons, and the target of that attack was Lenia’s opponent, Dran.

Dran’s longsword, wrapped in his magic, split the breath attack in two, and it collided with the barrier that protected the audience seats. The barrier, which borrowed power from the spiritual lines that run through the city, flickered and creaked violently. The sight and sound of the barrier creaking under the pressure caused the audience’s spines to chill, as if they’d just been dropped in ice cold water.

In contrast to Lenia, who is covered in white magic power that changed into two kinds of magic and thoughts of countless colors, Dran was only covered in pale, shining white magic power.

Dran bent his knees and flexed the muscles in his legs, and as he released the strength in his muscles, he used magic to accelerate himself.

This time, instead of creating a breeze under the sole of his feet, he magnetized his foothold, and then generated an opposite magnetic field within himself, and made use of the repulsive force between the two opposing magnetic fields to make himself move like a bullet.

Dran continued to accelerate along the magnetic path straight toward Lenia, and after the first step he took, he looked like nothing more than a meteor of white light to the audience.

At Dran’s action of charging toward her head-on at full power without any tricks, Lenia’s smile deepened with joy.

In this situation where there was no one who would interrupt or interfere, she could fight — play — with Dran to her heart’s content, and she couldn’t help but feel truly happy.

Without question, this moment must have been the most supreme bliss of Lenia’s life.

Just before she collided with Dran, Lenia stopped the destructive Thought Magic that she had been releasing in all directions, and instead concentrated it into her right hand.

In an instant, the destructive Thought Magic, which was slightly bigger than her own palm, had a shimmering flame rising around it, which caused a mysterious phenomenon of a dust storm rising up and down.

The thing that dwelled in Lenia’s hand was the Thought Magic of a beast created by the strongest and vilest evil god, which was capable of twisting and destroying even time and space.

But what Dran carries in his longsword is the power of a transcendent being whose Ancient Celestial Dragon soul surpasses all gods, and is said to even win against all gods as well.

Lenia slammed her sphere of destructive Thought Magic straight at the tip of Dran’s longsword, which had become a meteor of white light.

At the moment when the tip of the blade collided with the Thought Magic, the power of both sides created a state of equal opposition, and Dran’s longsword was stopped.

But at the same time, the destructive Thought Magic which had been allowed to reach the tip of the sword began to unravel, like string being spun from a ball of thread, and it rapidly began to come undone, as its form changed into pieces of thread and it was scattered in all directions.

Having its compressed state cut by Dran’s longsword, Lenia’s Thought Magic unraveled into threads one after another.

The threads of destructive Thought began to destroy space and time wherever it went as their numbers increased, but at the same time, it was also proof that Dran’s longsword was gradually eating away at the destructive Thought Magic.


As if this supreme bliss would never end, Lenia summoned even more Thought Magic, and as her soul raged, Lenia continued to press the destructive Thought in her right hand toward Dran’s longsword.

But even as Dran faced the bloodcurdling desperation and power from Lenia, his facial expression remained unchanged and he took one step after another forward.

In the face of a cruel reality beyond her control, there was no regret or anger in Lenia’s heart. There was only joy.

It would be hard for anyone but herself to understand, but for Lenia, who adored Dran’s soul from his previous life as Dragon and as her father, the more powerful Dran was, the more her feelings of reverence toward him grew, and the happiness of having an existence who is related to her caused her heart to overflow with delight.

Therefore, for Lenia, this situation was not a cruel reality, but rather a time to play innocently with her beloved father, which made her heart jump with joy.

Lenia swung with all the Thought she could muster — filled with all of her emotions — and then laughed from the bottom of her heart the moment she let it get pierced by Dran’s longsword.

There was nothing more fun than this, nothing more joyful than this, what a wonderful time she had. That is what Lenia was thinking.

Lenia’s smile, which seemed like one she would show while boasting pridefully to all life on earth, was something that only Dran could see.

Later, this final round of the qualification matches would be rumored to be a fight that determined the strongest magic student in the Arkrest Kingdom, and the teachers at the Galois Magic Academy would have a hard time keeping information about it under wraps. With only a few exceptions, it was never leaked to the teachers and students from other schools.

The biggest reason for this was because Dran had deployed his own barrier, which functioned as a kind of filter to prevent excessive leakage of their powers to the outside world, even though he had been in the middle of his battle with Lenia.

As a result of this, the representatives from the other schools thought that besides the usual Big Four, the fifth representative from the Galois Magic Academy was of a lower rank than the Big Four. And so they were slightly careless against him, which they would later regret, but that would be three months after the main match of the Magic Tournament was held.


It’ s been two days since the finals ended.

To celebrate the fact that Lenia and I had been selected as representatives, Fatima and the others were hosting a party for us at a popular coffee shop in the city.

The city of Galois is divided into several layers by walls, but in the neighborhood of the Magic Academy, the streets are lined with many stores that are catered to the students and faculty of the Magic Academy.

Among those was a coffee shop called 「The Fountain of Wisdom」and it was the venue for our celebration. When I opened the door of the room that the store clerk led me to, I saw that Fatima, Sierra, Nell, Christina, Lenia, Irina, and also Phenia, for some reason, were already waiting inside.

The celebration this time was organized completely by the women, without any of the men helping.

I was in the dream-like situation of being the only man surrounded by the lovely beauties that are the pride of Galois Magic Academy, but I was a little surprised that Phenia was here too, since I have had little contact with her before.

「I’m the last one here, huh? Sorry for making all of you wait for me」

When I bowed lightly and thanked them, Fatima, who always has a smile on her face, waved her hand at me, telling me not to worry.

「You’re not late at all. Don’t worry about it. Well then, since the two main guests have arrived, let the congratulations party begin!」

Congratulations party, huh? It’s just like Fatima to name it something like that.

We were guided inside while taking care not to let anyone step on Selina’s snake lower half, and then we received cups of black tea from Christina, which apparently had a few drops of brandy in it.

「You see, unfortunately it’s not sake, but this is today’s celebratory drink」

「Thank you. One for Selina too」

「Yes. Thank you.」

「Everyone’s here? Then I would like to ask Phenia-senpai to make the opening greeting」

Fumu, so this is why Phenia was here.

Well, she seems to have a prominent personality, so if she doesn’t have a place to be in the spotlight somewhere, she may be in a bad mood later, so Fatima’s decision probably wasn’t a bad one.

「Well, if Fatima-san insists, I will take you up on the offer. Ahem, congratulations to Lenia and Dran for joining the representatives for the national team.
As a fellow competitor, I am truly happy to have two people as strong as you here in the tournament」

Unexpectedly, she’s giving a rather normal speech. I thought this while glancing at Selina, but it appears the snake girl was thinking the same thing, as she shook her head slightly in a way so that Phenia would not notice. Yes, it’s surprising, is what her head shake meant.

I thought that she would have said something more self-centered, but apparently she had the common sense to control herself depending on the time and place.

「Originally, this was a place for everyone who has a deep relationship with Dran to gather. I gave the opening greeting as Fatima wished, but I shouldn’t talk for too long, right?
So, I would like to conclude this with a toast and my congratulatory speech from earlier. Is that alright? In celebration for Dran and Lenia’s victory, cheers!」

When everyone lowered their cups, Nell, Fatima and all the others each gave me words of blessings.

「Actually, I thought of making this more extravagant, but I guess the main part of the Magic Festival hasn’t started yet. So forgive me with just this for now. When that time comes, let’s do something even flashier than the celebration that the Magic Academy holds.
Congratulations to Dran for winning the qualifying rounds. Congratulations to Lenia too for being runner-up. It must have been frustrating, right?」

「I was happy to fight with Dran. With that, it’s impossible for us to fail. But I know that he was still holding back in our mock battle. Next time, I want him to fight more seriously」

「Fatima, I really appreciate the sentiment. If we get the chance next time, I would be happy as long as I get to eat until my stomach is full.
Nell, it’s reassuring to me too getting to fight alongside you, but don’t be in such a hurry. I can do a mock battle with you anytime, but this is a celebration right now」


「Now, now, Nelneshia wants to have a revenge battle from last year, so I’m sure she’s in a bit of a rush.
But I also agree, if Dran and Lenia fight together, we won’t have to worry about failing this year, even against Eksu from the west and Haruto from the south」

Leaving Christina’s story aside, Eksu from the west is the boy who Nell lost to in last year’s Magic Tournament, and Haruto from the south is the name of the boy who became the champion of the tournament last year.

Eksu was originally known as a prodigy, but Haruto is said to have been like a supernova whose name was unknown until he became famous at last year’s Magic Festival.


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