Chapter 6 Part 1

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Chapter 06 – Part 1

One day, an abnormal situation occurred in which a Blade-Tiger that normally lives in the depths of the eastern forest appeared near Bern village.

Fortunately, I was present at the spot, and I killed it with the help of Selina, and was able to deal with it before any damage was done to everyone in the village.

We brought the body of the blade tiger back to Bern village, and told village chief about the events that transpired in the forest and the reasons why the blade tiger was there, were guesses between the village chief and Baran as the discussion took place in the village chief’s house.

「Village chief, if we only keep looking as the situation changes, it may just become a situation we will not be able to recover from.
I would like you to give me permission to investigate the forest before that happens. Considering that even a blade tiger wanders near the village, this is obviously abnormal. The village chief knows that too」

「Certainly as you say if we keep sitting like this, when something happens we may no longer have the initiative. But, I definitely cannot let you go alone. Baran, can we get people from your side?」

「Well, two, or I can let three people go. Depending on the situation it may be necessary to request for reinforcements or investigation from Galois」

Baran’s remarks nodding seriously were proper, but from my side with no people around, I could be as reckless as I please, it will also be extra trouble.

「Well, I would want Baran’s people to move after having grasped the situation to a certain extent. It will not be good if we just moved carelessly and something happens right.
Baran’s people are experts in combat, unlike us. It is imperative they are in perfect condition and ready for emergencies」

As I was thinking that the time I am spending here persuading is really precious, then out of nowhere Selina cheerfully says Me! and raised up her hand.

「Me! Then I will go together with Dran-san to investigate the forest. I have the demon eye and I can also use magic. I also stopped the movements of the blade tiger today.
If I and Dran-san go together I think we can deal with most things」

「Young lady, you want to accompany Dran to investigate? I have never heard of the presence of Lamia in Ente forest, but if the young lady is with you, you won’t have to worry about snakes.
And if there are two sorcerers, surely they will be able to manage…….」

I reckon it only requires one more push for the village chief to be convinced. Furthermore, when I tried to push my way with words, there was a candidacy for a person neither I nor the village chief had assumed.

Christina-san who had been sitting on a chair in silence, looked into the face of the village chief with her determined eyes, and voiced that she be allowed to accompany us into the forest.

「Then village chief, I will accompany Dran and Selina. I also have a passion for magic, and can wield the sword more than an average person. I would like you to allow me to accompany the forest investigation. How about it?」

Although the Village chief was inclining positively to the opinion of me and Selina going for the investigation, but when Christina-san says she will also go to the forest, he showed a different reaction from the one towards us.

「That cannot happen! If anything were to happen to you, I will not be able to face that person. I appreciate the offer, but this is a problem for our Bern village.
Please do not worry and stay in the village. Never think of something like going to Ente forest alright」

「Village chief, even if you cannot allow Christina-san to accompany me into the forest, can you give permission to allow me and Selina to go for the forest investigation. I’m going to go to the forest for three or four days, even if I don’t find anything. How about it?」

「Alright, I will leave the investigation of the forest to you and the young lady. Please do take care of your own life. Coming back safely and alive is the condition for allowing this investigation」

「Understood. I will definitely return safely together with Selina without a scratch. Let’s unravel the cause of the forest’s anomaly」

I nodded and answered with a powerful voice filled with confidence so that the Village chief would be relieved.


Having obtained permission from the village chief in Baran’s presence, Selina and I went back to our respective houses to make preparations, and the next day decided to leave the village before the sun rises to investigate Ente forest in the East.

The curtains of the dark still spreads in the sky, and I could still see the moon, but beyond the horizon is being dyed gold by the sun, and I wonder if we will arrive at the forest by around noon or not?

I occasionally stop to greet familiar faces as I move along my way, and when I arrived at the north gate just like when I met her for the first, Selina who was wearing a shawl and a shoulder bag had already arrived and was waiting for me.

Just as I was trying to raise my hand to call out, I noticed Selina had a slightly troubled face and also realizing the reason at the same time, I was forced to lower my hand.

It is because the appearance of a beautiful woman who is mistaken for a beautiful War Maiden of the heavenly world was standing right next to Selina in the clear air of the morning that still contained cold air particles.

「Good morning, Dran. It is a nice weather to go out. Don’t you think?」

Christina wore black metallic shin guards, gauntlets, a breastplate, and armor of the same composition as mine.

「Morning. I do think it is a nice weather, but Christina-san didn’t the Village chief vehemently admonish you from going to the eastern forest yesterday」

「Oh, surely I was strongly admonished by the Village chief, but I just happen to go walking over the course of a few days by chance.
Until now I had stepped around the village surroundings and upstream of the river but, I just thought it might be a good idea to go to the east. You two just happened to aim for the same place by chance, it is purely a stroll.
And, well, it is not that bright around this area so I just might miss my way and wander into the forest 」

「I do not know if the Village chief will acknowledge your excuse. And, at the end of the day, we will be the ones who get scolded. First of all, why are you even trying to accompany us on the investigation?
From the attitudes of the Village chief and the others I could guess that you have some kind of relationship with Bern village, but I do not think there is a reason to go through the trouble of doing something that would even risk your safety」

「When you say it like that, I can’t refute it.
I am not directly related to this village, but my blood relatives are deeply related to Bern village.
I visited Bern village because that person had always told me about this village for a long time, and I was planning to visit someday.
And the people of this village seem to be in trouble. Fortunately it is such a problem that I could be of assistance, so this has to be some sort of fate so I tried to offer my assistance nothing more.
True there will certainly be danger. However, although I am immature I have quite the confidence in my sword, and with your skills that I saw in the forest, you probably will not face much difficulty」

「After hearing this much I feel like letting you do as you like, but Selina what do you think?」

Unlike me, Selina put her index finger against her lips and tried to ponder hmmmm~~ for a while.

The tip of her tail was moving along with her tilted neck, at the sight of that Selina I was hooked in a calm feeling and I felt relaxed.

「I think it’s okay. If we feel that things are getting out of hand, we can just escape from the forest is what I think, with Dran-san and myself and Christina-san I think we will be just fine」

I felt like my back was being pushed by Selina who said that with a smile, and then I nodded in consent.

「I understand. Then, we just happened to be heading in the same destination, we will not complain or stop Christina-san wherever she may choose to go. Is that good enough?」

「Oh, I am glad that you two are people I could reason with」

In this way, our plan of heading to Ente forest with two people was changed to three people and we departed from Bern village.


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