Chapter 8

 Translator: Jay_Samuel

Chapter 08

By the time Dran and the others arrived at the barrier, the Queen of the Black Rose was standing on the northern side of the barrier backing the darkness and the light of the moon, arrogantly looking down on Georude caught in the restraint of the black roses, moving her lips which is not only black but also wet in vivid red in several places.

Her lips, like a petal gouged out of a rose, are glossy, and the words she uttered exhibit extreme coldness uniform to that of her gaze.

「The fact that you trampled on the flowers, hurt the trees, crushed the insects, killed the beasts, robbed the inhabitants of the forest of their lives, defiled the forest……….your sins, there will be no end if counted」

「Fuhahahaha, Sin? So to you people those are sins. If you ask me, being weak is a sin. If you do not want to be killed, then just kill the enemy first.
Because they are weak beings that lack the power to kill, they were killed by us. If being weak is not a sin then what is it huh? So the denizens of Earth do not even know such a thing huh, what a huge laughingstock this is. Fuhahahahahahahahahaha!!」

「Are all the denizens of the Demon realm full of lunatics like you. Let me also tell you one of your sins. You are “weak”, weak enough to be destroyed by me」

She uttered a word of revenge to what Georude said about being weak is a sin, Diadora who by herself looks like a work of art, raises her right arm directly to the sky.

In line with the movement of the arm as if pointing at the Celestial moon, there was a huge shadow behind Diadora — slowly raising its head from the inside of the barrier.

It seemed to be a shadow of a giant snake that would gulp down Diadora, but what was exposed under the light of the moon looked just like a large serpent or dragon made of an entangled myriad of thorns.

「It is quite unpleasant that beings like you even exist. Oh that’s right, the fact that you came to this world is also one of your sins」

Diadora’s slender arm that was raised overhead towards the moon, was swiftly swung down mercilessly like an executioner who received the order for execution by beheading, and the spear of black rose ran through the atmosphere.

No matter how tenacious a resident of the Demon realm is, if he receives this strike he will not be unscathed. A giant hole will be drilled in the chest armor that protects Georude, and probably bloom large-flowered black blood flowers from my view.


A human shadow is fluttering about lightly like a petal dancing in the wind. Petite, it is the shadow of a girl like a bud before it blossoms in her mid-teens.

The black shadowy silhouette lands on the tip of the black rose’s wind slicing spear, and as she touched it with the tip of her fingers like that of an ice goby wrapped in red gloves Diodora’s magic power disappears like mist dispersed by the morning sun.

The giant black rose spear not only suddenly loses its power from the tip but also its vivaciousness, and then withers and perishes as if thousands of years has passed through the atmosphere and then crumbles away.

I saw the blow that contained all her power crumble away like a wave washing away a castle made of sand, and then a crack went through Diadora’s cool-headed like mask that conceals her beauty.

「You were way too careless, Geo!」

The small figure kicked the black rose’s huge spear that’s crumbling away and once again flutters in the air, then jumps to the left shoulder of Georude who is still restrained.

On top of the shoulder pad of Georude, the true face of the human shadow is exposed.

A tender curved contour, lips reminiscent of small petals, round and cute eyes and other facial features charmingly put together, as if the image of the cutest girl that people envision at first glance became reality.
However, like dried blood, the dress she wore was a dark red and the magic power rising from the delicate body wrapped in it, and the atmosphere that makes onlookers feel chills as if ice water is flowing through their spines.

「Hmm! Lafrasia huh, I can manage even without your help」

Lafrasia, it seems to be the name of this devilish girl.
With long hair that reaches her buttocks it’s divided into four pieces at the nape and is banded with black ribbon, Lafrasia tilts her head slightly in doubt towards Georude’s words.

Just as her small head is tilted, the gesture causes the headdress of the same color to shake with her hair is lovely, but the scorn on her mouth does not change even towards her comrade.

「Oh oh, putting up a brave front I see. But killing the vanguards and making them go through painful experiences is your role, so it will only make you look foolish. And I can see that you have played your role」

When Lafrasia’s fingertip touches the black rose restraining Georude’s whole body, the exact same phenomenon as before occurs and only the remains of black roses that had turned to dust clung to his big body.

Georude after being released from the restraints shuddered a little while landing from the air to the ground, brushing off the remains of the black roses clinging to his body.

Now then, without Lafrasia’s help how he intended on going about escaping from those black rose restraints, is only known to Georude, but now Georude had an evil glow in his eyes as he glared at Diadora who bestowed this shame upon him.

If it was a person that does not have any knowledge of defense techniques against magic powers, it was an evil gaze that could make them faint right there and then, if unlucky could even fall into madness.

「I will fulfill my role of making a bloodbath out of my enemies faster than anyone, and with those lives and blood, I’ll declare the beginning of war. So don’t go deciding shit arbitrarily on your own!」

「You think you are the only one who thinks that? Gelen and Georg too think the same.
Fufu, the black rose oneesama has been staring at us with scary eyes for some time now. I wonder if she has something to say?」

Diadora’s pupils shifted its focus from Georude to Lafrasia, and who this beautiful maiden of black rose recognized as the more formidable enemy, is quite obvious.

Is Georude no longer in consideration, Diadora continued to fix her eyes on Lafrasia who is still showing a sneer on her face, and then continues to speak in a chilly tone.

「So it is you. Not satisfied with just robbing lives, vile demon who inflicts pain without bounds while sucking………」

「What might you be talking about? There are too many instances that I do not know which one in particular you are referring to. Is it the Spirit of the Water lily who wilted while screaming? Or is it the Spirit of the Autumn Bellflower who kept murmuring help me help me as she decayed? Or could it be the Spirit of the White Lily that was chopped up by the Zelts till she died?」

Everytime Lafrasia talks about every one of her deeds, the flames of hatred seeping from Diadora’s entire body violently burns more brightly and her black magic power continues to turn to a darker and deeper hue.

Ah, as Lafrasia murmurs, she puts her small hands together in front of her chest. As if she recalled being told that it was adequate to always put on a bright smile.

「I understand now, I guess it would be Spirit of the Red Rose that was crying Diadora, help me Diadora, as I slowly sucked her to death?
It seems you are both of the same Spirit of the Rose, Could your highness be the so called Diadora I wonder?」

「Yeah, that’s right. I am that Diadora. And all those who you killed were all my friends and family. And you, how dare you, how dare you!!」

「Hahaha~. Oh ~ Oh ~ You seem to be angry with the stupidest things. Aside from the fact that you are all of the same Spirits of flower, aren’t you rivals that compete with each other for prosperity?
You ought to be happy that your rivals have reduced. Or ra ~ th ~ er ~ shouldn’t you offer a word of gratitude to me?」

「YOU at the very least, I will absolutely never forgive you!!!」

Diadora’s black hair stands upright even though it is not being blown by the wind, and all her undulating black hair rocks like a black sea, and numerous thorns that have grown spikes pop out.

Diadora’s murderous intent covers each one of the thorns, the thorns which were filled up to the end are covered with jet black magic power equipped with the power like that of a steel whip.

But Lafrasia’s smile heightened as if deformed, and when her thin left hand as if holding a dance partner’s hand is held out, something like a blue light mist seeps out from her hand.

The mist increased in the blink of an eye and touches the thorn whips approaching Lafrasia, things such as magic power, moisture or vitality are sucked from the thorn whips and they crumbled like dust.

「Is it that you do not learn? You see, the truth is I am also a Spirit of a flower. However unlike your highness I am not a Spirit of flower that blooms in such paradise like this world above you see.
I am a Demon realm flower that blooms only by sucking blood or life, Spirit of Laflora. All life is nourishment for me to bloom beautifully, nothing more than sacrifices. Just like this?」

「What is this~!?」
Even though the fog that overflows from the left hand of Lefrasia touches the ground and the wind does not change in appearance, to be exact, the magic power and life are being sucked out of the earth and the wind.

Diadora kicked the barrier lightly and threw herself into the air when the fog approached her feet.

The hem of the dress in which the slit is tightly closed and the black hair fluttered in the wind, and it looked like Diadora herself seems to be a black rose blossoming in the air.

Diadora manifested the whip of the thorn from her black hair again while leaping through the air, and the thorns attack from all directions towards Lafrasia who is only lovely in appearance.

「Do you not know how to learn I wonder? No matter how many times you try you will only be met with the same outcome」

From Lafrasia’s small lips, a small breath suddenly spilled out and fell.

In this sigh as if lamenting, is only scorn towards the cornered Diadora for desperately repeating her attack.

This time blue light not only came out of Lafrasia’s left hand but from her whole body, and just after approaching Diadora’s thorns they all withered altogether.

「ahahaha, thanks for the delicious meal」

Lafrasia’s scorn towards Diadora’s unproductive repetitive actions just keeps intensifying.

While Diadora continues to be exhausted in comparison, Lafrasia does not expend any power because she sucks the magic power from Diadora’s thorns.

「Let’s see, it seems the most comfortable to wait like this till your highness’s power runs out, but then again just waiting is kinda boring, so I will just suck your highness’s life directly.
That beautiful black hair, your white skin, and red lips, until everything is empty and dried up completely and then crumbles away. Isn’t it frightening?」

After saying that Lafrasia aims at Diadora and takes a step.

In a lovely physical appearance, the princess of the demon flower whose cruelty and heartlessness draws the conclusion that there is no value whatsoever in other lives except hers, will likely suck the life of the queen of the black rose without any mercy.

Is it Diadora’s last resistance, not as much as the thorny huge spear aimed at Georude but bundled thorns, it was released with the momentum to directly skewer Lafrasia’s face.

「Just quit, this boring act!?」

Until now as usual the thorns wither by Lafrasia’s power, the result that should have been the same as the others that were repeated several times, but for some reason this particular spear was different.

While withering it approached Lafrasia, only one thorn in the center of the bundled spear reached Lafrasia just before it withered, and grazed her white cheek that looks like a porcelain bowl, making a vivid scarlet line.

A momentary, trivial physical pain hits Lafrasia, but further mental shock beats down Lafrasia’s heart, Lafrasia’s trembling finger scoops the red blood that began to bleed from her cheek.

「Blood, Mine, wound on my………」

She brings the finger with the blood in front of her, shaking as if caught an intermittent fever, seeing Lafrasia in that state, Diadora smiles as if she’s done it purposely.

「There is a thorn in a beautiful rose, it’s been said since time immemorial right? You should remember it very very well. Although you are only going to remember it for a short time」

To make the main spear reach Lafrasia, banking on the premise that they will be withered the attack was wrapped in several other thorns according to Diadora’s plan, although it can only be counted as a half-success since it succeeded in injuring Lafrasia.

「Unforgivable, unforgivable! A measly earthling Black rose dares to injure me, I have decided that I will not forgive you. Without giving you time to feel pain I will suck and kill you!!」

「Oh yeah. But you see that anger of yours is quite inconsequential. I already decided I will kill all of you without sparing one you see.
So bark as long as you like. Because you will soon become a cold corpse that cannot say anything」

While the shining moonlight was waxing, the powers of blue and black frenzied as if drunk on everything in the surroundings, and between the Earthling and Demon realm Spirits of flower, the presence of conflict was quite intense.

So this is what they call an explosive situation huh. And anxiety is what would be said to be the cause of this pair’s fight huh, with the clouds not blocking the moon, the wind afraid of blowing through.

What became the impetus is the third party Georude who so far has been an onlooker and allowed their battle.

「Argh, this is getting tedious, Lafrasia!! I will stab her to death with my spear」

「Hey hold it Geo, she is my prey?」

Georude whose numbness has already worn off explodes the power accumulated in his four legs, transforms into a gigantic red death wind, runs past Lafrasia from behind and approaches Diadora.

Just as he declared, his right arm from the elbow turns into a spear and protrudes forward, and takes careful aim at the center of Diadora’s chest.

「I will take care of everything altogether」

Despite Georude’s intrusion, Diadora’s fighting spirit never wavered or dropped but, although she is getting an inexhaustible supply of energy from dark emotions, how to go about obtaining victory against these two is next to impossible.
Lafrasia kicks off the ground with her legs fitted in bright red shoes, that Diadora must not be slaughtered by Georude. While having the outward appearance of a delicate girl, the strength in her legs were demonstrating such speed that she would overtake a horse galloping at full speed.


「I am the one who will kill heeerrr」

Zawa!, as once again Diadora’s black hair swells like a sea of storm, thorny whips like serpents sprout in great numbers raising their heads.

However, the compressed air shells above Diadora’s head fly at the speed of sound, emit a tremendous shockwave as it fires mercilessly towards Georude’s spear and Lafrasia.


「Hold on, is it another……..Kyaa!!」

Georude’s spear was greatly repelled by the air shells thereby obstructing his charge, with Georude’s vigor stopped and his two hind legs greatly elevated, he barely avoided a forward somersault.

On the other hand, Lafrasia’s blue fog of absorption defended against the air shells, though she didn’t suffer any injuries, an emulated energy bolt followed right behind the air shells and she received a direct hit.

Just as Diadora’s multilayered spear of thorns broke through Lafrasia’s defense, the blue fog greatly weakened due to the impact from the air shells’ initial attack, and in that moment, I took a carefully aimed energy bolt, that Lafrasia couldn’t defend against.

Noticing that it wasn’t a Spirit magic that the Wood Elves wields, Diadora not relaxing her vigilance towards Georude and company, was surprised and then turned to look back.

In Diadora’s eyes as she looked back amidst the deep darkness, was the reflection of the Dran’s figure holding out his left hand stretched towards her.

Dran who was rushing quickly from the southwest defensive wall saw through Diadora’s struggle and invoked two magics consecutively.

In the meantime, Diadora and Dran’s eyes met with one another.


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