Chapter 9

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Chapter 09

I was able to save Diadora who was forced into a pinch, and then I exhaled a small sigh of relief.

The Demon Spirit of flowers who received a direct hit from the energy bolt was lying down on the ground and not showing any sign of getting up. It shouldn’t be a fatal wound, but it should have been quite the crushing blow.

While Lafrasia’s small body is down completely exhausted on the ground, following the magic that I released there was also a human shadow that ran overhead above Diadora.

It was Christina-san.

「Rise, Elspada!」

Christina-san calls the name of her precious sword that she is gripping, Elspada. It is a word for activating the spell sealed into the magic crystal stone implanted in Elspada.

The blade of Elspada emitted a low boom, and a pale light wraps around it from the tip of the sword to the bottom of the handle.

In addition to magic that grants it lightweight and hardening which is normally invoked, a magic ability that grants effects such as Slashing-attack reinforcement, body enhancement were also invoked.

「Hmm, how impudent!」

Georude’s spear that was aiming for Diadora has already been repelled by my magic and it’s tip is buried in the ground.

Then, Georude thought and swung his left arm transformed into the shape of a round shield, and attempts to crush Christina-san.


Breathing out a sharp thin breath, Christina-san evaded Georude’s left arm by a very small distance so much so that it makes me an onlooker shudder a bit.

Christina-san responded to the attack that intended to crush the right half of her body by aiming at the lower part straight ahead – – in order words towards Georude’s neck, with a speed that turns her into a meteor she stepped in by using the wind as a foothold.

With nothing to stop Christina-san, the assault together with her body directly hits the base of Georude’s neck, the blade of Elspada drives in very deep all the way to the base into Georude’s body.

It seems that even against Georude this blow did quite an amount of damage, and the voice of agony that cannot be missed or mistaken spills from within the helmet.

「Uggggggh, you wench, for a lowly human to give me of all people a wound this deep!?」

Unable to bear it anymore Georude retreats while twisting his upper body and at the same time Christina-san stands on Georude’s neck and in a breath pulls out Elspada, and faster than the black blood gushing out could flow she jumped backwards.

In front of Christina-san who landed elegantly after somersaulting in the air, Georude pressuring the neck wound with his left hand started leaking out a gaze filled with hatred.

「I will rip you into a thousand pieces just wait!!」

「Thou Demon serpent which bindeth mine soul drink mine hatred suck mine lamentation with thine seven heads become a serpent of calamity Jaram Duaram!!」

The serpent phantom that appeared as a result of Selina’s chanting, was different from the ones I have seen thus far, like in the chant a seven headed serpent — with the appearance of a Hydra.
The seven heads branching from one body are wrapped around both Georude’s arms, legs, the neck of the beast and strangles him with steel binding force.

「Oh, so you will deliberately hinder me again!?」

Selina swiftly jumps down from the top of the barrier and moves quickly to a position shielding Diadora behind her back, not feeling timid by the glance directed from Georude, and then calls me whose feet were halted on the barrier.

「Dran-san Please proceed!」

「Hm Alright」

I set the aim of my magic that I had already finished chanting and was waiting for an opportunity to fire towards Georude, and then I spoke the words to release the magic.

With just that process my magic will fire. However, as if aiming for that moment, a huge object was thrown from a long distance at a high speed aimed at me.

Making intermittent noise, a huge axe was rotating violently while rapidly closing in on me.

What a troublesome time to pick to throw something. While harboring complaints and admiration at the same time towards the enemy, I swiftly changed the magic aim to the approaching axe.

「Does it mean to say that it will not allow me to take out its comrade. Ignito Pyram!」

Countless small red luminous points converge like a meteor shower at the tip of my left hand raised above my head, which then turns into a spear shape which had enough heat that it could melt steel.

Actually, I planned to penetrate Georude’s wounds that Christina-san inflicted with this but, it cannot be helped.

The flame lance at the tip of my left hand is released towards the approaching axe while leaving a trail.

The flame lance that burns yellowish red clashed directly against the huge axe that seems to exceed my height.

The moment the Ignito Pyram and the axe clashed, Baaaam! The flames built up by Ignito Pyram overflowed in every direction like a flood that broke a bank, and hot air blows against my cheek and hair.



Due to the overwhelming vigor and strength, Georude’s huge body which seemed to be enormous, in an instant the serpent’s heads are all torn off, and while reproachfully glaring at Georude it dissolved into the atmosphere and gradually disappeared.

「Hey Georude, in that state you cannot repudiate Lafrasia’s words you know?」

The one who said that as if messing with Georude was a huge knight in full body armor who took the axe that is still emitting black smoke.

Georude has a red appearance as if covered in fresh blood from the top, whereas this one is fully dyed in black all over as if wearing a shadow all the time.

「There will be things like these too once in a hundred years. Now then, I am called Gelen. Well I am sure you could tell, this Georude here and Lafrasia are my companions. Well, I must pay respects to the strong. Let me introduce another person」

From within Gelen, the fourth person relaxedly walked out and showed himself.

Like Georude and Gelen, a huge build that is three to four times larger than me is still the same but, possesses an extremely gruesome fighting spirit leaking from its whole body with a density that won’t be strange if it turned into substance.

The fourth person donned his whole body with a conspicuous white armor of a sharp line, both sides of the helmet from the head to the front has an elongated curved angle, and the gill-like corners extending from the forehead to the top of the head extends backward.

Arms like huge rocks rather than logs tied together are, there are four of them each of them looking slightly constrained as they are folded into one another.

On the left waist, a long sword with a size corresponding to his gigantic body is lowered, and a shield which is likely to be mistaken for a round table is clamped on the lower left arm.

On his back are two sword handles peeking through like they are crossed. Could utilizing three swords and a shield be this white knight’s tactics I wonder.

「You are quite good, human. And also the Spirit of the Black Rose over there too. My name is Georg. I will not let you forget it」

Georg surveyed us with his shining golden eyes and he says it as if happy from the bottom of his heart.

「I am quite glad that you think we are ‘good’. Denizen of the Demon realm」

「Hm, it is because I think there is no greater vanity than wielding military might against an incompetent opponent. To not only not feel timid before us but to even inflict an injury during a clash, is genuinely, a commendable feat. It’s truly been a long time since I met such a strong person on Earth」

「Then you can thoroughly enjoy it, You Demon realm bumpkin」

「Ha ha ha ha! You are calling the Demon realm where Evil gods squirms and Demons live the countryside, such a mouthful human!!」

In my previous life there was a single great goddess who called the Evil gods friends, but to me those who are in the Demon realm basically are nothing but enemies to me.

「Then what will you do, though already there seems to be no other option other than fighting……..」

「Don’t be in a rush. I as a person would love to do that but I can’t. There is something called order in everything. Listen, Inhabitants of the forest!
Continue to resist us just like this till your life runs out, or you surrender to us and keep your life, you can choose one out of the two.
Three days from now, we will lead the army again to visit this settlement. You have till then to discuss it together to your heart’s content, you all decide your future.
It is also good to choose to resist us by borrowing the power of these humans, or choose to obediently submit to us and dedicate your powers to us」

Georg’s pronouncement which is similar to the rumble of thunder likely reached the Wood Elves and others beyond the barrier too.

「Hm, you are making a face begging us to choose the path to resist you know. I do not know if you guys will faithfully wait for the three days or not but, it is not certain that we will wait for that period of three days either you know」

There is no mistake that Georg turned to smile inside his helmet at my words.

「Fufufu, with an opponent with that much backbone there will surely be a bold response. To live is equivalent to always fighting. Because how you decide your way of life is the same way you decide how to fight.
Choosing to fight is, one of the very few freedoms permitted to your life. You should do as you please. Georude, Gelen, Lafrasia, That is all for tonight. We are withdrawing!」

As soon as he said it, Georg turned his back towards me and started walking to the north. Does he believe that I will not attack him from the back, or is he thinking that if I attacked from behind there will be no harm done or something like that.

For a denizen of the Demon realm with fortitude like him I guess it is both huh.

Georg and the rest who turned their backs towards us and walked calmly as they left were followed in succession by the remaining magus soldiers, and continued to retreat while being wary of pursuit from us.

Their destination is the north. The gate with which they emerge from the Demon realm to Ente’s forest is likely there. Ultimately the place we should head for is there.

「Hm, should we once again start afresh from here. Selina, Christina-san, and is it fine to call you Diadora? Are you injured anywhere?」

To me turning back and asking questions, Selina and Christina-san nodded in response, Diadora was looking at me suspiciously while holding on to the fact that I was the one who saved her.

「I came here to ally with you guys. I am called Dran」

「………it seems that you already know my name, for formality sake I will introduce myself. I am Diadora」

The situation of human participation, still doesn’t seem to have convinced Diadora yet as she still seems to not be fully satisfied.

To fully convince her, it would probably be faster if I got assistance from Fio and Marl.

After the figure of the Magus soldiers retreating in an orderly fashion completely cleared from my view, I slightly whispered Alright.

「Well then, the enemy is way more experienced than I expected but, how do you intend to fight, O inhabitants of the forest」

If Georg’s pronouncement is to be observed, then there is a grace of three days. Will you attack, or defend, or will you bow your knees before the army. Except the last one I will not offer my assistance but, what will you do?


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