Dragon Slayer King – Part 05

Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

Members of the Magic Corps embraced each other, overjoyed by their victory. Some patted the others’ shoulders.

Gouda staggered towards us. A rock probably hit him, as his head was bleeding.

“Do you need medical attention?” Zero asked.

Gouda gave an unusual gentle smile. “It’s an honorable injury received in battle. I’ll let it scar. How’s the priest?”

“He is lying there without his eye patch.”

“Eye patch?”

“That guy’s eyes hurt from the light,” I said. “If you remove his eye patch when it’s bright out, he won’t be able to move properly.”

Gouda frowned, and said, “Absolutely inhuman.”

“He’s not an easy guy to deal with, okay?! You have to hit his weak spot! Heck, we mercenaries do that all the time—”

“I’m just joking. Don’t take it seriously.”

I stiffened. Can you smile a little more when you’re joking? I kept the thoughts to myself.

I turned to Zero. “Impressive stuff melting the rock with Flagis. It’s a spell you created for roasting a whole pig, right? How’d it even get that hot without fuel?”

“Good question. A normal Flagis would not be hot enough to melt rocks.” Zero brushed the ground with her foot and picked up a stone. “But the island has this.”

“Fluorite? Oh, like the ones in the forge!”

“Yes. It is the same catalyst that blacksmiths use to melt ore. Fluorite is not that rare, and there are plenty of it in the mountains around here. So I made a furnace with Etrach, and used the heat together with the fluorite to melt the rock covering the dragon’s body. Etrach also hollowed out the ground.”

Since it was a Magic spell that gathered rocks from the ground to create a box, using it would hollow out the earth. The same thing happened during the match between Zero and the princess.

Zero used Magic to blow up the ground, revealing a cave beneath. The dragon then fell to its demise.

“I get it now,” I said, wagging my tail.

I picked up hostility from somewhere. Sensing a scythe and cold strings, I grabbed Zero and Gouda to my side and quickly distanced myself from the approaching foe.

The blade of the scythe barely missed my nose before sticking deep into the ground.

I didn’t even need to wonder what was going on. It was the priest we left lying in the woods. Scythe in hand, he turned to face us, his back to the hole the dragon fell into.

“You’re quite stubborn, you know that?”

“Did you think I would just stay put after that? I’m going to make you regret you didn’t finish me off!”

A cloth was wrapped around his eyes instead of an eye patch, probably torn from the hem of his robe. I doubted it could block light as good as the leather patch, but it was probably enough to give him some comfort.

“Don’t bother,” I said. “You’re up against a Beastfallen, a witch, and a Magic army. You couldn’t win against me alone. This is just suicidal. I suggest you return to your headquarters and come back with a plan to kill everyone on this island.”

“Shut up, you filthy brute! I’m an adjudicator from Dea Ignis. I will not back down in the face of a witch! I condemn you all to death right here and now!”

The dragon roared from deep in the hole. It wasn’t dead yet. Astonished, the priest turned around. The creature’s claws grabbed the edge of the hole. He couldn’t see it, but he could feel its breathing. The dragon stuck its neck out and opened its mouth, ready to devour the priest.

In the face of countless gleaming teeth, the priest reflexively readied his scythe, and lowered it. He wouldn’t hurt a dragon no matter what, it seemed.

Before I could draw my sword and take a step forward, something zipped past me.

“Captain! What are you—”

Sword in both hands, Gouda charged straight at the dragon with a battle cry that emanated from deep within him. He set his foot on the dragon’s lower jaw, then with all his strength slammed his sword into its upper jaw as it tried to close its mouth.

A large amount of blood spurted out of the dragon’s mouth, raining down on Gouda and the nearby priest. The captain jumped down from the dragon’s mouth, his whole body stained red with blood, and grabbed the priest’s clothes, forcing him to retreat.

With a shrill cry, the dragon clawed at the edge of the hole and slowly fell. There was a splash, followed by complete silence, not even the sound of the dragon struggling.

“Why did you save me?” the priest asked.

If Gouda had just let the dragon devour the priest, he wouldn’t be able to cause trouble, or return to the Church and give a report about the heretics on Black Dragon Island. They could have some time to prepare for the Knights Templar.

Gouda glanced at the priest and let out a deep sigh. “It’s only natural for a believer to protect a priest.”

“Nonsense! How can you call yourself a follower of the Church—”

An applause interrupted the priest. I looked around, searching for the source of the sound, and was startled when I spotted a figure on the cliff.

She had long, lustrous, honey-colored hair, and armor over her dress. A pair of delicately crafted monocle glinted over her right eye.

“Is that the princess?” I said.

Gouda wiped away the blood from his sword and peered at the cliff. “Why would the princess be here?”

“Wait!” Zero said. “Something is not right.” She glowered straight at the figure.

She was right. It was strange for the princess to be up there, looking down on us and clapping arrogantly. The earnest princess would not act so pompous.

With all eyes on her, the princess finally spoke up. “Well done! Splendid! You really killed a dragon. Very impressive! Mind-blowing!”

All the fur on my body stirred. My heart ached, and an unpleasant bitterness surged from the back of my throat. It was anger. And hatred.

She looked like the princess, she sounded like the princess, but the way she spoke was eerily similar to the woman who killed Theo.

“What a lovely charade,” she said. “The bond between a king who can’t use Magic and the Magic Corps’s determination to rebel against the Church. Ah, that was fascinating, like a fancy play. I’ve never actually seen a play before, but I’m sure it’s something like that. But you have me to thank for that. This was only possible because of the spread of Magic. And I was the one who wrote the copy of the grimoire!” A jarring laughter rang out.

Gouda and the Magic Corps were baffled.

“Sanare,” Zero said in a tight voice.

The princess smiled, the same smile that Sanare displayed. “Yes. It’s me, Zero.”

Argentum’s words suddenly popped into my mind. When Zero asked if Sanare was dead, the sorcerer said in a gentle tone, “But her soul has not perished. It is wandering, searching for a new vessel.”

“Look,” the princess said, spinning around on the spot. “Isn’t this doll great? I picked it up back at Argentum’s place. Don’t you think it’s the perfect body for me?”

Without so much as a thought, my body dashed forward, clawing at the vertical cliff. I stretched out my arm, stabbed a knife as high as I could, and pulled myself up. Using the knife as a foothold, I took another leap, slammed a second knife, then used it as a foothold, and I was able to reach the edge of the cliff.

“Unbelievable,” Sanare said. “Climbing a cliff? Talk about tenacious.”

“You better be ready, cause I’m gonna rip you to shreds!” Climbing over the cliff, I pounced on Sanare.

“But unfortunately for you, I’m not exactly defenseless.”

A knight on horseback jumped out from behind her. No.


It was a horse Beastfallen donning a full-body armor. I couldn’t see his face because of the helmet, but it could only be him.

He thrust a spear forward, but I grabbed the tip just before it could reach me. Raul, however, didn’t halt his charge. The spear broke through my grip and gored deep into my shoulder.

The force of the thrust pushed me off the cliff. I was dangling in the air, and my weight caused the spear do dig deeper into my wound. I screamed in pain.

“What the fuck are you doing, man?!”

“What do you mean?” His tone was as tender as always. “I’m just protecting the princess, Mercenary.” He then tilted his head and added, “It must hurt. I’m sorry.”

A mix of horror and disgust rushed through my whole being, and my mouth tightened. “Princess? Look at her. Can’t you hear her degenerate laughter? She’s not the princess! Wake up, you idiot!”

“It’s pointless, Mercenary.” Sanare giggled. “He knows that I’m not her precious princess. But this body belongs to her. If this body gets injured, the princess might die along with me. He has no other choice but to protect me. Who knows? Maybe I’ll return her body in the future.”

“You fuckin’ bitch!”

“Please refrain from using vulgar language, or you might make that boy cry. What was his name again? Mio?”

“Don’t you dare utter Theo’s name with what filthy mouth of yours!”

“Oh, right. Theo. My, you sure are passionate. Why are you so obsessed with a kid you’ve only been with for a few days? Are you stupid?” She cast me a condescending look. “Let me tell you something, Mercenary. You’re obsessed with that boy because he’s dead. You think he’s special because he’s no longer in this world. You think you could have gotten to know him better, that you could have traveled with him. You only see what could’ve been a bright future. You only remember the good things about him. If he were still alive, you’d probably ditch him somewhere for being a nuisance.”

“Shut up. Shut up. Shut the fuck up! I don’t care about your speech!”

“Then don’t listen. You can cover your ears. Oops, I guess you can’t do that in your current position.” She turned to Raul. “Can you please let him down?”


Raul quickly pulled his spear back, and I plummeted through the air. “You goddamn idiot!” I yelled.

By falling on my shoulders, I lessened the impact of the fall. I rolled over a few times before crouching. A maniacal laughter came from above. I spit out curses. And blood.

“How pitiful,” Sanare said. “You only care about the ones you’ve lost, believing they’re special. What a lonely Beastfallen. For you, the only ones who will never betray you are the dead!”

“Do not listen to her!” Zero cried. “She is merely tormenting you to please herself. Nothing she says holds any meaning at all.”

“I know that! But she still pisses me off!” I rose to my feet.

Looking down at me, Sanare put a finger to her lips and smiled. “I only came here today to say hi. Fighting a Beastfallen, an extraordinary witch, a Magic army, and an adjudicator all at once is too dangerous. I could have just disappeared without a word, but I felt sorry. After all, I made you search for this.” She held up two books she had hidden behind her back to her chest.

“You’re kidding,” I mumbled.

I could tell at a glance that what she was holding were copies of the Grimoire of Zero.

“I lent them to Argentum for a while now, and I finally retrieved them. I have the right to collect them. I wrote the copies, after all.”

A familiar light enveloped Sanare and Raul, leaving only their voices echoing in the area. A forced summoning. I’d seen it too many times, I wasn’t even surprised anymore.

“Where should I take the book next? What should I do there? Maybe something’s already happening. If you’re curious, come after me.”

The light vanished, along with Sanare and Raul.

Zero gritted her teeth. “Mercenary,” she said.

“What? I’m kinda pissed right now.”

“What a coincidence. I am too.”

Shuddering, I looked at her. On her face was an ice-cold sneer that sent a shiver down my spine.

“I will kill that woman. I swear it.”

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