Chapter 1: The Last Assignment

Translator: Ayano

「The best strategy is to make use of Roland’s skill!」

Saying so, a smile blooms on hero Almeria’s tired face. We, the Hero Party, held an operational meeting in one of the empty warehouses as we advanced through the Demon King’s castle.

It was just a little more before we had an audience with the Demon king.

A brief overview of the operation was the Hero, Magician, Priest and Holy Knight which I have been traveling together with would draw the Demon King’s attention. And I as the Assassin would bring down the Demon King using the special trait of my skill 『Faint Shadow』.

And that was the strategy.

「Almeria, isn’t bringing down the Demon King suppose to be your role?」

Why are you, the Hero, trying to take up the job of a supporter?

「I don’t mind. Since this is the strategy with the highest chance of success.」

Everyone in the party is also in agreement of the plan.
I know I am most suited for the part but still……

「To put it simply, It’s because Roland is the best!」

Considering each of our individual fighting powers, it is certainly true. I understand that but……

By the time we reach here, our stamina and mana have already been exhausted. Perhaps because of our fatigue, a grim feeling floated around us. As things are now, someone would die.

Still they are my comrades that I have been traveling together with for quite some time. I want to end this journey without losing any of them.

Usually it would always be noisy during break time like this, but now, no one was talking. Maybe they recalled something, or were preparing themselves for the worst case scenario.

I leave my seat.

「Where are you going Roland?」

「Just for a moment.」
「Just a moment for what?」
「Toilet. You want to come as well?」
「Wh, What! Get done with it quickly! Why do you feel no tension in times like this.」

The Hero Party is a group of girls who are about the same age as me.

I wonder what Almeria was imagining, for her face to be so red and chasing me out.

「I’ll be right back.」

Confirming that there was no presence nearby, I left the empty warehouse.
I have no intention of returning, and I’m sure we would never meet again.

Without losing anyone, I will end this journey.

That is my mission. Someone would definitely die, if we were to face the Demon King in such a state.

「…… Alright, it’s time to start work.」

The top floor of the Demon King’s castle was creepily quiet.

At the end of the long corridor, stood a large extravagant but repulsive door.

……This should be it.

Not going straight over to it, I climb out the window in the corridor.

Leaping down onto the terrace that is about two stories below, and landed silently.

Because of the building’s structure, there is no other way to enter the Demon King’s audience other than the front door.

That is what my comrades thought.

But after checking the interior blueprint that I obtained, I found a route that I’m able to use.

Putting a rope over the spire, I travel from shadow to shadow silently.

Fighting head-on fair and square is what a Hero would do.

And I would be fairly and squarely striking unexpectedly.

Gripping the rope, I weave through the wall along the spire, and leap using the force.

And finally, I reach the Demon King’s audience room window using this impossible route.

I take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

Concentrating mana into my index finger, I placed it onto the window pane.

Breaking one point of the strong magic barrier, I trace a circle on the window pane.

Against this kind of AOE defense type magic barrier, one point attacks are the most effective.

Unlocking the lock on the window, I jump into the room.

Right behind the King’s throne.

「It seems an interesting visitor has come. 」

As expected of the Demon King. To be able to sense me in an instant.

Emitting an ominous mana it stood from its throne. I was now face-to-face with the Demon King.

Putting on an exaggerated mantle, and looking straight at me. Red long hair as if it was burning, and eyes that were as red as blood.

An absolutely stunning demon race woman.

Not a single word was exchanged between us. At the same time I moved, the Demon King cast a black lightning type magic.

It was my first time seeing such magic, but I did not have any trouble evading it. Because she shot it at a completely different place.

The Demon king notices something was unusual.


But, the power of it was really something else. The magic barrier was easily torn apart, with a thunderous roar the wall blew away.

If i was to be hit directly by that, there would surely be nothing left of me.

Immediately the Demon King shot a second magic at a completely different place. Once again the attack hits a wrong place.


Since the beginning, I’ve been alternating the use of my skill 『Faint Shadow』.

I’m able to alternate the on and off of my skill at the speed of light.

When you thought I had disappeared right in front of you. I would be there again.

And repeating it over and over again would cause my opponent to become confused.

And the more you try to get me into your field of vision, the more confused you get. But in actuality, I have not taken a single step since the start.

When completely confused, it’s the same for all living beings.

「Crafty tricks……!」

The Demon King starts to lose her patience. Mana capacity, magic skill, magic sense, her combat power no doubt surpasses an army.


「…… Demon King, when was the last time you fought?」

The King rarely fights. There were no words of the Demon King ever seen fighting in the front line.

Facing someone like me that has sharpened my senses when fighting enemies, is a fatal flaw for the Demon King.

Nonetheless, my skill『Faint Shadow』is a skill that goes against what is expected of a hero.

But putting it in another way, this is a skill that no one other than me is able to use. Which also means that no one knows the way of dealing with such a skill.

Even idiots have their uses.

By being imaginative and creative.

Just like this, my miss skill becomes the strongest skill that no one is able to replicate.

「As i expected, it seems it’s your first time seeing a skill like mine?」

Reacting to my voice, the Demon King turns around striking with a dark long sword formed from her mana.

With my skill turned on, I was no longer there.

「Tsk, Wher――」

「……In front of you.」

The moment she faces forward, I thrust a dagger right between the Demon King’s eyebrows.

A dagger that even kids could buy with their allowance. With a price of 17〇〇 yen.

I do not need any special weapons.

Weapons are just tools in the end.

I myself am already the strongest weapon.

As an Assassin, such was my creed.

「I……I’ll admit to my defeat…… I’ll decrease the size of the Demon King army, and dissolve it. I’ll tell the remnants to stop harming the humans.」

The Demon King went down on her knees.

「It isn’t about such things.」

Even if she was true to her words of dissolving the Demon King army and stopping bringing harm to humans, as long as the symbol known as the Demon King is alive, it’s the same as carrying the seed of war.

Protecting the Hero Party and Demon King Assassination――That is my mission.

I cannot abandon my duty.

「If you have any last words, let’s hear it.」

As I said so, the Demon King whose head was hanging, raised her face.

Relief can be seen on her face. As if saying that she can finally put down the entire burden she was carrying.

I guess she was prepared for this. I killed the Demon King.

And so my mission was complete.

Going out through the front door, I left the Demon King’s castle alone.


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