Chapter 10: The missing adventurer


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Going into the forest in the direction I remembered from the Quest Sheet. It seems an adventurer has taken on an E ranked quest but the deadline is way overdue.

「Roland, I need you to go search for this adventurer, or to reclaim the adventurer license」

This was the Job i received from Branch Chief Iris when I came into work today.

If possible to find and bring the adventurer back alive, if not, bring back the adventurers license back was my job.

「Roland san, I made some cookies today, wanna take a break somewhere?」

Milia who tagged along while tapping on her bag.

「It hasn’t been 30 min since we came into the forest. We can take a break later」

「The usual optimism」

Lyla tagged along as well, since she was bored. She is in her cat form of course.

「Roland san’s kitty is so cute. Are you worried about your daddy?」

Unya! Lyla swings her claws as she runs away from Milia.

「Uuu… I guess I’m disliked…」

I whispered to Lyla that came to my foot

「Are you worried about me?」

「Why would I be worried about a man that is far stronger than I?」

Come to think about it, that’s true, so I kept on walking. The reason why Milia is with me is because she’s the one who arranged the quest for the missing adventurer.

「I usually let the other employees, with adventurer experience handle this. It wasn’t like I didnt feel anything about it but, I wanted to follow along this time」

「But, {Gathering Quin Flower’s Nectar} is an E rank quest. There is nothing Milia san should feel responsible about…」

She is being all energetic, maybe its to cover up the fact that she’s depressed.

It’s been a week since the quest deadline. Maybe he got involved in an accident, or Jumped.
It seems that abandoning a quest without reporting is called 『Jumped』 and once you Jumped you will not be able to work as an adventurer again.

Quin Flower`s Nectar is, one of the materials used to make Recovery Potions

On the quest sheet the location is this forest but there is no limitation on where you can harvest them, but for somewhere close by, this place would be the best place to go.

「It was a little boy that just ranked up to E. I wonder where he went… If we can’t find him during today and tomorrow’s search we have to remove his name… There’s no report from other adventurers guild…」

「He’s dead already. Looking for a corpse, what a conscientious work」

「Why are you saying that! Huh…? I thought I just heard Warawa san`s voice…?」

「That was me. Voice imitation. Not bad right?」

「That was very very good!」

Ku Fu Fu, Lyla who was by my legs started laughing

「This is just a regular forest but, if he is lost, he might be resting somewhere」

「Um, um, there should be a cave…」

Milia was trying to pull a map out of her bag

「That would be this way」

I show her the way

「You remembered the map?」

「Yes. If I see it once I can remember most things」

「Th… Thats great…」

「But, I forget everything the next day」

Since that was how I was trained. Some information is too valuable to remember. Under certain circumstances remembering can be fatal.

Once we reached the cave, I felt a disturbing presence inside it.

「Hm. I feel an animal type magic beasts presence. Maybe he went inside without knowing it was a nest」

「Yeah, that’s a possibility」

「Is that…ventriloquism…?」

「Milia san, please stay here. There most likely is a magic beast inside」

「Roland san are you alright? Isn’t it dangerous?」

「No problem. If the Sun starts to settle and I don’t return please head back to the guild」

「I… I understand… Th… Then cookies, please take them」

「Thank you very much」

As I took the cookies given to me, I proceeded into the cave. I let Lyla eat one of the cookies

「Hm, not bad」

As usual Lyla with her arrogant attitude asked for a second, even a third, seems like she likes them.

I ate one as well, the cookie`s texture was good and not too sweet.

According to the Guild`s report, this cave wasn’t deep.

「I can smell the beast. With the current season it can be it…」

I started to smell the decaying beasts scent. The deeper I went the stronger the scent became.


Thump, Thump, a Bear type magic beast came out. Its eyes were bloodshot, and its breathing heavily.

「Grey Bear is it. It seems really worked up」

「Lyla can you go see if the adventurer is here」

「Sure why not」

Tatata, Lyla passed right by the Grey Bear

With no one around, it’s a one on one with the Grey Bear


As it roared the grey bear stood up. Its full height was more than 2m tall

As the grey bear swung its arm, the sharp claws barely missed the tip of my nose.

ZAN! The claws left a big mark on the ground

It has decent speed and power and on top of that it’s aggressive and has the will to kill. If someone wasn’t prepared for a fight, they would be frightened.

If I let it go, someone will become a victim of these claws.


Striking with my hands, I cut off its claws.


As if the grey bear is trying to say what happened.


This time I aimed my blow to the mouth. Clank! A few of its fangs broke.


「One more」

Breaking its fangs once again, its rage came to a peak and it roared as loud as it could.


…Even though with animal instinct it knows that I’m stronger, its will to fight didn’t drop.

Guess it can’t be helped. After getting behind it I leaped. Before it was able to look back I hit it on the back of the neck.


Doooon, the grey bear collapsed on the spot. Some small grey bears came out of the shadows. It seems like the one I took down was the mother bear.


The child bear started to tap on the mother bear with its nose.

It’s a mother bear raising her child. No wonder it was short tempered.

「Kyu.., Kyu…」

「Dont worry shes just sleeping」

The ones that barged in were us. All I wanted to know was if our missing adventurer was here. Suppression is not part of the work at hand. But just in case, I’ll be taking the claws and fangs I broke.

As soon as I finished collecting the items Lyla came running back.

「You! Found him! Still breathing…」

「Good take me to him」

With Lyla leading the way I followed right behind, in the very depths of the cave a young boy had his back to the wall. Giving him some water slowly, he opened his eyes.

「Staff guy…?」

After confirming the Adventurer license, this was the young boy that’s been missing. Carrying the boy on my back I left the cave.

I didn’t see any physical wounds. He probably went in without knowing the grey bear was there, and couldn’t come out after.

A grey bear is too much to handle for a E rank adventurer.

「Milia san, he’s the one right? He’s worn out but he’s going to be fine」

That’s good to hear…, as Milia takes a deep breath. There was a little tear in her eyes.

「I’m glad he was found… Thank you so much Roland san, Thank you so very much」

「I didn’t do much I just thought he might be in the cave」

「No no, normally you would wait for backup from other staff members or adventurers, you risked your life to…」

「What…!? {Normally} you don’t go in…!?」

「Huh? What? I..It’s alright, all’s well that ends well. Just Roland san was brave and strong」

…I suppose.

「Oh, this. Grey bear’s claws and fangs. I thought it a lesson inside the cave so we won’t be seeing it attack any humans anytime soon」

「Grey bear…uh you mean That Grey Bear!?」

「Yes a grey bear」

「The most dangerous and violent Grey Bear! A rank quest and is a suppression target. During this season it’s the most dangerous…」

I see, so that’s why.

「Then it’s fine. The reason why is because it’s the season when it raises a child. As long as you keep your distance and stay away from its territory it won’t attack」

「Wow… So that’s why… Roland san even though you’re not an adventurer, you sure know a lot!」

「W…Well I have been traveling.」

Not lying, I am not lying.

Once we returned to the adventurers guild, we took the young kid to the doctors. No fatal injuries, so once he rests up he should be fine.

「Roland san, saved the young kid inside the cave!」

Ooh, there was a round of applause throughout the guild.

「That cave in the forest? Not bad Newbie」

「You took down a grey bear right? Are you really a newbie?」

Everyone besides Morley gave me a rough welcome back

A few days later, the young boy came to thank me.

「You’re a lifesaver. Thank you very much!」

「Please be careful next time」


Being appreciated even though I didn’t kill anyone, a Normal Job is not bad at all.

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