Chapter 103: To the Principality of Vadenhaag, part 2

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama

「Oi, Neil. Come here for a bit… and sit down」, I said, and the junior adventurer obediently sat down opposite the counter.

「W-What’s the matter, Aniki? Something feels different today…」

As soon as I caught sight of him, my nature as an assassin had started to show itself, and I had to quickly revert back to the Employee Argan facade. I have to give Roger credit for sensing that today was different, though. While he was with his junior just a while ago, he had already hidden himself somewhere.

「Have you heard of the ‘Roland Group’ before?」

「Eh? Have I heard… ehehe…」

「Did I say something wrong?」

「…I founded it, Aniki!」


「Did I say something wrong!?」

Fine, then. With a sigh, I let the matter rest and instead told him about the large-scale quest that would take place in the Principality of Vadenhaag.

「Ehhh!? Doesn’t that mean that you’ll be all but gone from the Lahati branch, Aniki?」

「That’s correct. I’ll be over there for about three months. Anyway, more importantly, adventurers are scarce over there. Even if we can provide lots of quests, the guild won’t be able to function without adventurers to take them up.」


「How many people do you think you can gather from that embarrassingly-named organisation of yours? If possible, I want them to follow me and take up quests over there.」

「Is that… a favour you’re asking of me, Aniki…!?」

Roger, who had been eavesdropping since the beginning, finally came out of his hidey-hole.

「Leave it to me, Aniki! I can get like thirty… no, fifty people!」

「Oi! Aniki asked me, not you!」

「Thank you in advance, gentlemen. I expect that it’ll take some time to spread the message. For those who agree to join me, tell them to head for Izalia — Vadenhaag’s royal capital. That’s where the guild will establish its first roots.」

Since Leyte had already indicated full cooperation on her end, I expected no interference.

「It was formerly occupied by the Demon King’s Army, so be mentally prepared for a more lawless environment. The quests might not pay as well as they do here, either…」

We would eventually get the rewards from the large-scale quest, but since it was impossible to predict the exact amount at that juncture, it was not a topic I wanted to touch.

「We’ll be fine, Aniki. The ‘Roland Group’ was founded on loyalty and faith to you!」

I had my doubts about their ‘faith’ and ‘loyalty’. Thinking of Rodje, though, I had no choice but to believe that such people existed.

「I can rope in more people than you can!」

「Looks like you’re only here to prove that I’m better than you, senpai.」

「Does your union really have so many members?」, I inquired.

Taking into account both the people I had molded into adventurers and the people I regularly assigned quests to, I still doubted that there were that many.

「We do, Aniki. You just don’t remember most of the people who are indebted to you.」

「The number of folks I’m gonna get will hit triple digits!」

The duo boasted fervently to each other all the way out. Once they had left, I started considering who else to pick for this undertaking. We need to ensure that we can continue operating normally even while in Vadenhaag, I thought to myself.

Iris had already told everyone about the quest during morning assembly.

That’s why everyone’s watching me like a hawk.

「Roland-san, I’m pretty much your senpai, so I naturally have the relevant experience!」, said Milia, going for the jugular.

On the contrary, the other female employees tried to pressure me without saying a single word.

「An undertaking of a few months…!」

「Climb every mountain, ford every stream…!」

「After going through thick and thin, two people will naturally fall in love…」

「It’s a gilded path to a workplace romance…!」

They gazed at me fiercely. To provide an analogy, it was like being stared at by carnivores.

「How’s the selection going? It’s difficult, isn’t it?」, said Iris.

「Indeed. I’ve already decided seventy percent of our strength, though. Thankfully, I’ve also been able to include some of the adventurers that will help us.」

「Ah. That’s good.」

If I’m going, then Dee will almost certainly follow. Both versatile and skilled in combat, she was the most reliable adventurer I could think of.

Well then, my turn to ask.


「Hm? Ah, I’ll name some employees who I think can follow you as well.」

「Won’t you come along?」

She turned beet red in an instant.

「Eh, me!?」

「Yes. Ta’uro… I mean the Guild Master has already given his approval.」

「…Uh, okay… I’ll go…」, she replied hesitantly.

「Thank you. I’ve never performed the duties of a branch chief before, so I found it good to have someone with relevant experience come along.」

「As a branch chief…? Because I’m a branch chief…? Right, aha. That’s right…」, she muttered, looking crestfallen.

The other female employees started fidgeting.

「Will you indulge my request too, Milia-san?」


It’s good to have someone who’s full of energy.

「Alrighty then, looks like I gotta go too. There ain’t no choice other than me, no?」

Morley had been waiting for me to appoint him. However, I simply ignored him and got the agreement of two other male employees who I was familiar with. I also had two employees from the Western branch in mind, making six regular employees in total.

That should be plenty. Since there probably won’t be any branch chief-specific duties to perform initially, I can get Iris to help with ground-level work as well.

「But, Roland-san… isn’t Vadenhaag still a dangerous place to be in?」

Iris explained on my behalf.

「Their royal capital is much better now. The level of risk you’ll be exposed to at work over there is pretty much the same here. In addition, we’re Roland’s colleagues, which means that we get to stay in the castle.」

All the adventurers and employees listening could not help but marvel at the prospect.

「…Are you affiliated with their royal family, Argan-san?」


「You have connections with the Ferland family too, don’t you?」

「Roland, the guild employee who will become royalty –!」

「Yeah, seriously!」

Milia’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

「The castle! A place where the prince and princess naturally fall in love!」

「That’s all only in your head, Milia. Give up while you’re ahead」, said Iris.

As I was discussing who to appoint as the provisional branch chief, Morley cut in.

「Wowee, looks like I can climb them stairs of promotion too. Lettin’ me go up in the world — that’s why you didn’t want me goin’ along with you fellas! True, true!」

Thankfully, volume was not a deciding factor for us.

When Iris named her choice, I found that I had no objection either. The employee in question was one of the senpais I had once attended a mixer with — Shane. I had wanted to bring him along, but we decided that his experience, reliability and ability would put everyone at ease if he remained.

「I’ll leave the guild in your hands, Shane.」

「Understood. I will do my best.」

「Why!? Why not me!?」, wailed Morley. 「And I ain’t going to Vadenhaag either!」

Apathetic to his plight, everyone looked at Morley with nothing but pure disgust. Iris pressed a finger to her temple as if she was having a headache. Although she said nothing, it was clear that she wanted to say 「That is precisely why.」 to his face. He isn’t someone you can safely invite into a castle, and neither can the guild be left in his hands.

「Morley-san, we chose not to bring you along precisely because of how outstanding you are.」

「Huh!? Shouldn’t I be going, then!?」

「Since five of us will be leaving, including Milia-san, Chief and myself, the guild will be short-staffed. Thus, we need capable individuals to remain behind.」

「Oh, really? I see, I see! Aye, now that ya put it that way!」

「We’ll trust you to stay here while we’re gone, Morley-san.」

「Aha, I got this in the bag!」

Even the most troublesome of individuals can be reined in if you know how.

「Hm? Eh, hold up, hold up. Doesn’t that mean I should be the provisional branch chief!? That Shane, he’s my batchmate…! And I’m the outstanding one…!」

Everyone stared at him, giving him a flat no with their gaze.

Morley’s only redeeming quality is his high score in the Plant Master test. And I had bested him in even that with both my time and score.

「A soccer team needs both players and a manager to function. Each role requires different qualities. I believe that you, Morley-san, are more geared to become a famous player than a manager.」

「Put the right man in the right job, eh? Well said!」

With a little more praise, Morley was fully convinced. How gullible, honestly.

Now that the appropriate people had been picked, I informed them of the day of departure.


  1. I am a bit surprised that Roland wants to take the branch chief Iris with him and that Ta’uro said it was OK. Anyways is Iris never gonna remember that she already slept with Roland? No need to still feel self-conscious around him.

    Of course Milia is going too. Hopefully she has some actual development with her relationship with Roland.

    Finally they really should just fire Morley. I never liked him since the beginning. Anyways the only thing he has going for him is his Plant Master title and Roland is a better Plant Master than him.

  2. I also didn’t know Iris would come as well
    Idk why she still not open her heart fully at MC even after they already slept together

    Milia is a Guild-block lol, she would never pass the cross mark

    Morley is what needed so the story doesn’t become monotone with all people praise MC here & there, he become the blacksheep

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