Chapter 104: To the Principality of Vadenhaag, part 3

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama

Using a ‘Gate’ I had opened the previous day, I transported the relevant personnel over to the Principality of Vadenhaag. The country we were headed for was situated to the south of Ferland, facing the sea. Blessed with a warm climate, they were most famous for their seafood and fruit.

We landed somewhere in the outskirts of their royal capital, Izalia. As the castle walls were still under construction, the collapsed parts had been burnt, producing the numerous black pockmarks that could be seen all around its periphery. If we headed further southeast, we would soon reach the old Kingdom of Jorvenssen. Having been a Demon King’s Army stronghold during the war, it remained unused even after their retreat.

「I see. We’ll be using this magic of yours to travel between the capital and our homes.」

「That’s correct.」

Rodje was scheduled to bring Lyla and Dee over with her ‘Gate’ later. I was also expecting the adventurers invited by Neil and Roger to arrive in a few days’ time. I told my colleagues that the princess of Vadenhaag was none other than Meiri.

「Wow~ this is the same royal capital that Meiri-chan’s in…」, exclaimed Milia, who was shouldering a huge rucksack.

She had the usual glint in her eye. The male employees also looked around, trying to take in everything at once. It probably all felt surreal for them since we had come here by fast travel.

「I wonder if all will be smooth sailing back there while I’m gone」, said Iris.

「Most likely.」

If the members of the ‘Roland Group’ do come, then the clientele of the Lahati branch will decrease as well.

「I-I’ve never lived overseas before… will I be okay?」

「S-Same here…」

「Yeah, me too..」

「Same for me…」

Looks like living overseas was a novel experience for everyone.

「Both the climate and culture of Vadenhaag is identical to ours. If I’m not wrong, a lot of our construction guilds have operations over here, so the rin can be used here as well. Does that make you feel better?」

If I had to think of a few differences, it would probably be the slightly higher average temperature and the abundance of beaches. We headed for the heart of the capital, but were stopped before its great walls.

「…We never heard of this matter」, was the reply we received when we told the guards about our intentions.

「It should already have been agreed upon by Queen Leyte and King Ferland. That’s why we came all the way here.」

Looking at each other briefly, the guards shook their heads.

「Calling her Majesty by her name… you’re a strange lot, all of you. And what’s this ‘adventurer’s guild’?」

「It may seem strange, but…」

Nothing we said could convince them to let us through.

「I see that we’re getting nowhere with this. Please get a superior to talk to us.」

「No way I’m doing that!」, snorted one guard.

「Listen, brother. If you insist on being so stubborn, then we’re gonna sound the alarm」, threatened the other.

They stared at us menacingly. If only we had some kind of official document with us. Ta’uro had said nothing about it, though, so I figured that we would have been let through immediately.

Unable to resolve the matter, our argument came to a stalemate. Just then, we heard some noise coming from behind the sturdy walls. The door to the passage used by guards was flung open.

「Oh — he’s here! Rolaaaaand!」, shouted Meiri.

Wearing a dress that matched her status, she ran over to us in small but quick strides. The two guards were taken aback.

「Your… Your Highness!?」, they exclaimed in unison, hurriedly getting onto their knees.

She ran into my arms at full speed.

「Welcome, Roland!」

「Ah, we’ve been here a while, actually.」

She only reached up to my waist, so I hoisted her up.

「Why didn’t you come in?」

「There appears to have been a misunderstanding.」

The princess tilted her head to one side.

「We’re glad that you’ve arrived, Roland-san. It must have been a long journey」, said Leyte as she walked out of the same passageway.

「Her Majesty too!?」, cried the guards.

「What on earth is this man…?」

「Don’t ask me…」

「Her Majesty came out to welcome him personally…」

「What’s gonna happen now…?」

Iris, Milia and the other employees prostrated themselves before the queen.

「It’s been a while, Leyte-sama. We arrived a few minutes ago.」

「Is that so?」

Her arms around my neck, Meiri refused to let me go.

「I’m gonna show you around our castle! After that, we’ll have dinner, and we can play in my room!」

「You’ve really grown to be a proper princess, Meiri.」

「Ehehe. Here, look!」

Reaching behind her back, she produced a knife case from her waist area.

「The knife I bought for your test…」

「Yeah! I still keep it with me!」

「Won’t a princess walking around with such a dangerous thing frighten everyone?」

「Nah, all’s good!」

Watching our little exchange, Leyte smiled.

「Alias, Roland-san’s here on official business. Let’s not hold him any further.」

Her daughter pouted a little.

「Were you met with any insolence on the way here, Roland-san?」, continued the queen.

「I wouldn’t call it insolence… but there appears to have been some miscommunication.」

「No wonder the door wasn’t opened for you. Though I believe I gave ample instruction to the watchmen…」

「Wait… are these the people…?」, muttered one of the watchmen in question, sweating profusely.

「Huh? Wait, these guys…!?」

「Guests from Ferland… I was expecting royalty or something…」

The queen sighed.

「They are guests of the state. It was I who extended an invitation to them. Did you try to turn them away?」

「I’m sorry!」, wailed both guards at once.

「I believe you are apologising to the wrong people.」

「We apologise for our insolence!」, they cried again, prostrating themselves in front of us this time.

「I, too, deeply apologise for the inconvenience」, continued their ruler.

「No, there is no need for either of you to apologise. It’s just that we were caught up in small talk. I believe the door would have opened had we waited a little longer.」

Is that so, asked the queen, to which I nodded.

With tears in their eyes, the guards looked up at me. I wordlessly gestured for them to get back on their feet, and they lowered their heads again in gratitude.

「…You’re awesome, Roland-san」, commented Milia.

「Indeed」, agreed the branch chief.

「Izalia may be more modest than your royal capital, Finlan, but we are making good progress on our post-war restoration. To all our guests from the adventurer’s guild of Ferland, welcome to Vadenhaag, and please follow me inside if you will.」

At Leyte’s signal, the drawbridge fell, revealing the long-awaited city within.

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