Chapter 162: Life goes on, part 4

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama

Dee and Rodje returned late at night.

「Oh, you’re home」, said Lyla, who received them at the door.

「Lylael-sama! I, Rodje Sandsong, have finally returned to your humble abode!」

「Is nothing ever over-the-top for you, Commander Rodje?」

The three ladies’ voices grew louder as they approached the living room.

「So did you find anyone who might be able to repair the collar?」

「That’s the thing…」

They entered the living room mid-conversation.

「Roland-sama~! Your Dee is back!」

She walked over to the sofa where I was relaxing and hugged me tightly. Lyla rolled her eyes behind her.

「That spot is mine」, she said.

「There are other spots. Just give me a bit, okay? Hey, Roland-sama~」

She’s right, I thought. There are many places to sit. I would have said that, but sensing a cold, piercing gaze that shot right through Dee, I knew Lyla clearly thought otherwise.

「Get off me. Business first.」

「I don’t wanna. I can’t♡」

I would lose a capable adventurer if I allowed Lyla to follow through with it. But she stuck her head in front of the vampire, which made her get off the sofa at last.

The Demon King then took her usual spot beside me.

「Goodness. Okay, let’s hear the report.」

Dee sighed, settling for the opposite sofa. Getting down on one knee, Rodje gave us a report on what they had found.

「In order to find who we were looking for, we went to Azrael, the city of the vampires.」

Hmm, I’ve never heard of that place before.

「Azrael… where Dee was born?」

「Yeah」, answered Dee. 「Most of us vampires reside there. It’s a dim town, untouched by sunlight.」

「It’s an underground city in the demon realm」, added Lyla. 「I know little more than its physical location, because demons — pure-blooded ones like me — can never hope to understand its customs and practices. They’re entirely self-governing.」

The elves’ forest probably held the same amount of mystery to humans.

「After poking around a little, we found the collar’s manufacturer. He wasn’t in town however, and hasn’t been for years.」

Dee continued the report.

「I found it weird too, but then heard his name. He’s rather well-known for his eccentricity.」

「Which is?」

「Warwick Ze’ev. He’s an anti-pure blood activist, which is probably why he made the collar.」

Never heard of him either, but he seems to be well-known among the vampires.

「He’s a brilliant guy, but quite misguided in his beliefs.」

「If it’s Warwick, then I’ve heard of him before」, said Lyla. 「We tried to get him on board with weapons development, but were turned away. It’s understandable, given his beliefs.」

「There’s a vampire squadron in your army, isn’t there?」

「Not all of us are extremists like him」, replied Dee. 「I’m personally neutral — neither pro- or anti-pure blood.」

「We recruited warriors of many species to join us. But nobody was conscripted, of course.」

「So the people who signed on were willing to lay their lives down for the demon realm?」


If only we’d known that during the war, I thought. We could’ve allied with the anti-pure blood faction.

「Any others who can fix the collar?」, I asked.

Rodje shook her head.

「Warwick appears to have made it on his own. We went around looking for others who could understand the inner mechanism, but came up empty-handed.」

「Hmm… we could nab him and make him fix it」, mused the Demon King. 「Or get him to make a new one.」

But nobody knows where he is…

We might know him in name, but there’s still nothing we can do. With that, I tasked Rodje and Dee with finding his whereabouts. Vampires, like Dee, are known to be effectively immortal. How difficult finding Warwick would be depended on how long he had disappeared for.

「I think I’ll write Seraphin a letter.」

Lyla frowned.

「Another woman?」

「No, a priest from the Heroes’ Party.」

「So a woman with who you indulge in earthly pleasures?」

「No. Let me finish. She was the one who gave me the collar, so I figured she might know something.」

「Then by all means, go ahead!」, said Lyla with a huge nod.

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