Chapter 17: Little girl by the roadside, part 2


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When I checked up on her the next morning, she was sitting on the bed.
She didn’t look as pale as she did yesterday.

「You slept well?」


She looked at me with fear in her eyes.
Her reaction wasn’t because she was shy, it was more of fear.

She may have been a victim of domestic violence.

Seems she has a deeper wound mentally then physically.

「Calm down. I’m not here to hurt you.」


She was very cautious like a kitten and watched me closely.
I showed her both my hands, and nodded.

「My name is Roland. Assas… I`m an employee at the Adventurer’s Guild. What’s your name」

「…Name…? Name…?」

「You don’t know?」

With a troubled look, she closed her eyes, and nodded.

「I don’t know…」

Depending on her origin, she may have not been named, and being sold to a slave trader is common.

A prostitute’s child is a good example.

Not naming a slave is also common.

She must still be confused. Asking her too many questions won’t get answers.

For now, I brought food that Lyla made.

「I can’t say it’s good but its better than not eating anything.」

「Did I just hear that?」

Lyla followed me into the room and glared at me.

Fortunately the food was decent and the girl started to eat.

Mental illness…

「? You, what is it…? Why are you staring at me. …Ah!? N… No, you can’t in front of a small child, No, You can’t…!」

Though she said no, she was hoping for something.

As Lyla held herself and her cheeks blushed, I touched her collar and turned her into a Cat.

「Unya!? Cat form…? What are you doing」

「Kitty cat」

The girl reacted.

I once heard that taking care of animals, cures mental illness.

As I grabbed onto Lyla’s collar.

「What are you doing! Why this form…! Are you listening to me!」

Lyla started swinging her legs as she struggled.

The girls’ eyes lit up.

「A talking kitty…!」

「That’s right. A talking kitty. Can you take care of her」

「Who would get taken care of by a child! Turn me back! Hurry up and turn me back!」

Still struggling, I gave Lyla to the girl, as she gave her a big hug.

「Kitty`s so warm…」

「Gyaa!? Gonna break! Take it easy! Who do you think I am! Its disrespectful!」

Obnoxious black cat.

「Taking care of her is my master`s command?」

「I`m not your master. If you don’t want to you don’t have to. I’ll be going to work… If there’s anything you don’t know ask the cat.」

「You better remember this!」

Don’t know if she was listening to me but she started playing with the cat.

With me or even Lyla`s normal form, she wouldn’t be this excited.

I guess cats are special.

I got to work, and started my work.

I don’t intend to raise the girl.

Taking care of her is momentary.

…A child living on her own, wondering what’s necessary.

「Oh yeah, the name list…」

I took out the Adventurer Name List.

A list filled with all the adventurers that have registered at this guild.

「As I thought, no restriction on age, gender or race」

To register as an adventurer you need to take a test.

The only requirement is, to not have a criminal record.

「Then in that case…」

Just when I decided.

I heard a cat crying in the back.

「Kitty cat, quiet please. Here? Here is fine?」

「Nyaa, Nyaago!」

Everyone in the office was curious about what was going on, they all looked towards the door where the sound was coming from.

I had a feeling so I opened the door.



The black cat the girl was holding, smiled as soon as our eyes met.

Lyla, she’s the one that brought her here.

Just to get back at me.

「Why did you come」

「Kitty cat told me this way…」


Lyla laughed, as she saw my troubled face.

「Huh…? Isn’t that Roland’s kitty cat. Child? Who’s this child?」

Milia asked the question that everyone else was wondering.

「Um… well, I’m supposed to take care of her for a bit… I told her to stay home but she came to visit. I’m sorry, she will be going home right away.」

All the staff members came by to see what was going on.

「Who is it Roland, a relative’s kid?」

「Yes, something like that…」

「Guess she was lonely by herself and came here with the kitty.」

All the male employees started to nod, and glanced at the small girl holding on to the kitty, as if they were looking at something precious.

「Taking care of a relative’s child.」

「Coming all the way here from the house, she must be attached to you!」

「Able to take care of a child, that’s a plus.」

「Argan-san is reliable and very kind, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was attached.」

「「「I soooo understand…」」」

Everyone started to talk about the child that showed up, in a warm and comfortable mood, people would try to give something to the girl, but one man would not leave his chair.

「Hell no, a place of work is not a day care. Hurry up and take her and go home. Right everyone?」

Morley spoke to everyone.


Everyone gave Morley a cold look.

「Is what I’m saying wrong? Is it wrong? This IS a place of work. Not a child day care!」

With a look on his face as if the whole world was by his side.

Hm. I agree aswell.

Hence the reason why I’m trying to make her go home.

「You think you can take care of a child and work at the same time? Of course you can not. A new guy shouldn’t take work so lightly. People that know their work like me are the only ones that can. On top of that I hate kids, loud and obnoxious.」

Without a word from anyone, everyone gave a mean look to Morley.

「…What. Am I saying anything wrong? Of course not? Get to work, move it you guys.」

I agree with his opinion, but his attitude is making everyone angry.

Irritating everyone with an arrogant attitude.

「Everyone, what’s going on? …hm? A child?」, branch chief Iris asked as she walked in.

As she saw the unusual guest, she blinked her eyes.

「Uh, Branch Chief!」

Milia explained the situation for me.

「Hm, is that so?」

Morley raised his voice.

「Branch Chief, this is a place of work not a day care…」

「Its fine, as long as she doesnt bother anyone.」

「Roland, he can’t even do his job right!」

「From what I see, he can do his job right.」

「He goes home before everyone, who knows if he even finished.」

「His performance is outstanding, thus he goes home early.」

「I’m here longer just to finish my job…」

「Well, you lack that performance.」

Like a slug covered in salt, Morley started to fade away.

「You don’t have to say it so straight out…」

In a weeping voice.

With Branch Chief Iris’s approval, she was able to stay at the Adventurers Guild for the day.

But, she was moved to the conference room instead of the office to stay out of people’s way.

I led one person and one animal to the conference room.

「I can stay here and play with the kitty?」

「Yes, I’ll drop by once in a while. Be good alright?」

As I rubbed her head, the cause of trouble, Lyla, yawned by my feet.

Today is the last day to relax.

I’m going to take full responsibility and train her to be able to live on her own.


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