Chapter 170: This happened

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama

“You’re stoic when it comes to your work, aren’t you?”

「Stoic? Not really… more like ‘Normal’, maybe?」

“Even though employee Argan’s still new, you’re not only a qualified Plant Master, but chief examiner as well.”

「I do what I can, as best as I can.」

“Your accolades have brought you where you are now.”

「I’m glad they have.」

“You have picked out many talented adventurers, all of which are doing well.”

「Given the effort they put in every day, they would have been noticed sooner or later. I just happened to be the first examiner they met.」

“Our branch chief places her utmost trust in you.”

「I can’t be the only one.」

“Yet, you are as modest as always.”

「What’s this, Milia-san? What are these questions you’re reading off your notebook?」

「Ah — hey, I was just getting into it!」, exclaimed Milia with a pout. 「Haven’t I explained before? It’s for the guild newsletter that we distribute to adventurers, which our branch is in charge of this time. There’s a ‘Get to know an employee’ section, and the chief was absolutely insistent on featuring Roland-san!」

I could vaguely recall her saying that.

「Why are you being bombarded with questions, Roland-san?」, asked a female adventurer who was at the counter.

「It seems like this interview will be published in the guild newsletter.」

「Eh, that thing with nothing but information about a bunch of employees!? I want many copies of that!」

…Why would she want multiple copies of the same thing?

「Roland-san!」, snapped Milia with the tone one would use to reprimand a dog. 「Let’s continue. It’s official business, after all.」

「Okay, please carry on.」

I answered the remaining questions that she had, all of which were about my attitude towards work and my working relationships at the guild. Having seen previous editions of the newsletter on multiple occasions, I agreed with the adventurer that nothing in it was particularly worth mentioning.

Unless you somehow have special interest in our branch.

A few days after everything had been submitted, fresh copies of the newsletter came from the royal capital. As I had no interest in them whatsoever, I simply put them on display. However, every adventurer that so much as took a glance at a copy took it home with them.

We ran out of copies on the day itself.

「The amount of influence you have… scary」, gasped Iris when she found the reception uncontaminated by newsletters. 「Our stash of extra rough paper… actually ran out!?」

I honestly saw no point in publishing the newsletter at all.

「The ladies — both adventurers and ordinary people — grabbed multiple copies」, lamented Milia. 「I should’ve gotten one before they were snatched clean… it turns out that us ladies are all interested to see how Roland-san thinks!」

I couldn’t agree more with you, said Iris’s expression as she nodded.

「Making you the interviewer was the right choice, Milia. You know exactly what to ask — like, scratching the itch of curiosity, you know? Take the morning routine question for example. Absolutely perfect!」


We also heard from Ta’uro that this edition of the newsletter had achieved legendary status, though I had no idea what was so good about it.

When I got home, I noticed a copy of the newsletter lying around.

「Oh, I left it there… Yeah, I took one too… but I had no ulterior motives! I didn’t, I swear!」, said Lyla hurriedly.

「I said nothing.」

「I-I don’t care for what’s inside… I just wanted some rough paper!」

I see. So that’s what it’ll be used for.

She hid the newsletter away afterwards. Though she had tried to be discreet about it, I spotted it eventually. Since she wants it so much, I thought, I’ll make sure to bring back a few copies of the next edition.

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