Chapter 18: Little girl by the roadside, part 3

Translator: KansukeKTS

On the way home, we didn’t know her name so Lyla gave her a name.

「Meiri. It’s a word in ancient demon clans language, it means blue sky.」

「Hm. Then let’s go with that. Meiri. This is your name.」

「Meiri? I’m Meiri?」

「Yes, that’s right.」

Meiri looked at me with her blue eyes as I patted her head.


「Hm she likes it.」

「Hmph. Of course. My naming sense is deeper than the sea and higher then the skies.」

I couldn’t understand what she was saying but she was praising herself.

「I’m going to teach Meiri to be able to live on her own.」

「How do you intend to do that?」

「By making her into a adventurer.」

「Hm. Not a bad idea.」

Something I found out recently but, Lyla isn’t good at complimenting someone.
So when she uses「Not Bad」, I’ll take it as a compliment.

「The one who removed her enslavement spell should take care of her.」

「…But, at the same time, she will be taught {Normalcy}.」

「Then… That’s where I come in?」

Even in her cat form, I could tell Lyla was smiling.

「Not you.」

「I was gonna have Milia help me out.」

As soon as I say that, she jumped at me and started to scratch me.
Grabbing Lyla, I transformed her back to her normal self.

「I guess I don’t know what normal is.」

She looked away in a bad mood.

The next day, before sunrise, I woke Meiri and trained her. Also after coming back from work I trained her again. Training after training after training.

「You were a slave right?」
「Slave? Meiri is Meiri!」
「I didn’t mean it that way.」

We had a conversation while running up the mountain.
Not on a flat surface, but on a rough and uneven road.

After just a week, her weak lower muscles became much stronger. Children grow up so fast. It seems like Meiri was having fun running around, she was really active all day.

「I am not your housekeeper.」
「Want me to buy you a Maid outfit?」
「I don’t want it.」

By the time we were finished with our morning training, Lyla had warm soup and bread ready on the table.

「I’m not treating you as a housekeeper.」
「Then it’s fine. Lately, your attention is towards Meiri… Um. You have been leaving me alone…」

Whispering in a small voice, she ran off to the back room.

「You wanted to train as well?」
「No you idiot! Why would I want to train?」

She popped her head out the door to complain then pulled it back in. I guess I was wrong.

Meiri listened to me closely, and started to obtain skills. When I was the same age, I had already started to work, starting tomorrow I’ll teach her more on hand skills. While I was thinking about it, I sensed something unusual.


A {rat}.
I touched Lyla`s necklace and turned her into a cat. Without waking up Meiri sleeping between me and Lyla, I got out of bed.

When I got out of the house, a man walked into the moonlight.

A neutral face, without a distinct look.
From the vibes, he must be so.

The man noticed me.

「I was only planning on one but, I guess you’re out of luck.」
「The one who is out of luck is you.」
「I am surprised that you sensed me…」

「You can’t even understand…You’re not that good.」
「When you’re hiding yourself, you hide your surroundings as well. So your location was given away since the trees grass and wind is all hidden. You can’t just hide, you have to become one with the surroundings.」

「There’s no one that can sense the non existent.」
「For your level of common sense perhaps.」

「You just came out of the house, who do you think you are?」
「You think I just stumbled upon you?」
「First of all, there’s no way to become the surroundings.」
「…So you think?」

I’ll show him an example.

The grass, the earth, the wind, and the flowing river — by understanding the surroundings, I became one with it.

I became part of the background.

When I moved, he lost me for a moment.
That one moment, was all it took.

I took the man`s knife, and pointed the tip to his eyes from behind him.

「This is the reality. Do you understand?」
「Wh…I couldn’t…even move.」

「Bad luck.」
「…Kill me」

I interrogated the man but, he wouldn’t give up the target and client.

「I couldn’t even use my {Absolute surprise attack} skill, a monster like you…Just as you said, bad luck.」

「It all depends on the skill, but skills are triggered at one’s discretion. That skill, how long does it take to activate?」

「Against you, I wouldn’t be able to use it at all…」

The man laughed as he admitted defeat.

「All it took was two blinks. In that time you got behind me. Found the knife I was hiding, and pointed the knife at my eyes…what the hell is going on?… Are you one of us?」

「No, I’m a employee at the Adventurer’s Guild. I usually do paperwork.」

「Hahaha, you don’t have to lie. A man that’s way stronger than I am, that all I could do is laugh. I expected to die somewhere never to be found… But losing to a monster like you, may have been for the better…」

「It’s a good knife.」

That was his last word.
A professional that did not leak any information. I killed him without pain.

…Did they find out Lyla was alive?
The necklace that reverses power was working normally.
{Demon King} is still sealed.

If Demon King Lyla was the target, they wouldn’t send a single assassin.
That wouldn’t be enough strength.

…If that’s the case.


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