Chapter 194: Just the man for the job

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama

We began suggesting employment transfers to adventurers who we found suitable the next day. Some stared at us in disbelief, while others became visibly angry when we tried to hint that they should stop being an adventurer. It made me realise that the latter took pride in their line of work, even if all they did was low-ranked quests.

As we had just launched the programme, we would soon have to edit the manual as well. I felt that the topic of employment transfer should be hinted at rather than outrightly brought up to our clients.

Just then, Rabi appeared. Blessed with a defensive skill, she had teamed up with the veterans Neil and Roger as of late. This time, though, she was alone. Could they have fought, I wondered. She’s fourteen going on fifteen, while Neil is in his mid-thirties, and they probably don’t get along at times.

「Hey, Roland.」

「Not entertaining complaints.」

「Oh, uh, not that.」

I looked at her while continuing to file papers. So?

「I wonder what Dee-san’s doing?」, she asked.

「Dee’s on a quest, and won’t be back for a while.」

She had originally partied with Dee before joining Neil and Co. Though immensely powerful at night, the vampire’s powers weakened to that of a human’s come daytime. Rabi, with her skill, had made a good pairing with her. For some reason, Rabi had come to see Dee as the ideal lady, and inquired of her whereabouts every now and then.


Elegant and ladylike, at least to the unacquainted, the vampire was popular among men and women alike.

「What’s this?」

She peered at the poster regarding the programme we had just launched.

「We’re giving those who quit adventuring new job opportunities.」

「Huh, y’all do this?」

Come to think of it, I had made Rabi an adventurer because there had been nothing else she could do. Her skill had made her suitable for the job, too. Perhaps there was something she had wanted to do all along.

「If you’re sick of being an adventurer, Rabi, I can find you a new job. But that also depends on the employer, of course.」

Once the programme had been greenlit, we had looked for willing employers. Lord Bardell was the first to respond, followed by blacksmiths, butchers, farmers and the like. The adventurers were also expected to be treated fairly. As their new jobs would allow them to make use of the skills they learnt as an adventurer, their new employers understood that they were more highly skilled than mere slaves.

「I can be a guardsman, waiter or gardener at Lord Bardell’s… wow」, said Rabi.

She seemed interested, but not fully invested in the idea.

After that, she asked how I was doing. I think she found me a good person to talk to. Since I wasn’t too busy at the time, I entertained her while continuing to process my documents.

「Excuse me…」

「Welcome!」, exclaimed Rabi before I could.

I looked up to see a timid-looking dark elf standing at the counter.

「A quest? I’ve got you covered!」

「Hey, don’t jump the gun now.」

She’ll be a nuisance, I thought, shooing Rabi away. I sat down and motioned for the client to do the same.

「Are you here for a quest?」

「No, this…」

He pointed to the same poster that Rabi had noticed. I had never seen a dark elf here before, so I figured that he usually went to a different branch.

「If you’re here for an employment transfer, and this isn’t your main branch, you’ll need a testimonial from an employee. I take it that you have one?」

「I do. Here.」

He produced a scroll, which he unrolled and presented along with his license.

Hambert Geshten-Org, B-rank. A dark elf.

「Ah, you’re B-ranked. With your permission to continue, we’ll have to give the employer a week’s notice. Is that okay?」

「Yes, please go ahead. I’ve already made up my mind to quit.」

It’s a shame, honestly.

Elves are rare creatures, and dark elves are even rarer. While their fairer counterparts resided in forests, they did not limit themselves to a specific habitat. Most of them lived in places far from human civilization — harsh environments such as tall mountains or dry deserts. They had also developed their own style of powerful magic. Already difficult enough to deal with as allies, they became as dangerous as vampires against a human.

「I’m… not so good as speaking…」

「It’s okay.」

「My… appearance… scares people…」

「Is that not silent recognition, rather than fear?」

「It was. People used to call me strong, amazing… they buttered me up. But people stopped talking to me after I obtained my B-rank. I’m not talkative or outgoing… unfortunately.」

I tried to imagine a dark elf that was frequently seen at his branch of choice. If he spoke little by default, then few people would voluntarily strike a conversation with him. His personality, though, was clearly inscribed on his license:

“Tongue-tied, and tends to be misunderstood as a result, but also diligent and good with his hands.”

In conclusion, even if the profession of adventurer fit him like no other, he still wanted to quit as he had trouble establishing friendly relations.

「Even when I tried to join a party, nobody wanted me…」

「You want to work together with someone, is that it?」

「That too. But that main problem is my appearance.」

It’s best not to be too concerned about your appearance, I thought. That can only make your inferiority complex worse.

「Even for someone like me, I like being treated as an equal.」

The letter of introduction detailed the quests that he had completed, including the specifics on what he had done. I could tell that the employee that had written it was rather invested in him. He was probably glad that Hambert was a skilled adventurer, but couldn’t bear to see him so unsuccessful in his social ventures.

「How does a forge sound?」

「A forge?」

He stared at me, not having expected such a proposal.

「Would you like a trial period?」

Though a little conflicted, he nevertheless nodded.

There was a forge somewhere on the outskirts of Lahati. Some of its products were sold there, while others were exported to weaponries in town. Weapon merchants also helped to expand their reach.

「Is it… famous?」, asked the dark elf.

「Not really, but they make quality weapons.」

I knocked on the door, which opened to reveal a frowning old man. He seemed to be in a bad mood as usual.

「He’s here for an employment transfer」, I said, glancing at Hambert, who was behind me. 「Can we leave him here to observe and learn?」


Without another word, the blacksmith simply turned around — a gesture that was easily and correctly interpreted as an instruction to follow.

「Are you sure, employee-san? He looks really scary.」

「So you’re guilty of it too, Hambert-san.」


「Judging people by their looks.」

Sorry, whispered the dark elf, clearly embarrassed.

The blacksmith entered the heart of his workshop with us in tow.

「He specialises in the manufacture of swords and other blades」, I explained in his place.

Still remaining silent, he continued the work that had been interrupted earlier, moving nothing but his hands. Few customers come this far into the forge, I thought, seeing piles of finished products on the floor coated in dust.

Hambert took a bow from the floor without thinking, which drew a curious look from the blacksmith.


「Can you the bow, grasshopper?」

「Can I? The bow?」

「He’s asking if you can make bows」, I translated.

「Oh. Yes, definitely.」

「…Here’s the materials」, said the old man, gesturing with his chin. 「Give it a try.」

「Ah, okay.」

Hambert took the raw materials and got to work.

I remembered what Neil — an adventurer good with a bow — had mentioned before.

『The swords from that place are solid, but the bows… not so much. And that guy can’t repair them either. I bought this bow at the royal capital, and I have to go there to get it fixed too.』

The blacksmith made the best swords in town, which naturally meant that he was much less adept at making bows. They’re fundamentally different weapons that require entirely different manufacturing processes.

In fact, he had been less than lukewarm to the idea of our employment transfers, but had readily agreed when we talked about bow-making. It was most likely due to the high demand that he was unable to meet satisfactorily.

Hambert soon proved that a dark elf was, when all is said and done, also an elf. He was as good with his hands as expected, and had produced a bow in no time at all.

「It’s a light bow, good for rapid firing. Also…」

He began working on another bow, explaining as he went along. I was unable to understand most of what he said due to the jargon he used.

「And this is a heavy bow. Though not everyone can use this, it has a long range and packs a punch.」

The owner grunted, comparing both bows.

「Want to come? Then come」, he said at last.

「He’s inviting you to join」, I told the confused Hambert.


The blacksmith nodded.

「Okay, I will!」

I headed back to the guild, leaving apprentice and master to work things out. That line of work meant that Hambert would no longer be subjected to species-based discrimination. The blacksmith was also even more unfriendly than he was.

He makes Hambert look adorable in comparison, I thought.

「Aniki! I was at a weaponry, and I found a bow manufactured in Lahati. They’ve improved by leaps and bounds!」, said Neil shortly after Hambert had been successfully assimilated into his workplace.

「That blacksmith must have brushed up on his bow-making skills」, continued the adventurer, unaware that deep within the forge stood no longer one, but two blacksmiths.

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