Chapter 2: Back at the castle


Translator: Ayano

「――So, there is no longer a Demon King.」

King’s private chamber.
After bringing down the Demon King, I reported back to my client, King Randolph.

「OH! OH……! As expected of the man known as the Legendary Assassin.」

King Randolph can neither be said to be a strict nor a simple middle-age man that was a little past his forties.

「To be able to take down the Demon King that is known as the strongest and most horrible in history so easily…… 」

「Though it may seem I did it so easily in the report, without Almeria and the party, I wouldn’t have even reached the Demon King’s castle.」

If it was 1 on 1 no doubt I would be stronger, but fighting several at once, the Hero Almeria or Mage Rina would be stronger. My ability completely lacks in the firepower department.

The Priest Seraphin is unexpectedly sharp minded, and Holy Knight Elvi, protects everyone as the tank and opens a path with her sense of justice.

It was a great team that combines our traits greatly.

「You truly are a humble man.」
「I’m just saying the truth.」
「No, I have received individual reports from Almeria and the others as well. They were not doing well as a party, but after Roland joined them, both their combat abilities and cooperation improved dramatically.」

「They are over exaggerating it.」
「No such thing. You have actually defeated the Demon King that is known to be impossible to beat. Nevertheless single handedly. Not just Almeria, Holy Knight Elvi, Rina the Great Mage, Priest Seraphin…… All of them said the same thing. Without Roland, they would have never reached the Demon King’s castle.」

「Wait wait…… I believe it goes the other way around as well.」

「You really insist on not taking credit. Well, let them prepare a feast. For the time being you can take it easy inside the castle.」
「I’ll refrain. It should be 『The Hero Almeria and the party defeated the Demon King』…… No?」

For someone like me, to be in the light of society is too dazzling.

「Indeed, that’s what i said originally in my request……」

King Randolph’s request, getting straight to the point was assisting the Hero Party and Demon King assassination.
But, also the request of making the Hero Party the ones who took down the Demon King.

「Ferland Kingdom’s first Princess and also the Hero Almeria Ferland. Is she not the best candidate to set up as the Hero both in lineage and ability. Don’t you agree?」
「You forgot to add having an attractive face and figure, Roland.」

That as well, I made a wry smile at King Randolphs, doting parent remark.
I agree that she truly has an attractive look and figure.

Hereafter, there is no doubt that the Ferland Kingdom would attract attention from countries all over the world, and also have a stronger political influence over the other countries.
That was what I first thought when I received the request of assassinating the Demon King and protecting Almeria’s party…… But now I think he was just simply worried about his daughter.

「However, Roland. To let the true hero leave empty-handed, would bring disgrace upon our royal family name. Do you have anything you wish for? If you hope for the most beautiful woman I can give it to you. If you want gold, just name your price. If you want a house, i can prepare it for you immediately.」

「My wish……」

I hardly have any memories of myself when I was young.
I was raised by my master who was also my foster parent, polishing that skill and becoming an assassin.

I didn’t even know my real name.
The name Roland was only a made up name for this time’s mission.

I could not think of anything that I wanted.

「Though I can instantly think of ways of killing someone, I can’t think of anything when it comes to myself.」

Until now, I have killed countless demons and humans.


Raising his voice, King Randolph made a sign asking to hold my thoughts.

「Though I said the most beautiful woman, I won’t give you Almeria. Almeria is only sixteen, she is still not at the age to get married!」

It’s not rare to see a sixteen years old princess to be engaged to a prince somewhere, don’t think he would be giving his daughter out so easily. Even if he was, the number of suitors coming for her hand would be as many as the stars in the sky.

King Randolph folds his hands and groans.

「B…… But, Roland…… If you say you would want to marry Almeria……! I Randolph would shed tears of blood――」

「No, I don’t want Almeria.」
「What you don’t!」

Hearing so, King Randolph let out a sigh of relief.

「But, hearing you say it that way, feels kind of annoying in its own way……」

Seems he was not satisfied with my statement of not wanting Almeria.

Hearing Almeria’s name, I recalled something.
When was it, I heard Almeria saying「I want to try living a normal life」.

What was normal, we thought about it, but didn’t have an answer.
In the first place, there was no one present that has lived a「Normal life」.

In my life till now, living in the mountains with my master and training or the assassination business.
This was probably not normal.

「…… A normal life.」
「Hm? What about it?」
「I want to live a normal life. Not as an assassin, but just a normal human being living a mundane life.」

To be able to earn money from things other than killing.
To be able to have peace even without deceiving anyone.
To be able to not worry that someone would betray you.
To be able to eat a warm meal when coming home.

To be able to sleep on a bed at night…… That kind of life.

「Are you really ok with that? It’s ok if you want numerous beautiful women flirting with you every day you know?」
「I’m not like you King Randolph.」
「What are you saying? Child making is also one of my prominent job.」

King Randolph joked indignantly.

「Well, alright. I too understand that 『Normal』is something that is not easy to achieve. For you to be able to lead a 『Normal life』, I’ll prepare everything you need.」

To begin with, my reward was to have anything I wished for granted.
Saying that an urgent living expense was needed, I received around 100 million Yen.

Is that enough? King Randolph looks at me worriedly.

「It’s enough. Thank you.」
「What are you saying? It’s is I who should be thanking you.」

I and King Randolph firmly shake hands.

Scratch~~scratch~~ ~~~Scratch.
A scratching sound came from outside the door, and from the slightly open gap a black cat entered.

「A cat……? Did a stray cat lose its way here……? No, it has a collar on.」

The black cat meowed.
Approaching under my legs, I stroke its head and tickle its chin.

「Roland, if something else was to happen……」

I shake my head and cut him off.

「Don’t. It is your job to make it so that there won’t be any need for you to request me for 『Something』.」

King Randolph made a bitter smile.

「You’re right. Then, I pray that we will never again meet. Especially, as enemies.」
「Don’t worry. I will be living a 『Normal Life』, I will never again be meeting the King.」

Saying so, I leave the King’s private chamber.
And the black cat follows after me.

Meowing, it starts stretching its collar with its hind legs.

「Alright, alright.」

The collar was a type of magic item.
It was quite a rare item, I was glad I bought it with me.

As I touch the collar and inject my mana, the black cat glows faintly and changes into its human form.

「I can’t help but feel cramped when in the cat form.」

Saying so, she brushed her red hair off her shoulder.
Her name is Lylael Diakitep.

Since her real name was too long, I was told to just call her Lylael.

「Well, you’ll get used to it soon enough.」
「To think that I’ll hear that the Hero that defeated the Demon King wished to have a 『Normal Life』…… You really are a strange man.」

Lylael chuckles.

「Says the Demon King who was beaten down in less than 10 minutes by said strange man.」

Other than changing forms, the collar has the effect of decreasing the wearer’s power according to the wearer’s amount of mana.
Since it was created specifically to combat the Demon King, it was the worst item for Lylael.

If I were to sell it, I would be able to build my own castle.

At that moment, the Demon King was dead.
Leaving behind the fake corpse Lylael made in the audience chamber, I left the Demon King’s castle.

『It is a masterpiece made from my magic skill. Even if any of the Demon King upper echelons were alive, they will not be able to see through it!』

Lylael says so full of confidence.
In regards to humans, I am the only one who has seen the Demon King up close.

And I have put a collar that would never come off in eternity on her.

At that time, the existence known as the Demon King was dead.

「Contrary to my expectation, you are really a kind man.」
「The reason you are alive is because there is no other use of that collar. If i was to sell it, there are chances of it being misused, and I’m not in need of money.」

Live on as a cat from now on. Though I said so, Lylael followed me on her own.

「I’m also grateful that you took the collar known as Demon King off me. 」

Telling her to go away, Lylael entwines our hands.
It seems that she has somewhat taken a fancy to me.

「For an assassin, you have a sweet tendency, Fufufu.」
「Yeah, I know. That’s why starting today I’m not an assassin anymore.」
「Well then, where do we go now?」

Hugging my arm, Lylael asked me with an excited expression.
I tried shaking her off since it was hard to walk like this, but she grabbed firmly and wouldn’t let go.

Even if she doesn’t have any magic powers, she still has the strength of a normal girl.

「I’ve decided. Not a city or country side, but a 『Normal Town』.」
「Again with your『Normal』…… There is nothing exciting about it……」
「I’m not going there to get you excited.」

As we exchange our discontent, Lylael and I disappear into the crowds of the capital.


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