Chapter 24: Return of the heroines

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama

◆King Randolph◆

After the Demon King expedition —

My beloved daughter Almeria and her allies had come to report back to me. The daughter of the neighbouring country’s marquis, Lady Elvi Elque-Heidens, a Holy Knight, provided most of the explanation. I had asked Roland to accompany their party, and as expected, he had led them well. According to rumours, he had even been the one who slayed the Demon King.

Of course, none of them dared to take credit for Roland’s deeds, making it difficult for them to explain the events.

「Upon inspection, it was confirmed that the corpse was indeed the Demon King.」

「Confirmed? Didn’t all of you defeat her?」

「No, your Majesty. By the time we arrived, her corpse was already waiting for us.」

「Well, anything goes. I guess that diabolical Demon King had already accepted her fate.」

The four ladies were clearly not satisfied with their explanation. I mean, you could have just said it was Roland who did it. All Roland wanted was a ‘normal’ life, though — he certainly wouldn’t want to be extolled as a hero.

In return for dragging him into the front line of things, I had planned to grant any wish he had — it was my duty. However, he had simply completed his mission and disappeared. It was rather… professional. And cool, to be honest.

「Anyway, that’s all I needed to hear. You have done us a great service in bringing down the Demon King. Take it easy for today and leave the rest to the commanders of the Allied Forces.」

「Father, Roland… disappeared before the final confrontation…」

Hm, so that’s what was dampening her mood. Rina, a young mage, nodded.

「Your Majesty-chan… Roland’s toilet break has been very long…」

Your Majesty-chan.

Seraphin patted her head.

「Rina-san. Roland-san’s letting out a big one.」

No, Seraphin, I don’t think so. Everyone was concerned about Roland’s safety, not just Almeria.

「Your Majesty, we dare to venture an opinion that Roland was the man behind the Demon King’s death.」

A natural conclusion… after all, he’s really strong. Insane, even, considering that he defeated her — deemed the strongest of all time by some — on his own. And he probably hadn’t even used more than 30 percent of his power.

「There’s no evidence for that. Even if there was, it wouldn’t have been possible to siege the castle without all of you here.」

These words were Roland’s — I was simply his proxy.

「Father, I don’t think so…」

「Why do you say so, Almeria?」

After all, everyone had combined their efforts into a coordinated attack. A symbiotic relationship, with Roland contributing the most…

「I was too headstrong… fighting and moving without paying much attention to small details. Roland would always scold me for being easily distracted. Even in the castle itself, I fell for many traps and he had to rescue me…」


「How to use our ultimates, how to maintain our composure when fighting and the effectiveness of feints — Roland taught all of it to me. He even explained how to stall for time in a battle…」

「Me too, your Majesty!」, said Elvie, raising her hand.

I believe this girl was part of the vanguard, acting as the tank.

「Knowing my tendency to get cold feet and run away, he drilled the knowledge of how to protect my allies into me from day one. He was very blunt, though… I thought he had a massively inflated ego at first. However, his suggestions were absolutely spot on and he always made the correct decisions in battle. I was embarrassed after that, but I actively listened to his teachings. Actually, that’s all I did — acting as he instructed, and nothing more.」

Roland had asked them to give a modest version of the events. So as not to alarm me, my countrymen, or even all of humanity, I suppose. Very sharp of him to recognise his own terrifying powers. Truly an admirable man.

「Roland… was just like an onii-chan. Rina… likes him a lot. I want him to pat my head more…」

Me too, Rina, me too. I like him a lot.

「It’s just as the rest said, your Majesty. Without Roland-san, we would just have been another run-of-the-mill party. Our invasion of the castle would have gone to pot, too. Instead, we fought — no, exterminated all the inhabitants.」, added Seraphin.

Roland was a legend who left a lasting impression, wasn’t he. I had wanted to reward him, but of course, he was uncontactable. After making a splash, he was highly venerated by the female heroes in his party.

The festivities lasted more than a month. But even as our lives went back to normal, Almeria became more dejected as the days passed. No word of Roland had reached us — she was trying to shake off her worst fears everyday.

Around that period, Roland suddenly showed up and asked me for a favour. Since I was greatly indebted to him, I was more than willing to do anything he wanted for free, but he insisted on repaying the favour. As such, I requested that he find a way to make Almeria feel better.

Previously, Almeria would still show up for meals. However, a week after my little discussion with Roland, she stopped coming out of her room altogether.

「Why…? It can’t be… he’s dead… sob, sob…」, she lamented tearfully.

What on earth had Roland done? Wait, maybe it had nothing to do with him…?

I called for the heavily inebriated Seraphin to come to my private quarters.

「Seraphin, what do you think has happened to Almeria recently?」

As if the wine cellar was going to run dry, he had been drinking round the clock. Even now, his eyes were distant and his face was a little flushed.

「Hmm… what could it be. She could be — hic — under the effect of ‘Fear’.」

「That’s possible…! The beautiful Hero cum princess Almeria is being targeted by some bastard…?」

「Yes. Demon magic — hic — putting her in a false — hic — reality. Real whatchamacallit. Blaargh…」

「Hey, don’t start throwing up here!!」

So some surviving demons had fled somewhere and decided to target Almeria from their hideout? It seems that they resorted to psychological warfare as it was clear that they would be no match for her in a fair fight. I was satisfied with this conclusion. Meanwhile, Seraphin was holding back the urge to throw up.

「Well then, Seraphin, please see to it that Almeria is dispelled.」

「Yes… okay. Roger tha — hic — urghhh…」

「Somebody, anybody! Come quickly…!」

After that, Seraphin lifted the curse from Almeria.

「That Roland, coming here every night, doing that kind of stuff… come on!!」

I could hear her shouting in her room. I have no idea what happened, though.

「Eh, isn’t this a difference in status…!? No, it can’t be, nooooo! Kyaaaaa!!」

According to her lady in waiting, she had buried her face in her pillow, excitedly kicking her bed repeatedly. I know nothing of the small details. All I know is that by some way or another, Roland had made Almeria well again. As expected of a pro.


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