Chapter 37: Behind the scenes of questing, part 2

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama

I told Hogan about my suspicions.

「Ehh!? Then… our fruits won’t be stolen and our orchard won’t be trampled on anymore…?」

「Exactly. Based on the giant hee-hees being the most likely culprits, at least.」

I was eighty to ninety percent sure of this.

「I have seen them from afar on one occasion. Just once.」, said Hogan’s wife.

「Oh, really?」

Yes, nodded the lady.

「We thought they were robbers, and so we hid. However, we managed to get a quick glimpse of them.」

「Do you have a general description of them?」

「They appeared to be… wearing brown overcoats.」

Those probably weren’t coats or even clothes, but rather their fur.

「They climbed over the fence as if it wasn’t there.」

While it was technically possible for an exceptionally skilled human to do it, giant hee-hees were the much more likely explanation. To confirm my suspicions, I brought the couple out to see the carcasses.

「We were attacked by these on the way here, so we returned the favour.」

Haa~~ they breathed a sigh of relief.

「Indeed, they look similar to what I saw. I think…?」

「Oh, oh! Then… these were the culprits… and you defeated them for us!」

Overflowing with gratitude, Hogan shook my hand profusely. I didn’t want to rain on his parade, but there was one issue that I had to bring up.

「Giant hee-hees are communal creatures who tend to copy the behaviour of others of their own kind. Therefore, if there are more of them residing nearby, it is entirely possible that more will be on their way.」

「Oh dear, is that so…」

Glancing at Lyla, she was making a somewhat pained expression.

「Giant hee-hees are naturally found in forests. There aren’t any nearby, though.」

「Perhaps they were on the move?」

「If that were the case, they wouldn’t come back to this orchard again and again, right?」

There were no forests in the immediate vicinity — some dense shrubbery at most. To reach the nearest forest would take a considerable amount of time on horseback.

「So what now? It’s none of your business anymore, right?」

「We got on this boat, so we’ll ensure its safe passage.」

I explained to the couple that since we had dealt with a good number of the apes, it was unlikely for more of them to appear at the orchard.

「If that’s the case, then that’s fantastic.」

「However, I have no clue as to why they came all the way here. I’ll take a look in the nearest woods to find out. As the saying goes, weeds will grow again if you don’t pull them out by the roots.」

「You are outstanding for your age.」

「I believe that there is always room for improvement.」

Looking at the sun’s position, there was more time than I needed. I would also have to explain everything to Iris after returning to the guild. I untied my steed from the fence and made for the nearest forest that could contain giant hee-hees.

「Could they be out of food?」, I asked Lyla, who was now perched on my head.

「Yeah. It’s quite common for monsters and beasts, but it’s hard to imagine that they’d go so far out of their way just for some special oranges.」

Giant hee-hees ate mainly fruits and whatever else grew on trees.

「Maybe they ran out of edible food?」

「At any rate, let’s see how the forest is doing first.」

We entered the woods, observing the surroundings as we slowed the horse to a walk.

「I can see their faeces on the floor. They definitely live here.」

Looking closely at the tree branches, they were almost devoid of nuts and berries. Fruits were also severely lacking. Some had fallen to the ground, but they were more or less inedible.

「…So, no food?」

「Looks like it. But why there’s no food is the question. We’ll have to find out.」

「Yeah, I know.」

I spotted a troop of giant hee-hees in the distance. Both these ones and those I killed were skinnier than normal. At that moment, a shrill cry rang out from the inner reaches of the forest.

「Kiiiiiiiiiiiii –」

「Huh, that cry…」

「Do you recognise it?」

「Sounds like a Plesiaurus.」

「A Plesiaurus…? With a really long neck, and lives in lakes?」

The apes took to the trees and fled.

「It can kill monsters like giant hee-hees with one bite as if they were literally titbits.」

「I see. Not only is the Plesiaurus out-competing them for food, but the hee-hees are also being preyed on.」

Blessed with a long neck, the Plesiaurus shouldn’t have trouble finding food on land or in water. Bringing our horse to a gallop, we found the offender before long.

We had to crane our necks to see the Plesiaurus’s head. Opening its mouth, it easily gulped down a few feeding giant hee-hees. It clearly wasn’t native to this forest, and probably migrated due to the abundance of food.

Our ride was rather rattled, so we had to dismount.

「Lyla, I don’t mind you clinging to me, but I won’t be able to tell if you’ve fallen off.」

「Well, well, I am the Demon King after all, not a bundle of firewood.」

Eager to display her prowess, she leaped off me and ran towards the Plesiaurus. She caught its attention by meowing.


「Nya… unyaaa…」

「Kyuu-ii, kiiii!」

「Nya-nyan, nya-oo…」

I had no idea what they were saying. Although she had asked to be returned to her humanoid form, there wasn’t a big difference from when she was a cat.

She returned, looking frustrated.

「That oaf probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Food is abundant and it’s also at the top of the food chain.」

Sounds like a monster elimination quest in the works.

「It simply didn’t care when I told it about the plight of the giant hee-hees. Oh, and… it laughed when I said I was the Demon King…! I’ll leave the rest to you.」

「Some Demon King you are.」

「Silly child. Since diplomacy has failed, there is only one other option.」

「And at the end of the day, it’s still my job.」


Sulking, Lyla walked back to the horse.

「Remember, you’re doing it for the oranges!」

Waving a hand to indicate that I understood, I walked towards the Plesiaurus.

I have fought units with Plesiauruses in them on multiple occasions. Speedy both on land and in water, they can also mount a platoon of forty people. In addition, the length of its neck allows the soldiers to see a great distance away.

「Kiiiiiii!!」, screamed the Plesiaurus.

It was now on its guard, having detected my hostility. Despite being a monster, it had no special abilities.

The monster swung its tail towards me, mowing the surrounding trees down like mere blades of grass.

「The world doesn’t revolve around you, Nessie.」

Catching its tail in one hand, I swung it back in the direction it came from. Surprised, it turned around to face me.

「?… ????」

It appeared unable to comprehend what had just happened.

「You may not get along with other species, but you should at least have the common decency not to take their share of food. If you do that, nobody will come after you.」


Releasing a deafening roar, it brought its long neck downwards to clobber me. I took one of the trees that were knocked down and pointed it straight upwards.

「Gyuuu-eeeehhhhh– !?」

The tree pierced its neck like a knife through butter.

While it writhed in pain, I ran up the impaled tree and plunged a fruit knife into its brain.

「Gyuu… ii…」

Having been granted the sweet release of death, the Plesiaurus, shrugging off its mortal coil, collapsed to the ground like a bundle of firewood.


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