Chapter 43: Matchmaking with a neighbouring crown prince, part 3

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama

Almeria had heard the commotion.

「Where are the enemies!?」, she shouted, drawing her sword and leaping off her carriage, bloodlust plain for all to see.

Having seen this coming, I had no choice but to report to King Randolph later.

「Oh, they have fled, Almeria-sama.」

Turning a deaf ear to her attendant’s words, the psyched-up princess let her aura radiate all around.

「Calm down, Almeria. They’re gone.」

「…? Roland…! What are y-you doing here!?」, stuttered Almeria, quickly running over. 「Could you possibly… have come to stop the matchmaking session –!?」

Lyla snickered.

「Her eyes are gleaming with excitement. A tell-tale sign of a lass in love, indeed.」

Shut up, I said, stuffing her back into my rucksack.

「I-I… didn’t really want to go for this whole matchmaking thing, so… I wasn’t cheating or anything, ok…?」

Cheating? Really?


After having their ‘Real Nightmare’ dispelled, neither Lyla nor Rodje could recall ever having been a dog. I suppose that was the case for her as well.

It was entirely plausible that from the clueless princess’s point of view, I had been sneaking into her room and stealing her first kiss every night.

「I’m only here because King Randolph personally requested for me to be an escort.」

「Hmm? I know, okay!? I know that Roland’s never honest…」, chuckled Almeria, trying to read my expression.

「I’m not lying.」

As I tried to put her down, an orderly came riding towards us.

「10th fireteam reporting, sir — we believe that a brigade from the Heavenly Kingdom of Reubens’s army is approaching us! We can see a royal flag with gold borders!」

「…okay. Almeria, pay your respects pl –」

Before I could suggest greeting them, Almeria had already scampered back into her carriage. Telling the orderly that I would relay the message, I made my way to the king.

「Hm. We’re almost at the coast. I suppose they got wind of the entire hullabaloo and came to assist us.」

At that moment, a man arrived on horseback. He had brought only a single squadron of men.

I have seen this person before — the crown prince of the Heavenly Kingdom of Reubens, Almeria’s matchmaking partner. He had once led an army into battle, although he never went to the frontline himself.

A suave, blond looker, barely twenty years of age, he was apparently popular among his people. Behind him stood a lady who looked like a secretary.

「I am glad that you are safe, your Majesty.」, said Prince Fabian as he dismounted, getting down on his knees.

「Spare the formalities, Prince Fabian. I thank you for your timely assistance.」

「We were just passing by when we heard the most unholy ruckus.」

「It was a good idea to entrust my guards to this capable fellow — he was a great help!」, laughed the king.

That was my cue to introduce myself.

「I am Roland Argan. I have been tasked to escort his Majesty and his entourage on this journey. I am a guild employee by profession.」

「Ah. Did you capture those ruffians’ leader?」

「No, I killed him.」

「…I see, well done.」, said the prince, giving me a dazzling smile.

He had wanted to greet Almeria, but I rejected his request on the grounds that she was not feeling well.

「Your highness, if we do not leave now, we will keep his Majesty waiting.」, said the secretary-like lady.

「Got it. Well then, your Majesty, let us meet again.」

He mounted his horse and left. His secretary gave us a curt bow and hurried after him.

Once they were out of earshot, the king spoke.

「A dashing young man he is. While he hasn’t proven himself politically, he is indeed extremely popular.」

「If he gets engaged to Almeria, it will be the biggest thing since the Demon King expedition.」, I replied.

「Mm, exactly.」

Resuming our journey, we reached Somarille Coast in about thirty minutes. The quiet splish-splash of waves crashing onto the beach could be heard. The sands could give Prince Fabian’s pearly whites a run for their money.

「What ho! Yoooooooo!!」, exclaimed Lyla, marvelling at the scenery. 「Light blue sky, dark blue ocean and white beaches… this is literally Heaven! I can’t sense any monsters around either! Wow…」

Her constant nagging at me to free her was getting annoying, so I let her out of my bag and allowed her to resume her human form.

「I’m going to enjoy myself here!!」

Her eyes shone with excitement. I felt bad bursting her bubble, so I let her do as she pleased.

We were shown the way to the royal family’s private villa. Within the compound, I was the only guard they needed. In addition, all had to be disarmed in the neutral zone, so the knights would probably not be very useful even if they were here.

The king, his daughter and their attendants were gathered in the living room. One of his ladies-in-waiting explained the flow of events to us.

「The King of Reubens and Prince Fabian will be here tonight. Your Majesty and your Highness, you will be dining with them here –」

This was the same lady who had been getting frisky with the king earlier. Looks like she was a secretary by default. Halfway through the briefing, Almeria raised her hand.

「I have a stomach ache, can I…」

「Almeria-sama, you can’t act like this having come all this way.」

While the attendant adopted a soothing voice, it was clear that she had no intention to entertain the princess.

「Almeria, it’s just a meal. You just have to talk a bit, you know?」


She pouted, stubbornly refusing to acquiesce.

「Good grief, Almeria.」

「Hm, what…?」, said the princess, looking in my direction.

「If you’re really a princess, can you start acting your age?」


Despite continuing to complain, she no longer flat-out refused to cooperate.

The meal that night was simply for the royals to have a pleasant chat with each other. The next day, time would be set aside for the two stars of the show.

Almeria went down to her room to put on makeup. Just then, Elvi appeared at the villa.

「It’s been a while, your Majesty.」

「You can save the pleasantries, Elvi — you know I find them too stuffy. Anyway, I see that you’re here too.」

「Ah. Not only was I worried about Almeria, but as a scion of the Heidens family, it is my duty to bring the two families together. May I ask where Almeria is… oh, Roland!」

I had had no intention to hide, but since our eyes met, I raised a hand to greet her.

「W-where did you go –? We turned the whole place upside down looking for you… we thought you died! I mean, nobody believed that you would die so easily, but still…」

She wiped away a tear. She had a tendency to be overly attached to people, to their great annoyance.

「We can catch up later, Elvi. There’s something I need to know first.」

I found the girl I was looking for. Having changed into casual clothes, she was strolling along the beach alone in the fading light.

「What a nice view.」

The four royals should be having dinner right now. Since Almeria was exceptionally strong, I didn’t feel the need to continue guarding her there.

「– ah. You are the commander of Ferland’s Royal Guards?」

「I felt like meeting you again, so I took a walk. And here you are.」

「Fufufu, so you found me.」, she said, laughing gracefully.

She was the second daughter of a lower-ranked noble family who carried herself elegantly, reflecting her good upbringing. She had a good figure too. According to Elvi, she was one of Prince Fabian’s favourite beauties and not his secretary. Her name was Leinora.

「Am I troubling you?」

「No, certainly not.」

We had a nice chat typical of normal people — about the weather, the scenery and our work. As the sun set, I invited her for a meal together. She agreed after a little hesitation.

「It’s my first time being asked out like this…」

The restaurant was free of charge for members of the Ferland royal family. We indulged in delicacies and partook in good wine, leaving only in the early hours of the morning.

「It was fun having dinner with you, Roland-san.」

Her words were a little slurred, no doubt due to the alcohol.

「Leinora-san, there’s a quiet place where we can relax. We can have another drink there.」

I took her hand. As we started walking, she assumed a serious expression for a second, then looked downwards.

「Eh. Uhm… okay…」

She seemed to have sensed what was going to happen, but raised no objections. If our intentions weren’t similar, she would have already distanced herself from me and unlinked our hands.

However, she did neither. There was no hint of reluctance from her, of course.


Wordlessly, we continued walking, our path lit by magic lanterns. Reaching my private room, the two of us disappeared inside.


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