Chapter 52: The examiners’ symposium, part 3

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama


Her face rapidly turning red, Almeria tried to dislodge her fist from the wall. The employees, stunned by the series of events, could only stare wide-eyed.

「What are you doing?」

「Can’t you see? I’m trying to get my fist unstuck!」

「No, not that. This is the venue for the examiners’ symposium. You’re quite free, aren’t you, Princess?」

…Lyla had disappeared somewhere.

「Shut up!」, exclaimed Almeria, finally pulling her fist free. 「That Lylael is an acquaintance of yours, right? I asked her where you were, so she brought me here.」

Her previous encounter had been with Lyla in cat form, so she didn’t know better. I sighed deeply. There was supposed to be another lecture on examiner knowledge, but since Almeria had shown up, it became very difficult for the organisers to carry on.

Anyway, she’d probably come to ask a favour or something. I told her to follow me outside for a moment.

「What do you want? It seems like you were looking for me.」

「You’ll be… having dinner alone, right? I guess I have no choice but to invite you over… will you come?」, muttered Almeria, fidgeting.

A leopard never changes its spots — spots of arrogance, or perhaps self-importance, for this particular one.

「Did you come here just to say that?」

「N-No, of course not! I just happened to pass by, and saw someone smacking you…!」


Didn’t she say just a while ago that she’d asked Lyla where I was?

「What’s with that suspicious gaze…? E-Even after I helped you out…」, grumbled Almeria while pouting.

「I remember telling you not to let your emotions take control. But well, since you did it with me in mind, I give you my thanks.」

「You’re not being honest, are you?」

That’s my line.

At any rate, I had to turn down the princess and heroine’s gracious offer.

「When will it be over?」

「Does it matter?」, I replied, wondering if she intended to pick me up. 「I didn’t come here to have fun. You’re getting in the way of my work, so hurry up and go home.」

「How… how can you treat me so coldly!? Fine, I see it how it is, baka!」

Frustrated, Almeria rushed off, stomping her feet. Realising that the next lecturer had arrived, I returned to the lecture room.


After parting with Roland, the Demon King immediately went for a long stroll in the capital.

「What a beautiful capital these humans have — so lively, and with so much food to boot」, observed Lyla as she jostled through the crowd at the market.

She had the crimson hair and red eyes of a demon, but since there were elves, dwarves and other hybrid humanoids around, she did not attract any attention. Following the aroma of grilled meat that wafted into her nostrils, she arrived at a stall selling shish-kebabs.

「I’ll take two! Two!」

Aye, said the vendor, rolling up his sleeves. Cutting generous chunks of meat, he coated them in sauce and grilled them, placing three onto each skewer.

At that moment, Lyla detected a hooded creature moving around. She may have lost her magical abilities, but her vision and reflexes were still top-notch. The mysterious figure weaved through the crowd like a fish through water, stopping and moving periodically.

「What is that?」

「Sorry to have kept you waiting, Ma’am!」

「Mm」, muttered Lyla, reaching into her purse. 「…? Hm? My wallet…」

「What’s wrong, Ma’am? Oh no, did you…」

「My wallet’s gone…! Did I drop it…!?」

「Have you been pickpocketed…?」

「What, what even…!? Where did it go?」

The cat-shaped wallet that Roland bought for her had disappeared…

「This pickpocket…! That wallet came from Roland, and he stole it…! I will not allow it — I liked it so much, too! Grr…!」

「I’m sorry for your loss, Ma’am, but my food isn’t free.」

「Ugugu… what do I tell Roland…?」

The hooded creature stopped in its tracks. Its hood rustling, it glided over to Lyla.

「Did you just mention Roland…?」

「Yes, and you are…」

Peering into the hood, Lyla saw a pretty girl — the heroine she had met at the resort the previous day.

「I’m Roland’s lov… no, an acquaintance. And he’s here, just as I expected! Where is he?」

「Uh, before I tell you, I need a favour from you…」


「Can you pay for my food first…?」

The hooded girl paused to think for a moment, then nodded.

「Sure. In return, I want you to bring me to Roland. I heard that he came here for work-related purposes, but I don’t know where he is exactly.」

「Mm, leave it to me!」, puffed Lyla.

The girl lifted her hood, letting the vendor see her face.

「Y-Your High –」

「Shh! Shh! I snuck out of the palace. I need you to come over later.」

「A-As you wish. Also, Ma’am… if you’re affiliated with her Highness, then it’s on the house…!」

「Thank you」, said Lyla, who had been watching their conversation silently. 「That was awesome of you!」

「Hehe ♪」


「– and that’s why she was there.」

「I see.」

After the lecture ended, we went to a tavern not far from the guild headquarters. It appears that Almeria had helped Lyla when she lost her wallet. And since she could spot me from outside, the princess had come into the lecture room to check on me.

At any rate, it’s an interesting way for arch-enemies to meet.

「She’s a strong lass… but of course, she’d still lose if I wasn’t restrained by this ring.」

「I thought so too. I’d prefer it if you kept your distance from her, though…」

「I feel not only respect for her, but a sort of love as well. You are probably to her as she is to me.」

「The irony of it all.」

「From what I’ve seen of her so far, anyway. Also, her looks can give me a run for my money.」

「While she’s still young, I think you’re almost at your peak」, I replied, countering her jab at me.

Lyla raised her tankard and took a sip, hiding her hastily reddening face.

「I didn’t expect to hear something like that coming from you…」

Having emptied her mug, she ordered another beer and rapidly downed that one as well.

「Don’t catch me off guard like that… oh, my poor heart…」, slurred Lyla, knocking another one back. 「You should drink too.」

「I’m drinking at your pace.」

Her eyes slowly glazed over, signaling that she was near her limit.

「Hmph, it’s fun to drink you under the table…」

「You’re one to talk while getting plastered.」

I buckled under Lyla’s pressure and continued drinking. Hearing loud whining, I turned to see Samuel, the lecturer, rambling over his drink.

「Who was that guild employee, and how did he know about Gilman!? What’s wrong with claiming to be his disciple? Was I causing any trouble by doing that…!?」

The guild employee he was ranting to was unfamiliar to me — perhaps an event planner who had requested his appearance.

「I learnt the basics *hic* from him… doesn’t that make me a *hic* a disciple!?」

「Indeed it does, hahaha… although he only taught you once…」

It was obvious what he really thought. However, not rebutting Samuel’s rant was probably the best course of action to take.

「Your… your strength made me fall in, in love with *hic* you. No, not love… it’s not love! Okay, a little bit. Maybe. But I’m the *hic* the Demon King… I have to fulfill m-my duty to my people!」

Lyla, having become completely shit-faced, was now spouting strange things.

「When can we have a child…?」, she asked tenderly, tottering over and leaning onto me.

Seeing how she was about to lose her balance, I decided to step in and lend her my shoulder for support.

「Where are we *hic* going? I’m… I’m… *burp*」

「You’re way past your limit.」

The redness had all but disappeared, leaving her face a pale white. Unfortunately, Samuel spotted me before I could step outside.

「Oi! You! You’re the bastard who fucked up my lesson, ain’t ya…!? Where do you think you’re going, huh!?」

The guild employee looked at me apologetically.

「You. Me. One on one!」, challenged the lecturer.

Lyla somehow registered his words.

「Fuhahaha, let’s get it.」

「Cut it out, idiot.」

Many types of people, one type of drunkard.

「Huh… there’s a beautiful girl *hic* right there…」

While my attention was diverted, Lyla had tottered over to Samuel and tackled him.

「*Burp*… no, I can’t…」

「Oi! Don’t ram into me like that, what the –」

I think she had wanted to hug Samuel, but didn’t quite manage to reach him. Before falling onto the ground, she somehow found something to cling onto.

Unfortunately, that something was Samuel’s trousers, which slipped all the way down.


「Did you not put on underwear, Samuel?」

「Well, it uh… *hic* fits the time and place…」

I did not have the slightest idea as to what he meant. Lyla guffawed, thumping the ground with her fist.

「Ahahahaha!! So small. Ahahahaha. Roland’s is bigger, much bigger!」

Giving her a good whack on the head, I dragged her outside.

「Why’d you hit me…?」, asked Lyla, evidently unable to comprehend my actions.

「Show some class.」

「Is it a bad thing not to…?」, she groaned with tears welling up in her eyes.

I knocked her out.

Finally getting some much desired peace and quiet, I wordlessly lugged her back to our room.


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