Chapter 6: Receptionist duties


Translator: Ayano

After lunch break, I was through with the duties I needed to do from Milia.
It seems that those with no experience would first start off as a receptionist.
Like Morley who messed up his work just now, by receiving a qualification from the adventurer association, your station would change as well.

「How is he?」

Chief Iris, who interviewed me, comes over.

「Ah, B- Branch Chief.」

Milia panically bows her head.

「Other than the strange way he speaks, Roland-san is really excellent! He remembers everything i say quickly, so it fun teaching him♪」
「Oh, that’s great.」

Chief Iris answers in a cool and calm tone.
Just by her making an appearance, the atmosphere around tenses.

I didn’t notice during our first meeting, but looking at Milia, she must be quite a strict superior.
It’s really a strange feeling.

Even though she was so shaken when I took off her underwear.

「Roland, I do not have much tolerance for mistakes, please prepare yourself.」
「Did you check your underwear today?」

The moment I said so, Chief Iris quickly placed her hand on her butt.

「!!……. I’m not falling for it this time!!」
「I’m just checking if you had forgotten to wear any today.」

Once again Chief Iris’ face was dyed red.

「He’s making the branch chief flustered……? 」
「What is with that rookie……?」

Incidentally, I remembered something.

「I heard from Milia that making mistakes wouldn’t cause death.」
「……? Isn’t that obvious.」

Even though she said mistakes were intolerable, she’s quite generous.

「Make sure to memorize it.」

Pointing to a thick instruction manual using her chin, Chief Iris leaves the office.

During my previous job, there were times that I needed to memorize a building’s interior structure in about a second.
That’s why I wouldn’t have any trouble memorizing it.

「I’ll go and assist some adventurer, make sure to observe carefully.」

Saying so, Millia sits down on the counter.

「Today, Roland-san’s job would to be remember what’s in the manual.」

I have already memorized everything though……
Well I can’t oppose since Milia is now my superior, so I’ll just observe her.

A man with a stubble look who appears to be in his thirties sat down in front of the counter.
Seeing that, Milia bows her head.

「Welcome. Are you looking for a quest today? Ok I understand. Can I have your adventurer identification paper please? 」

As expected, she’s experienced. She’s using the exact way of speaking from the manual.
The man too, hands over his papers familiarly.

It’s my first time seeing an actual one, so this is an adventurer’s ID……
It’s a size that fits on the palm.
On the upper left was the adventurer rank, name and the number of quests that has been received and the numbers of it that have been cleared were also recorded.


The number of times the man blinks has increased.

「Ah a D-rank adventurer. What kind of quest do you want to receive?」

The man lets out a small sigh.

「……Aaa, a D-rank quest. Something that can be finished today.」
「I understand, please wait for a moment.」

Turning her chair around, Milia looks through the shelf for quests that are available.

「This is how we do things around here Roland-san. We find suitable quests and offer them to the adventurers. ……Umm, this should be alright.」

Picking out one of the quests, Milia nods in agreement.
After that, she checks the adventurer id once more.

Still something’s strange.

「Can I take a look at that ?」
「Eh? You mean the ID? Sure.」

Looking at the adventurer’s ID closely.
There was a tiny faint magical trace on the tip of it.

「This is a fake.」


To avoid feigning the quest achievement and rank, the adventurer ID is made from an anti-magic material.
―― Is what was written on the manual.
That’s why having a magic trace on it was strange.

「Magic trace? I don’t see it though? …………Ah. I see it. But how were you able to notice such small details? 」

「He kept going from being stressed to relaxed and back over and over again, so i suspected he was up to something.」
「Stressed then relaxed. ……So that’s why.」

She does not seem to have understood.
Taking a glance over at the man, she whispered.

「But why would he fake it…… Is he really desperate to be an adventurer?」

He’s unlikely to be that type of person, there must be a simpler reason.
According to the manual, there are requirements to be able to become an adventurer.

「Anyone who committed felony is unable to become a adventurer.」

Anyone who passes the test can become an adventurer, however there are also exceptions.

Like fingerprints, the magic wavelength of each person is different. It is impossible to change it.
Therefore, when your magic wavelength is compared to the registry list during the adventurer test, you would still be caught even if you change your appearance or name.

Rather than the adventurer’s guild, this rule is made in consideration of the clients.

「Oi, what the hell are you doing? Can you hurry up! 」

Since the man was yelling, attention was gathered throughout the guild.

「A! EM! Th- thiii- this is a fake! It’s no good to hand over a fake one! 」

Not sure if she was angry or not, Milia answers back.

「What! What the heck are you saying!?」
「Uuuuu…… But, em…… Here, there’s a magic trace over here…… So I thought that its fake……」
「Are you stupid. It just simply got dirty during an adventure!」

Damage or dirt may get on it, but magic trace won’t.
If it’s real.

「Uu……I, i guess you have a point……」

Seeing Milia flustered, Morley speaks out from the back.

「Milia-chan, quickly apologize. It will be fine.」

Hearing so, Milia bowed her head down.

「I-I’m terribly sorry!」
「Apologies don’t solve anything!」

Hearing the angry voice, Milia was on the verge of tears.
Not knowing what to do even after apologizing, she turns and looks back.
Gesturing to her reliable senior Morley to help her out, seeing so Morley adverts his gaze.

「Didn’t you say that it’s going to be fine if I apologize……」
「Maybe there was some problem with the way Milia-chan apologized. I wasn’t the one who told you to say it in such a manner……」

I see how it is.
If our reasoning isn’t strong enough, then this guy will just bombard us with hateful criticism.

I can’t let this go on, so I step in.

「Mister adventurer, just to be sure can I take a look at your ID.」
「Humph. Go ahead. But what if it isn’t? 」

Before answering, casting a small flame on my fingertip, I tried burning the adventurer ID.

Seeing so, the man laughed.

「It’s no use doing that! Because that’s a real thing! 」

A slightly rainbow colored membrane was wrapping around the ID.
『Barrier』An advanced defensive spell, huh…
If this was real and made by an anti-magic material, there’s no way it would be protected with a high-level spell like『Barrier』, he doesn’t seem to have noticed the inconsistency as well.

If that’s the case, then I’ll make it more obvious.
Strengthening the fire power, Whoosh, the ID was wrapped in flames.

「AH, AHHHHHHH! That cost me 150,000 Rin! ……Ah」

「Trading of an adventurer’s identification paper is illegal. So I will hereby disable all goods that you purchased, the same applies for the ones you sold as well. Of course, your ID which was burnt by my magic is also void.」

「A high-level defensive magic should have been casted on it! Why was it destroyed by a flame the size of a fingertip! 」

Sure I was an assassin, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use magic.
Depending on the situation, I choose the best method for『Killing』

There are times where I kill silently with a dagger, and there are also times where I kill with a bang using magic.
Though I didn’t have much experience with the latter, I’m still equipped with it.

「W-we have to contact the Knights.」

The moment Milia said so, the man turned around and started running.
It is necessary to obtain the information of where he got his hands on the fake ID.

Jumping out from behind the counter, seizing the man, I pin him down onto the floor.


Clap clap. Everyone in the guild started clapping.

Hm? Why are they clapping?

Binding the man with a rope, the man was handed over to the Knights when they arrived.

「Roland-san, you were amazing. Being able to detect the slightest things and subdue the bad guy like it was nothing. Plus you saved me from a lot of trouble there. Thank you very much. I was so scared……」
「No, need. As long as you don’t get hurt, it’s fine.」

「Even though it’s his first day…… He’s so composed and reliable…… Such an incredible man.」


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