Chapter 7: I want to live in a normal house

Translator: Ayano

Tomorrows an off day.

The sound of Morley and Milia talking can be heard in the office.

「Milia〜chan, tomorrow is your day off right? I was thinking we could go out to eat somewhere, actually I know a decent restaurant〜」

Hearing so, Milia smiled while looking troubled.

「Ah……Erm, I already have plans for tomorrow…… Sorry.」

As I think about what to do tomorrow, I tidy up the documents on my table.

「Roland-san, where do you live? Are you from the eastern side of town? 」

Milia asked as she came near my desk.

「Where…… I’m currently staying at the inn.」
「Ehhhh!? You must be rich……」

「Yes. Normally we folks usually find a house near to our workplace for convenience.」

Shocked, I unconsciously repeated.

「――『Normally us folks usually find a house near to our workplace』!?」

「Because, just by paying for the lodging our salary will be nearly gone. Ah, have you been possibly skipped out on meals? That’s no good〜 if you do not eat properly, you wouldn’t have any strength for work.」

「Such a fussy little girl.」
「Eh, did you hear a woman’s voice just now?」
「I didn’t hear anything.」

Like always, under the table, Lyla[1. T/n note: The author begins to call her Lyla instead of her full name, Lylael.] grumbled as she curled up.

「A house…… That surely would make me more『Normal』.」
「I don’t think anyone normal would say it in such a way though.」

Guess I’ll search for a suitable place.

「Ah, If it’s okay I can show you around the city and help find you an ideal house♪ I’m a local round here so you can count on me.」
「Sure, I’ll be counting on you then.」
「It’ll be great if we could find a fitting house for me.」

Once again Lyla grumbles lazily.
As Morley glanced over with an unhappy look, I and Milia decided the time and place for tomorrow’s meeting.
Was it alright though, just before I heard that she already had plans?

On the way back, I asked Lyla.

「You should have noticed from their conversation, if someone says that they already had 『Plans』it’s just a indirect way of turning down someone.」
「I see, So that’s the way of ending a conversation without messing it up.」
「That’s right.」

That’s how we girls behave, Lyla says.
Being a woman sure sounds tiring.

The next day.
Lyla and I headed over to the Adventurer Guild that is used for the meeting spot, Milia was already there waiting.

「Sorry, I was late.」
「Don’t worry, It’s me who came early, You’re just in time. Kyaaaa, a cat! Is it yours Roland-san? 」
「Yeah, I brought her along to show her our new place.」
「That’s great.」

As Milia tries to touch Lyla, Lyla turns her head away and hides behind me.

As Milia shows me around the town, I was also introduced to a few vacant houses.

「My family has been here for a long time, so we know all about the available houses and their owners, do you have any preference? 」

「A 『Normal House』, would be great.」
「……Ehh…… I didn’t plan on showing you any mansions so do not worry.」

「Somewhere quiet would be great.」
「Alright!……Eh? The one who just spoke…… Roland-san? 」
「Yes, It was me.」

Lyla was the one who spoke.
Hmmmmm? Milia tilted her head to the side.

「Well, okay.」

The first place we were brought to was a detached house in the eastern side of the town.

「Actually my house is close to here, and it takes less than a 10 minute walk〜! So if you were to move here…… Then we could even walk to work together……Teehee.」

There are private houses around it; though there isn’t a garden it is still beautiful.
Taking a look around, Lyla shakes her head. Seems like the Demon King wasn’t pleased with it.

「Please show me the next one.」
「Uwaaaa…… Okay……」

How about that house? Don’t you think it is quite great? Milia asked as we walked around searching.

The next one seems to be in the outskirts of town.
Just looking from afar, I knew that was it, there aren’t any buildings around.
The garden hasn’t been maintained, weeds can be seen growing from the ground.

「This place has been available for a long time, It seems like the owner is a former adventurer. Due to the nature of being an adventurer, it isn’t strange if they were to suddenly go missing, so most probably……」

Missing for a long time, It isn’t hard to conclude what had happened.

Compared to the other private house earlier, this was a little bigger.
If there was anything around, there would be just a small river.
A silent pleasant wind blows, and at times the sound of water running down the river can be heard.

The fault with it was that the house is quite aged and has some distance between the town.

Lyla sways her tail around.
Recently if she likes something, she would express it in such a manner.

「Let us check out the interior inside.」

The moment Milia touches the door handle, I feel a disturbing presence.
Feeling it as well, Lyla’s ears twitched.

It’s an undead type monster’s presence.

「Milia-san you should wait outside.」
「Eh? Sure thing……」

Though many guild staff are formally adventurers, that doesn’t mean all of them were.
Milia is obviously the latter.

Opening the door, it seems that it wasn’t locked.
Maybe a thief or someone was living here.

The inside was larger and more spacious than how it looked from the outside.
Thanks to the light shining from the window, the house is well-lit. But, this makes the darker places look even darker.

「It’s coming from this room.」

From the innermost door, miasma like things was blowing out under the gap.

「If it were to be a normal person, they wouldn’t have been able to keep their sanity…… As expected of you.」
「Isn’t that『Normal』?」
「Which part of it do you think its normal.」

Entering, a human-like upper body can be seen floating.
Its body is translucent.
Its face closely resembles a human, its eyes a deep lemon color.

It’s a monster called Dark Plasma.


It’s a troublesome enemy that eats miasma.
Though I have fought it several times, using magic would be the quickest way.

……But, this would be our new house.
I do not want it to be damaged.

「What would you do?」

I focus mana onto my left arm.

「Oh. That’s quite skillful……」


Quickly the Dark Plasma flies toward me.



My left hand struck the Dark Plasma’s chest making a hole.


Letting out its last breath, it disappears leaving a magic stone which was its catalyst.

The remaining mana on my arm vanishes like steam.
The moment I stopped my mana from flowing it would disappear.

「The ability you just used where you transfer magic into a specific body part, we demons call it『Magic Armor(Magillegas)』.」
「I was only cladding it in mana, and you guys give it such a emphasizing name.」

「That’s because not many people can master this technique.」
「You demons are unexpectedly tactless. 」

「What are you talking about? You’re the strange one here.」


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