Chapter 8: Normal family

Translator: KansukeKTS

After defeating Dark Plasma and looking around the house, I went back to Milia

「How was it?」

「I’ll take this place. It’s quiet, just right」

「I’m pleased to hear, let’s head back to the city. I`ll help with moving」

「I don’t have any luggage」


「I`ll be cleaning up the house and doin the lawn so, that`ll be all for today」

「Uh. al-already? I was hoping to grab some lunch with you . . .」

While mumbling in a small voice, it seems like she came up with a bright idea and clapped her hands.

「Th-Then! I’ll make some lunch and bring it to you! In the meantime Roland san can clean around the house」

Without waiting for my response Milia started to run off into the distance

「Seems she likes you alot?」

「You think so? I wasn’t thinking about lunch so it helps out a lot」

Looking back into the house.
Four rooms, a Living room and a Kitchen.
Dust everywhere but cleaning can fix the issue.

By touching Lyla`s collar.
Hey body started to glow and changed her back to her normal appearance
Since our distance was close Lyla`s back was against the wall and her face was close up to mine

「Lyla. . . we`re doing it」

Lyla started to blink her eyes several times, her cheeks become red and she looked away from me

「N-no, you can’t…just because it’s a new place… Just because we’re alone… we don’t know when that young girls going to be back…」

「It`ll be over by the time she does」
I made Lyla look towards me.


Lyla closed her eyes, closed her lips and pointed them towards me.

「Hm? You got the area around the water sources. so Kitchen, Bath, Toilet. I`ll clean everywhere else」


「Open your eyes. Get moving. Time is of the essence」

Lyla started to shake, then pushed me in the chest really hard.

「You idiot! Go to Hell!」

She walked away through the hallway while stomping her feet really hard as if she was mad at something

「…..Ngyaaa!? Th-The FLOOR!! the floor has a hole! You, hurry up and come here! I can’t move…」

「What a girl」

I rescued Lyla who had only her head sticking out of the floor. It seems like this is a very old place, so I will have to change the floors bit by bit

After starting to clean up in our area, Milia came back with a Basket.

「Wow… Roland san, you’ve cleaned this place up a lot」

「Fortunately, I wasn’t alone cleaning the place. Let me introduce Lyla from the Demon Clan」

Hmph, With a big attitude Lyla sticks out her chest

「Warawa is Lyla. You can call me Lyla, Seems you`ve been assisting this man at work」

[TL Note: Warawa is a Japanese reference to self, like watashi, commonly used by people with high social status like nobles and kings]

「H-Hello. My name is Milia McGuffin, Roland is my Kouhai at work」

Humans are afraid of the Demon Clans so it is understandable for Milia to be scared.

「Milia san you have nothing to worry about. She may be a Demon Clan but she cant use Magic」

「Oh really, that’s a relief」

The biggest difference between Demon Clans and Humans are the Magic Skill and Magic Power and the Demon Clan outclasses the Humans.

Lyla started eating the Lunch that Milia brought

「Hmph. Not bad」

「He.. Hey! I only made enough for me and Roland san!」

Mmmm, upset as she was Milia whispered

「What is up with this stuck up person」

「I met her during my travels. Just ever since….」

I`m not lying.
I can tell her that she’s a Demon Lord but she won’t believe it

「I`m not entirely impressed but… Not bad. You can bring this again」

「Who do you think you are!」

While the three of us ate lunch, Milia`s all worked up and Lyla keeps messing with her. It seems like Milia made all the food herself. I’m not too concerned about how food tastes but, this was good home cooking.

「From this point on, I will be helping as well」

「No need. You can go home now」


A Demon Lord and a City girl fighting, knowing Lyla`s true identity this was a bit awkward for me.

「More help is always better. Milia san I’m thankful」

「Of course!」

Milia was really good at cleaning, her performance was outstanding.

「Warawa san, you`re still cleaning the same area, I suppose you’re not good at this? lol」
[TL Note: Warawa san is a nickname given to Lyla by Milia since she refers to herself as Warawa]

「I come from a Noble place. Cleaning can be done by summoning servants. Watch… {Come my friends from darkness. By this Law, by this contract, reveal yourself}!」

「…Haha. Nothing’s happening? What was that all about? Impersonating someone? But wait a minute? I didn’t feel even a small bit of Magic? LOL」

「Why you little! Think you can mock me… I wont forget this little girl..!」

The two kept talking back and forth. It seems fun. After Milia provoked Lyla about cleaning she worked even harder.

Thanks to both of them all the cleaning was finished before sunset.

「Oh, if you would like, do you want to have dinner at my house?」

I was thinking about getting food at the diner but the house was located away from the center of the city so there was a bit of distance.

「I am not going」

「Is that so. Then Roland san lets get going」

「I`d like to accept your kind offer」

「Of course♪」

Ugh, Lyla started groaning, and the chair she was sitting on started to shake.
On the other side Milia had a big smile on her face and waved goodbye to Lyla and walked out the door.

「You can’t be too late」

I wasn’t sure if i should turn her back into a cat but she should be fine since no one is going to be coming here anyway.

「Alright」 after replying, I left the house as well

「When I went home earlier, My father told me that there was a rumor that a strange monster appeared in that house… Will everything be alright? I know it’s a bit sudden…」

「I`ve already cleaned that up」
「Cl.. cleaned?」
「It was a Dark Plasma. It used this as its core and was living inside the house.」

I gave Milia the Magic Stone that was used as the core

「Dark Plasma…!? For a solo quest you have to be at least a Low ranking B」

「Are you certain?」

「You cleaned it, then you mean you defeated it…? Uh…」

Milia’s mouth dropped open and her eyes opened wide.

「If I’m correct Physical attacks rarely works」

「I penetrated my hand through its chest」

「How is that even possible… There’s not much physical form…? Roland san are you some sort of great person??」

「Of course not, I’m {Normal}」

「You don’t seem so…」

After having a small conversation we arrived at Milia`s house
Inside Milia`s mother had just finished preparing dinner.
Her mother seems like a kind woman.

「Mom this is Roland san, he works with me」

「Oh my good evening, Thank you for looking out for my daughter」

「That goes for me as well, Milia san has been helping me out at work」

After taking a seat and waiting, Her father came in and exchanged a simple greeting.
We talked about the Guild, about the Adventurer, and the trip I had before becoming an employee of the Adventurer’s Guild. We talked about various things while we ate.
Seems Milia`s parents have never lived out of the city, so they were interested in the stories I had to tell.

「In a Normal City, living a Normal life, to Roland this might be a bit boring for you」

「Of course not」

This warm atmosphere tickled a little

「Being able to live this life, is fantastic as is」

After giving out my true feeling, her parents smiled at one another

「This is just a normal household」

So… This is a {Normal Family} that I’ve read in the stories…

「Are you sure Roland, a normal job you work, go home, eat, sleep and back to work… A common daily life」

A common daily life, but in different places this may be an uncommon lifestyle.
Since the war is over this lifestyle may become more common

While I was thinking, the father continued

「Find someone to be with and get married, make a family, raise your child… A normal man`s normal life」

「{A normal man`s normal life}…!?」

I will never forget this.
so this is {A normal man`s normal life}…
…This has a deep meaning.

It was mysterious feeling
This was my first time coming into contact with this warm world and warm people.

This is the {Normal} I seek.

I left Milia`s house at night.


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