Chapter 9: Quests arranging


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I got out of my bed quietly so I didn’t wake up Lyla.

After making it to the Adventurers Guild I prepared for work… even though the only work I have is sorting papers… but anyway as a professional i started getting prepared.

「Good morning Roland san, you will be working at the front counter today」

「Understood, then I will be arranging quests for the adventurers today」

「Yup. If there’s anything you don’t know, I’ll be at my desk so ask me anything」


Soon as I opened the front counter, an Adventurer sat down in front of me.

「I came here to take on a quest today」

「Glad to be of service」

I examined the Adventurers License I was shown.
Name : Neil
Age : 33
Rank : D

He has completed numerous quests, mostly E and F ranked quests and his weapon of choice is a Bow…

「How about this E ranked quest」

Just as how Milia was doing, I explained by showing the quest sheet, but Neil shook his head

「Give me a D ranked quest」

From my perspective E rank and D rank Adventurer don’t have much of a skill difference, but they are both weak. I don’t know the difference but he is eligible to receive a D rank quest so I searched upon his request.

If Neil`s weapon is a bow then this should be good.

「How about this one {Suppress Vermin Bird Killer Falcon}」

「Sure, I’ll take that」

Before we got into the contract procedure, I went to Milia`s desk.

「Is something wrong?」

「This quest… Isn’t it a bit hard for a D Rank」

D ranked Adventurers can receive D ranked quests. But the Killer Falcon`s strength can vary. Some may be too strong.

「Um, are you sure…? Killer Falcons has been assigned as D rank before」

「The adventurer said it’s fine just let him. It’s not against the rules」

Morley the person sitting in front of Milia intervened

「If Roland san thinks its too hard you can decline it」

「But at the same time, there are weak Killer Falcons. It might be good chance to build confidence…」

「Hey! You guys gonna just ignore me?」

I looked through the other D ranks but this was the only one that would work

After finishing the contract procedure, I returned Neil`s adventurer license, and he walked out of the Guild.

I am a bit worried. He is the first person I’ve assigned a quest to

I had Milia fill in for me at the front counter and I left my seat. As I went out the backdoor I met Branch Chief Iris.

「Where are you going?」

「Going to see how the adventurer does on the quest I just assigned. I will be back shortly」

「Guild Master told me a bit about you… You didn’t change your name so it was easy to identify. From what I’ve heard you’re nicer than i expected」

「That is that」

「Hm… I didn’t meet anyone here or have any conversation with anyways, let’s keep it at that」

As the Branch Chief Iris had her back turned I bowed then left the Guild. I took off my glasses and put them into my chest pocket. According to Lyla I seem like a different person when I wear my glasses compared to when I take them off.

The approximate location of the target was on the quest sheet, I saw Neil on top of a hill as he was pulling on the bow.

「Kyyyyyyyyy!」 as the Killer Falcon cries circling in the air

Their target is the merchant’s goods, so the suppression quest was to remove the threat for the merchants using this road.

From the look of it, it was a larger size. Its speed and the power of its beak is higher than normal.

The arrow that Neil launched missed the target and soon as the enemy noticed, it dove down right away.

「Wo, Wooooah!?」

Adventurer Neil threw out his weapon and ducked down and covered his head. The Killer Falcon swooped right above his head at a high speed.

That was a bit dangerous…The target is a larger size Killer Falcon. He should know that it would be hard facing it head on.

Adventurer Neil slowly raised his head, aimed his bow then stopped, and tried to aim again but stopped again.

「It’s hard to tell from a distance but a Killer Falcon`s speed in the air is in the top 10 fastest magic beasts. Shooting it from the ground is not gonna work」

「Who are you」

「Just a passing by… adventurer」

I left Milia covering for me so I should give him a tip and go back.

「There’s a moment when a Killer Falcon is defenceless in the air」

「Re, Really! When is that」

「When it aims for a target」

This isn’t just the Killer Falcons. All hunters are ones that hunt and they don’t expect to be hunted instead.

「Then if i leave some bait and then as soon as they go for it…」
「The target’s habits is to prey on moving objects. Unless tamed they won’t go for meat that is just sitting there」

「Maybe catch a rabbit… but I don’t see much small animals here」

「They eat humans once in a while」


「You just experienced it right」

「Experience? You mean when it dodged my arrow?」

「After that, didn’t it attack you」

「Yea… Huh, you mean…」

「Yes. It’s the quickest way」

From what the Killer Falcon was doing, it didn’t think it was food, it was trying to kill.

「N, No way! That thing is huge and scary!?」

「Don’t deny it right away」


From various weapons, he chose a bow and is currently D ranked. He has more confidence in a bow then any other weapon.

「This is a test of the skill of your bow and courage. If you don’t like it, find a small animal, and bring him here. But… if you don’t think you can even shoot it down under these circumstances, then you should quit being an archer」

「Fine. I’ll do it! I rose in the ranks with my bow. I’ll do it…!」

Seems he’s up for it. After taking a few deep breaths, he fitted his arrow

Aimed it towards the Killer Falcon. If it hits it would be great but that’ll never happen.



Even though he was under stress, he didn’t make any mistakes and aimed the bow once again. Adventurer Neil`s eyes are different from before

Waiting until the moment that he knows the arrow would hit.

The battle will finish in the blink of an eye. Overcoming the fear from the attack is necessary but… with the look in his eyes he should be ok.

Without waiting for the outcome of the battle I headed back to the guild.

I’ve been gone for about an hour and some change. Putting my glasses back on, I changed my facial expression to a softer one.

「Roland san are you alright?」

As soon as Milia saw me, she looked as if she was about to start crying

「Alright…? What do you mean?」

「Cause, cause, Branch Chief, said you wouldnt come out of the toilet」

It seems I should match her story

「Oh, yes I’m alright. Thanks to you I’m feeling much better」

「That’s a relief」

Morley interfered with the conversation again

「Hey, new guy. Milia was worried about you. Taking care of your own health is part of the job. Right Milia chan」

「I’m sure, Warawa san made Roland san something strange」

「Unfortunately she’s not the type to cook for people」

「…Hey, why are you both ignoring me. I’ve been here longer than both of you. I’m your senpai? Isn’t it wrong?」

Since I’ve come back, I returned to working the front counter. After arranging quests for a few adventurers, adventurer Neil came back.

「Here, the proof of suppression… Killer Falcon`s Feather」

Just in case I gave the Inspector the feather for inspection. Results came back as the Killer Falcons

「Congratulations. Quest is Completed」

I filled out the completion form by the book, and gave him his reward.

「After completing this quest I feel as if I can do more」

「That is good to hear. I hope for your future success」

After bowing my head, I heard a faint 「…thank you very much」

「What are you talking about?」

「No, nothing at all」

With a small smile on his face, adventurer Neil walked away. Next time I take the glasses off, I’ll be changing my hair also.


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