Chapter 93: Certified, part 1

Translator: Denryuu; Editor: Ryunakama

Needing to discuss something with me, Iris had called me into her office.

「This isn’t good…」

「Is it?」

As always, we had a steady stream of adventurers coming to the guild.

Most adventurers quietly receive their quests and go. Others complain when we take their items for verification. There are some, however, who even try to hit on the girls.

「It’s terrible…」, she repeated over and over again.

「As a branch chief, isn’t it in your power to do something?」

「I want to, of course, but that’s a problem in itself. You see, the decision was made by the Adventurer’s Association… no, the really important people at headquarters. You didn’t complain, and I didn’t say anything either…」

「So things are getting worse?」


This had all started when other branch chiefs requested for my transfer through the Guild Master.

「You seem to have no issue with your current pay.」

「I’m perfectly happy with it.」

「True, but you’ll really be able to earn a lot more.」

Hadn’t someone been drunkenly rambling about wanting me to stay?

「It really came as a surprise…」

Iris spoke as she recalled what they had said to her.

「…when they said they would offer that much for your salary. If you had joined them, you’d be earning more than me by now.」

「Is that so?」

「You’re as indifferent as usual.」

「If the other branch chiefs are offering me a huge bonus for me to join them, can’t you just request for my salary to be increased here?」

「Each branch has a fixed budget when it comes to human resources…」, she said apologetically. 「But at the same time, I don’t want another branch to snap you up…」

Her voice grew softer as she spoke.

I don’t really care for an increase in salary. It seems that Iris is caught up about it because she feels that I need one (out of kindness, the need for propriety or otherwise), but doesn’t have the power to do so.

I figured that all her attention was focused on this matter, because her panties were showing.

「I have no intention to leave for any other branch.」

「But that’s only for now, isn’t it?」

I guess you could put it that way. It’s understandable to do all that just to make sure I don’t have a change of heart in the future.

I took off my employee jacket and laid it on her lap.

「Hm? What’s wrong?」

「Your red panties are in full sight.」

Her face turning red, she shrieked and hurriedly put her legs together.

「…Pervert!」, she said, staring at me angrily.

「I’d rather not hear that from someone wearing crimson panties.」

「Keep it between us, okay?」

「I won’t go running my mouth about this. Please calm down.」

I decided not to embarrass her further by informing her that we had slept together before.

「Ah… how about –」

Returning me my jacket, she opened the drawers in her desk until she found what she needed — a bundle of paper, which she began to leaf through.

「Aha. Everything will be fine if you have this.」

「Have what?」

「A license!」

That had made me none the wiser, so she kindly explained.

「Right now, within our branch, there are three people who do verification, right?」

「Yeah. Morley-san’s the Plant Master or something, isn’t he?」

「You’re right. Similar to accompanying adventurers on a quest, having a license allows you to draw a higher salary.」

Isn’t it a good idea, she said, thumping the stack of paper.

「We have three main verification-related licenses — ‘Plant Master’, ‘Item Scanner’ and ‘Enemy Expert’. How about you get all three?」, she asked, continuing before I could think through it. 「Those who get all three become a ‘Verification Chief’, allowing them to earn even more!」

While there were others, these three seemed to be the most important.

A Plant Master is licensed to verify plants in general.

Item Scanners can verify magical equipment and the relevant raw materials.

Enemy Experts are expected to check for the authenticity of animals, monsters and beasts that are brought in.

All three require a certain amount of relevant expertise — unless you have an extremely rare, niche skill known as ‘Appraisal’. I actually know of one person who possesses it. He lives at the royal capital, but due to the fact that his skill is a selling point in itself, he doesn’t do stuff like working at a guild.

「If you think that is the best course of action, then I’ll do it.」

「Most people have to study for about a year in order to get a license, but if it’s you, you’ll be fine.」

It kind of ticks me off that people tend to be judged by their titles. If it helps in the long run, though, then I’m all for getting the certification. Also, I’ll have to go to the royal capital to get it.

「How about getting Plant Master first? I think the examination will take two or three days. Taking the time needed to go there and back into consideration, I can give you a week’s leave for official business.」

Using the ‘Gate’ takes no time at all, but if she wants to give me a week, I’m not complaining.

「Roger that. See you next week, Chief.」

「Mhm. Break a leg.」

I left her office and found myself staring at Morley.

「I heard what you were talking about! Can you really get Plant Master!?」, he bellowed smugly.

「Won’t know if I don’t try.」

「Ya gotta take both a theory and a practical test. Hundred marks each! I got a hundred and ninety two total, ya know? Straight up broke the old record! Can. You. Beat. Me…!?」

His spittle flew all over the place. I see how it is… if I do get the certification, we’ll have two Plant Masters under the same roof.

Morley probably sees me as his rival now.

「Hey, who’s making that ruckus?」, said Iris as she poked her head out in annoyance. 「Morley… Roland will be fine. Please get back to work.」

「…Harrumph. When this fella comes back with his tail between his legs, I guess the record breaker will have ta teach him a thing or two, eh?」

His unwavering confidence was built on the assumption that I would fail.

Another reason not to fail, then.

I bade my two colleagues farewell and left.


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