Heavenly Castle Chapter 124

Hello, Pink Tea here with the weekly chapter and an announcement.

First of all, here goes the chapter.



As for the announcement.

“Heavenly Castle 124” is the last chapter of The Heavenly Castle that we are going to post for now. The reason being, the author isn’t posting for a while, and we finally caught up with them. (Not a single chapter left to translate) As such, we are going into in an indefinite hiatus on this novel, which will last until the author returns to it.

Thank you for staying with us. If you would like to nominate a different novel on Patreon after this series ended, please message us in Patreon.

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  1. Am I Un-Dead Yet?

    Thanks for taking us this far.

    Checking the authors site seems like they took a long hiatus from Sept 2018, but has released a new story in May this year… so there’s hope?

    • You are probably mixing it up with some other author.
      The latest chapter for this novel was posted only 2 months ago.
      The author has a lot of other projects which they are currently updating. This is pretty common for WN authors, having multiple projects and rotating between them. Considering that the author ended it with a new plot hook, they are probably intending to come back to it.

  2. Are you only taking new novel suggestions on Patreon then?

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