Chapter 105: Store was built


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Something is happening.

Such a rumor gradually kept spreading not only among the peddlers that passed through the actual site but also among patrolling guards and some portion of citizens.

No, in fact, something was indeed happening, so it wasn’t exactly a mere rumor but since they couldn’t comprehend what exactly was going on, it couldn’t be helped.

The only thing that could be said for sure, is that in a mere five days a building was erected near the main road.

Moreover, it was built by dozens of golems.

At first, they were surrounded by a squad of knights, but since the golems paid them no heed and just continued with construction it didn’t lead to confrontations.

Probably due to some kind of orders from higher-ups, but on the third time more than a thousand mercenaries joined the knights in this encirclement, but nothing changed.

Meanwhile, the golems carried mysterious building materials and produced a strange light from their fingertips, eventually finishing the building.

Since a massive number of golems were employed, a whole array of various speculations spread throughout the town. That it was a fortress constructed by the Blau Empire for the sake of destroying the kingdom, or that it was a conspiracy by neighboring countries aimed at diminishing economic power of Karluk Kingdom, or that it was a power play by that rumored Heavenly Country.

However, the signboard that appeared at the entrance had a collar mark on it, which was the symbol of a slave trader.

「……From which company is that merchant.」

「No, such a large number of golems is impossible without the involvement of some empire.」

「In the first place, why did they put it on the road in such a place……」

The sudden appearance of the enigmatic slave store fueled people’s curiosity, spreading rumors in the blink of an eye.

On the morning of the sixth day, a crowd was made in front of the mysterious slave store, with merchants at its center.

There, a man showed up, that appeared like a merchant, beaming with an amiable smile.

「My, my, everyone. Thank you very much for gathering here today. This establishment is a slave store run by a certain country. Karluk Kingdom gave its approval, so we are free to buy and sell slaves here, without requiring the permission of Karluk King for the deal to through.」

With that announcement from the man, the crowd began to murmur.

「Run by a country?」

「Is it even possible for another state to run such a business in the heart of the Karluk Kingdom? Were they to do that, it surely will bring the ire of other countries.」

「No, wait a moment, to begin with, that guy is a slave trader from Karluk Kingdom. If I’m not mistaken he is from Reginshion Company……」

In front of the crowd that suddenly turned astir, Diego puffed his chest with pride and spoke.

「I am indeed a merchant belonging to Reginshion Company, at the same time, I am also a manager for this establishment, the Heavenly Country’s Store.」

The people made all sorts of reactions to the words spoken by Diego. Some were frankly surprised, some grimaced, taking it as an obvious lie.

Observing that sight with amusement, Diego coughed once, clearing his throat.

「Uhhon. Since we just opened, most of the available slaves are those of Reginshion Company, but as time passes we certainly will have a great variety of other slaves available. On that occasion, certainly, pay us another visit.」

Saying that, Diego put one hand at the same height as his head and raised the index finger.

「However, there is one thing about the slaves of this store that differs from other slave stores…… All of the slaves from here will be under contracts for highest grade slaves.」

「Highest grade slaves?」

「What’s that?」

Diego’s words caused confusion in everyone present at the scene. From the crowd of people exchanging glances, a woman stepped forward. Wearing a splendid red attire she had an air of nobleness around her. Though young enough to be called a girl, she clearly was made of a different cloth from the rest of the crowd.

Swaying her shiny black hair, that woman, Yuri, opened her mouth.

「In other words, slaves of whose origins are of a certain class? For example…… Children of former nobles……?」

When Yuri said this, a murmur spread through the crowd like a ripple.

However, Diego stopped it with a short denial.

「No, no, we certainly have persons of such origins, but it isn’t limited to them. There are also slaves like village girls, war orphans, prisoners of war, that originally wouldn’t hold much value. However, in this store, all of them are handled as highest grade slaves.」

Diego’s explanation caused a few people to show quizzical expressions.

Taking a look at each of them, as if confirming their faces, Diego then gave further explanations.

「What we mean here by the highest grade slaves, are slaves that possess the largest degree of authority. This also puts responsibility on the other party of the contract. Bound by the contract, the owner is to provide a proper living environment and necessary food. Of course, making them do work that would lead to their death also must not be done.」

Saying all of that in one go, Diego spread his arms with a smile.

「In other words, the highest grade slave is but a mere employee, bound by a slave contract, a being that can be designated as both your family or a friend.」

As Diego announced this with plenty of confidence, the merchant-like folk in the surroundings blinked in mute astonishments, and then quietly muttered.

「…No, there is no way such slaves will sell…」


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