Chapter 107: Grand realm’s slave purveyor


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Merchants’ smell for profits is amazing.

Judging so, Taiki decided to use an extremely blatant fake buyer strategy.

Normally, such flashy stealth marketing wouldn’t succeed, but the terrific part was that Taiki planted as a fake buyer a real royal of a large country.

Among the merchants were those that actually saw her in person, and so the slave store under the direct management of Heavenly Country once again became the main subject of the rumors going through the town.

And, one month later. The slave store was bustling with crowds every day.

「Do-don’t tell me……! That is……!?」

One of the merchants that wanted to enter the store, gaped, looking down the street.

Hearing that voice, other merchants around him also turned around and raised their voices.

「That is, the flag of Blau Empire?!」

Seeing the fluttering flag, someone mentioned the Blau Empire.

Farther on the road, a large group of cavalry was visible, clad in armor shining in silver and armed with spears. A number of cavalrymen in the center of that formation had flags in their hands instead of spears.

That certainly is the flag of the Blau Empire.

「Atta-attack from the Empire?!」

「No, it can’t be… As the rumors have it, the Empire entered a period of internal reforms, right? And before they can reach Karluk Kingdom, they will have to pass two other counties…」

「Well, since they invaded at such ridiculous speed, they most likely had arrangements there from the beginning…… This is bad. Invading this deep without being noticed by anyone, the new emperor is a terrifying strategist! No doubt, the era of the Empire is coming!」

「Damn…! And I moved because I heard that the empire was beaten! Did I lose out?!」

The cavalry bearing the flag of the empire moved in a dignified manner through the street seized by confusion from this unexpected development. Pressed by the impact of that sight people rushed to open the way and then observed from aside.

「…Hey, look at that.」

A few whispers urged others to take a look in the middle of the formation.

In the center of that procession was a huge coach-and-four surrounded by more than a hundred cavalrymen. Seeing it’s luxurious and gorgeous appearance the merchants gulped.

That was because the carriage had the crest of the Blau Emperor engraved on it.

The carriage stopped in front of the shop in question, and the cavalry also stopped its advance in an orderly manner.

Shortly thereafter, the coachmen lined up on the left side of the carriage and opened the door.

Magnificent silver hair and golden crown shone under the sunlight. Clad in a magnificent mantle with golden embroidery, that attracted attention even from afar, that man looked at the store with great interest, and then, bringing his attendants along, entered the store.

Those that managed to witness that sight just stood, blinking in amazement.

「He-he-hey…… Don’t tell me what that is……」

「No doubt, the new emperor of Blau Empire.」

The street was in an uproar, but with glares from the cavalrymen, the clamor rapidly died out.

After a short time, the emperor came out of the shop. He was followed by the same attendants and also a few dozen people that resembled slaves.

All of the slaves purchased at this store would be wearing clean clothes and leather shoes, so at first sight, they wouldn’t appear like slaves. However, as proof of them being slaves under a contract of the highest grade, they had a silver band either on their wrist or ankle.

Thus, it was known that the crowd of men and women were slaves purchased by the emperor.

「……Ho-how much gold would that cost?」

「Lot’s of young people. A hundred or two won’t be enough to cover that.」

Giving a sidelong glance to the whispering merchants Diego appeared from the store.

「Your Majesty! On this occasion please allow us to express our deepest gratitude! By all means, please use the services of our store again! Now, if it suits you, should I call the golems? The horses would be scared, so we will deliver them tomorrow in a special container.」

The emperor silently nodded to those words, after which Diego clapped his hands with a smile and looked to the sky.

Two black dots immediately appeared far above, gradually turning bigger and bigger.

And soon, countless golems were floating in the sky, making even the cavalrymen nervous even as they tried to appear strong as they tried to suppress struggling horses through force.

A flying golem, one of Taiki’s robots, slowly descended to the ground and stood in front of the emperor.

The emperor didn’t show any fear and after saying a word or two entered the carriage.

Then, that robot gently put its hand on the carriage. As if that was a signal, other robots also descended to the ground, each taking a place next to a cavalryman or a slave.

「Now, everyone, please accept this.」

Addressing the frightened cavalrymen with those words, Diego began distributing simplistic robes to them. Following that, a girl with animal ears on top of her head and children of about ten years of age came out from the store and also began handing out robes.

「The journey through the sky is a chilling one. But if you cover from the wind with those, it should be fine.」

Diego finished distributing the robes, and the robots, as if taking those words as a signal, took the targets in front of them into their arms, and rose into the sky.


Listening to the screams of the knights that were coming from the sky, Leticia, who was in the back of the store, leaked a dry laugh with an astounded face.

「……No matter how many times I see it, that sight is still unbelievable. However, with this, the treatment of slaves certainly might change from now on. After all, slaves are being sold one after another, if anything, it’s supply that is lacking…」

As Leticia muttered that with an extremely conflicted expression, a girl ran up to her side.

「Ah, found you! Are you still doing laundry?! New slaves were purchased! Five of them!」

Leticia nodded with a wry smile to the girl’s shouts.

「Again? Then, please hurry up and have them cleaned and changed into new clothes. I will prepare a meal.」

Leticia and the others who were entrusted with the purchased slaves were working every day without much rest, even so, everyone did so with smiles.

Being of a devoted character, to begin with, Leticia was very happy about that, and deep down, she kept praying that things will stay this way.



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