Chapter 21 – Mea who can’t enter the castle


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Hearing the sound of the alarm clock, I put my hand out of the futon and turned the alarm off.

When the sound stopped, I hid inside the comforter listlessly for a few seconds and raised my upper body while saying 「Heave ho」.

After washing my face, I changed my clothes and went downstairs.

「Good morning」

I greeted A1 who was waiting downstairs and we got in the elevator.

When we arrived at the second floor I walked into the passage, a light was shining from the dining hall.

「Ah, good morning」

「Good morning. You’re quite early, aren’t you.」

When I entered, I saw Ayla wiping the table in the dining hall. We exchange greetings and I smile to the shiny table before me.

「Good, you already are done with the preparations, maybe we can eat together so let’s call Torraine-san and the others.」

When I said that, Ayla answered and ran up to me.

When I went to the first floor with Ayla and A1, the two gatekeeper robots are blocking and standing in front of the main entrance for some reason. Seeing the two robots pressing their hands against the gate in a daunting pose, I tilted my head.

「…… Did something happen? Can you open the gate?」

When they heard me, the two begin to open the gate in slow motion.

Perhaps, the gate was badly fitted so it’s making a rattle?

While I’m making a poor guess, a small figure is standing behind the opened gate.


When I call her name, she lifted the head while pouting.

「…… Good, morning」

「Good morning. Are you okay?」

Mea nods with an indescribable expression.

「I thought that I should bring some of the vegetables that we had harvested to Taiki-sama, but I was driven out.」

「Heh? By whom? Not by, these two gatekeepers?」

When I said that and pointed at the two who’s standing behind the gate, Mea nodded silently.

It’s okay if the intruder is an outsider, but are the people living in the island also no good?

I thought that and turned around to Ayla.

「Ayla, can you go out for a while?」

「Ah, yes, I understand.」

Ayla went out and I closed the gate. When a knocking sound can be heard, the two gatekeepers opened the gate a little and when Ayla tried to enter the castle, they blocked her with their hands.

Isn’t she living inside the castle? I wonder if I need to give permission to these two every time.

I escorted Ayla and suddenly remembered something.

「Ah, maybe I got it. Come with me」

When I said that, I lead the two and A1 back to the elevator, and head to the control room while pushing the back of the scared Mea. We arrived at the control room and I approached the screen panel while laughing at Mea who looked around intently.

When I touch the screen panel with my fingertip and operate it, I found the ‘Approval’ in the screen.

Among the considerable numbers of entries, I found the words ‘New Occupancy’. I found this on the first day when I was scrolling down this screen panel, but I almost forgot it.

When I touch that words with my fingertip, words of human female 16 years old and cat beastman female 14 years old are being displayed below the name of two people, but….

「14 years old?」

When Ayla looked at the screen panel and muttered that, Mea gently turned away her eyes.

「I am, 15 years old, after three months.」

While laughing at the situation of the two, I selected first the entry of human female that seems to be Ayla.

Then, all the data that was displayed in that sexual harassment machine appeared.

「…… Oya?」

It created an atmosphere that I felt for the first time and I looked at my side, but Ayla had already turned bright red up to her ears with teary eyes.

It seems like, the meaning of the three sizes are also understood in this world. It wasn’t bad, but it was awkward because It would be strange if I didn’t see anything.

By the way, Mea didn’t seem to understand it well. Well, let’s just think that it’s a detailed measurement for a dress.

「Anyway, sorry about that.」

「N, no, you don’t have to say sorry. My, my…… Kuh……」

After apologizing to Ayla who came to behave suspiciously, I check the entries at the bottom of the screen panel.

The first floor has entries such as gate, elevators and towers. The second floor has elevator, kitchen and so on.

Apparently, they can walk inside the castle to their liking if I put a check on this.

「Hmm? So that means, you could also not enter the elevator when you were alone?」

When I asked her, Ayla nodded.

Maybe I didn’t notice it because we were always parting in the second floor.

I was convinced by myself and placed a check for the two so that they can move to every locations.

However, I lock the entries like the robots related and defense facilities related on the screen panel. It will be a problem if they will operate this area by mistake.

「Well then, let’s call Torainee-san and the others.」

「Hmm? Why?」

「I thought that we should have breakfast with everyone.」

When I said that and grinned, Mea nodded with a slightly surprised face.

When we went to pick up Torraine and the others, there was no one staying in the white house. There’s no presence even after we looked around.

「Areh? I wonder where did they go?」

When I said that, Mea pointed at the garden.

「I think, they are probably harvesting the vegetables. Because it looks like the vegetables were already ripe even though it’s still not a harvest season.」

「Are they going to harvest it all!? That’s very hard!」

I was surprised by the words of Mea and ran to find Torraine and the others hurriedly.

When I look at the terraced garden, there are three people who have already harvested vegetables in huge piles.


When I called them out, Rant and Schnee who were somewhat close, and Torraine who was quite far away responded.

「 「 「Good morning」 」 」

The three said that and came near while carrying baskets full with freshly harvested vegetables on their backs.

They had collected a large amount. Perhaps, if everyone worked hard to eat it would take about a month to finish them all.

「Uwaa! You’ve gathered a lot!」

「Yes. We are thinking that we should harvest not only for Taiki-sama, but also for the Great Magician-samas whom we haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet.」

Being told so by Rant who reached here first, I realized that I didn’t properly informed them.

「Ah, I’m sorry. You misunderstood when I said that there’s no one living in the island. Even in the castle, only me and Ayla are living there now.」

「…… Eh?」

And, seeing the stunned face of Rant and Schnee, I once again talk about the overall population of the castle and the island, and informed them how often the vegetables will mature.

After that, I also inform them that there are robots who will automatically sprinkle a water every time before noon, and once a week, another robots will cut the leaves of trees, vegetables and arrange the appearance of the garden.

However, since we don’t harvest it, the valuable crops are also thrown away along with the cut branches and leaves.

「Eeh! What a waste!」

Schnee said in a unusually loud voice.

「Well, I can harvest every week so I only need to be careful so that it will not wither and it will be fine if we only harvest enough for this number of people to eat.」

When I said that, the three nodded and said something like 「We have never heard of such a field, but we are convinced if it was made by Great Magician-sama」

Well, I can’t also believe such an outrageous environment. If I invent such a mechanism, I will become a grandfather by the time I notice it.

「Well then, let’s eat using the vegetables that everyone has gathered.」

When I said that and ended the conversation for the time being, Mea’s belly rumbled.

Felling the gaze of everyone, Mea placed her hand on her stomach with an angry face

「…… I, I also want to eat some meat.」

「Yeah. I will get more meat」

When I said that while laughing, Mea’s ears were standing up straight happily, and Torraine and the others were full of smiles.

However, I felt a slightly cold sign from A1 and Ayla who were behind me.



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