Chapter 22 – Chaos in Kingdom


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【Azul Kingdom】

Southeast across the Reelabras Mountain Range from the Blau Empire. Beyond the dense forest is the Azul Kingdom.

It’s only one of the small countries and its territory is also small. It has managed to function well economically, but it is currently suffering from chronic labour shortages due to its small population.

Currently, the Royal Capital was in a bit of a chaotic situation at the moment.

There’s no vibrancy to the main streets that should be always quiet lively, instead it was replaced by loud noises created by people who roared around the Royal Castle.

「Bring out the princess!」

「What will you do if the empire will attack!?」

When the people shouted that, the guards who defended the castle yelled while holding their shields.

「You, you idiot! Where do you think you are!?」

「If you don’t stop this, all of you will be thrown into the dungeon!」

Hearing such words, the people’s anger burned up even more. Seeing the tension of the people and soldiers who yell at each other in this critical situation, a man breathed a sigh.

He is was short and a plump man. His age is probably in his fifties, but currently he was bending his back with a depressed look so it would not be strange even if it was said that he is sixty years old.

There’s a small crown above the red hair of the man who wore a mantle on his luxurious dress.

King of Azul Kingdom, Reizent Torte Azul. That is the name and title of this man.

However, Reizent is looking out of the window quietly with a worn-out face that doesn’t even have a trace such as the dignity of a King.

「… I was done. I was completely done…… After all, I was trapped by the Empire…… I even personally led my own daughter to receive a slave mark……」

Reizent grumbles to himself hoarsely.

He heard a knocking sound on the door from the outside. Knitting his brows to the intense sound, Reizent raised his face.

Immediately after giving his permission to enter the room, the door opened and a tall man appeared from the back. He didn’t have a helmet, but he was wearing a white armour.

「Excuse me. Your Majesty, an envoy of the Blau Empire……」


Interrupting the man’s report, Reizent looked up at the sky. Seeing the annoyed look of Reizent, the man shut his mouth and hardened his expression.

「Although there should also be no leaks of internal information to the outside, the populace is alleging that I attacked the imperial soldiers because of the princess cuteness and I am currently hiding her inside the castle…… And now, what I have heard from the envoy say that we should quickly give the princess or else the Empire will give the Kingdom a crushing blow……」

Reizent said that with a faint smile and slammed the wall.

「Nonsense! She received a slave mark in front of my eyes and I was watching my crying daughter! Because of the Empire, the princess became a slave and lost her place where she can return to! How could they behave as if they were the victim!」

Hearing the roar of Reizent who trembles in anger, the man who came to report straighten his back and said.

「Ha, Hah! All the soldiers understand the deep sorrow of his Majesty and the resolution when you offered the princess to protect the Kingdom! However, the Empire’s side is……」

「I know! Anyway, if the envoys of the empire comes, we will meet them! Tell them to come now!」

The man replied and bowed after hearing Reizent’s words, and quickly left.

When Reizent went to the hall, there were already two soldiers and a man with an appearance similar to a knight.

The man saw the figure of Reizent and makes a bow.

「Thank you for coming. I offer you our warm welcome.」

When Reizent showed a subtle smile and said that, the man made a grim expression.

「I’m terribly sorry to bother you. I hope you will return her Royal Highness who is supposed to be presented to our country soon……」

That’s the very first thing he said and the eyebrows of Reizent also rose suddenly.

「…… Envoy-dono. I understand what you’re pointing out, but I would like you to also listen to our side by all means. As I have explained from the beginning, there is no princess in my castle and it is also not true that I am hiding her somewhere. Rather, I think it is more unreasonable when you said that the princess has ran away.」

「Your Majesty. That is the same as saying that we are telling a lie……」

「No, I’m not saying that. However, wasn’t it all in the favor of the Empire? It’s impossible to get rid of the slave mark on my daughter and I have no idea even if it is said that the princess has ran away. However, although I don’t even know what happened to the princess, the people of the royal capital are shouting that I was hiding her」

Hearing the words of Reizent who said that in displeasure, the envoy raised his eyes.

「…… Are you saying that, the Empire has brought in this story in order to start a war? As you know, our Blau Empire was developing rapidly in recent years, expanding its land and we are proud that we are already one of the famous large countries in the world. Do you really think that the empire is doing this in order to obtain the Azul Kingdom?」

「If you obtain the Azul Kingdom, you will be able to put pressure on the east of the Imperial Country of Fleida from two directions. On the contrary, if there were to be something like an outbreak of war with the Imperial Country without taking any measures on us, there is a possibility that my Kingdom may become an ally of the Imperial Country…… If you think it like that, it would not be strange at all.」

When Reizent said that, silence came in the hall.

While the soldiers standing around are observing the heated conversation of the two, a knocking sound resounded in the hall.

Even while they were amazed by that loud noise, one of the soldiers opened the door and heard the urgent matter.

And, he turns towards Reizent with a very complicated face.


When Reizent asked him sullenly, the soldier opened his mouth hesitatingly.

「Your, your Majesty. They, they said that some kind of mysterious flying object has appeared above the sky……」

Hearing that report, not only Reizent, but also the envoy of the Empire forgot their anger and blinked their eyes in confusion.



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