Chapter 3 – I want to check out the castle


Translator: “Drey”

First of all, I’m sure that I can understand something if I try to operate the touch-display system in front of me.

Thinking that, I touch the words whenever something that piques my interest pops up.

「Upper Air Camera… Yeah, it’s nothing but the sky, eh. Oh, Outer Castle – South?」

When I try pressing it, the stair-shaped garden which I saw earlier appeared on the huge screens.

Each spot of the garden is being displayed from various angles, I can even see places that I missed when I was on the surface.

「An orchard, a field…… Oh, there were buildings in several places, it’s somewhat similar to a house」

There are square buildings at the side of the field and orchard. They have a door about the size of a person and their appearance are similar to a small house.

There’s a small stream flowing between the steps of the stair-shaped garden, It looks like there were also place similar to a small path that is not noticeable.

When I’m looking at the situation of the garden for a while, I noticed a movement in the garden which was quiet until now.

That small houses door opened.

Robots with slender limbs showed their figure from behind the door. The robots show no expression and look quite smooth, slowly walking inside the garden, they produce a round hose and start sprinkling water at the field and orchard.

It’s like they’re not carrying anything in their hand, so I think perhaps they have a pump inside their body and the water sucked from the tip of that hose is being released like a shower from the tip of their hands.

「Maybe they can also harvest the crops for me亅

I look at the water sprinkled by the robots for a moment, then I focus my attention to the screen panel.

There are also East, West and North options besides the South in the menu of Outer Castle Camera. If the South is the garden, I think the East and West is the area where the white houses are.

So, what is in the North?

When I try pressing the North, a scenery which different from the scene I saw until now is shown on the screen.

It’s only blue. For a moment I thought if it was sea, but apparently seems to be different.

Nearly half of the segmented screens is nothing but blue, but I notice that the rest are white tiles, lodges, and walls.

「Is this, a pool or hot springs?」

I don’t know without actually seeing it, but it really has an atmosphere similar to an outdoor pool. There seems to be quite a number of buildings nearby as well, but the pool feels considerably big in comparison.

「Hahaha, To swim above the sky? There’s nothing more I could ask for」

Saying that while looking at the screen panel, I operated the touch-display again.

There are surprisingly a lot but it’s no more than the camera entries. When I was thinking about seeing the second floor and the third floor, suddenly a high alert like an electronic sound rang in succession.

It’s similar to an alarm clock.

When I look up, I noticed that all the screens are unusually dyed in pitch black.

White letters appear in the middle of the black screen.

「…… Warning, detection of approaching object. Identification, threat, and recognition?」

Is there something serious approaching this castle?

「…… Eh? Isn’t this bad…?」

When I murmur that, I quickly looked at the touch-display. I thought of checking the appearance of the approaching object, but words different from earlier appeared on the screen panel.

「Defense Operation Option?」

Camera entries and facility operation contents are being displayed.

The Outer Island – West and South are currently being showed in the camera entries.

「No way, from both sides?」

Feeling uneasy, I tried pressing the words of Outer Island – West.

Then, the sky and sea cutting up horizontally on the screen spreads out. Towards the left edge, I saw a small dot. Something green seems to be spreading its wings and heading this way.

I can see the big wings, but the shape of its body and the rest is not clear. However, there is no doubt that it is not a bird.

「I want to zoom in. Does it not have a zoom?」

While murmuring that, I hurriedly search if there’s something will match my intention from the words skipping on the screen panel.

And, there was a ‘Detailed information’ at the right side of the camera entry. I push it without hesitation.

Soon enough the image on the screen is divided into three sections: middle, right and left. The left side shows the distant view of the screen. The middle became a zoom-in screen. The right side is black and empty.

「…… O, Ooh!」

And, seeing the image shown on the middle screen, I can’t help but to voice my admiration.

The proprietor who spread its gigantic wings had a big ripped mouth and thin eyes. Various sizes of fangs are lined up in its mouth and there’s also a long horn growing on its head.

That figure which somewhat resembles a dinosaur was reminding me of the existence commonly referred to as Dragon.

「I mean, isn’t that literally a dragon! No no no, isn’t this bad?」

While I’m saying such a thing, white words emerged in the black part of the right screen.

「…… Emerald Dragon, estimated 80 years old. Male. Fifteen meters body length. Over 40 meters wingspan length. Approximately 50 tons body weight. Danger level A」

Amazing. Truly a dragon. I don’t know what Danger Level A really means, and how could a creature that heavy can fly?

My complaints overflows like water, but I quickly regain my composure and return my sight on the screen panel.

Pressing the ‘Defense’ entry, the facilities list is displayed.

「Oh, the Automatic Defense Barrier is turned on! Then, I should be safe now right?」

Despite feeling a little relieved, I also checked the counter attack apparatus just in case.

Within the entries, I find something I’m curious about.

「Lightning attack? Nice, let’s try this」

After pressing that words, I raise my face and looked at the screen.

The dragon displayed in the distant view of the left screen has become considerably big now.

The next moment, a white light as if burning into my eyes overflowed from the screen.


Using my arms, I cover my face to protect my eyes from the light. After the flickering of the light that illuminates the surroundings is over, I timidly raise my face and the figure of the dragon who stopped its movement came into my sight.

The dragon freeze with a straight back in the air, but eventually, its body tilts while emitting white smoke from the whole body.

I look in a daze at the dragon slowly falling into the sea.

「……. that was a real lightning, wasn’t it?」

While muttering softly, new words appeared at the black part of the right screen.

「Elimination of the target confirmed …… recovering the raw materials of the Emerald Dragon?」

I give a dry laugh to the following report being displayed indiscriminately.

I got a dangerous castle.



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