Chapter 43 – Astonishing hotel life


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Sitting on a bed, Yanual groaned.

「……It’s amazing.」

Hearing those words from Yanual, Yuri tilted her head in puzzlement.

「What exactly?」

Reacting to that question Yanual turned around and saw Yuri, dressed in a bathrobe, blinking, sitting on another bed,.

Seeing that Yanual sighed and looked over himself.

He was wearing a bathrobe as well. Absolutely white without a single spot with the softness that could be felt by merely looking at it.

「……Even those strange clothes. Most likely it’s indoor wear used when sleeping, but it is extremely soft. What is this material?」

「Isn’t this fur of a fluffy animal?」

Yuri replied with a question while stroking the surface of her bathrobe.

「It doesn’t feel that way, but… Right. Even this bed is unusual. It bounces. Normally you would just sink in and that’s it, right? Yet I don’t feel any hardness.」

Yanual said while repeatedly sitting and standing from the bed, Yuri also puts both hands on her bed.

「It seems that sleeping on it will be quite pleasant, I’m looking forward to it.」

「Umu, you are right. Still, even the cloth alone is incredibly delicate and smooth, but even if I think I don’t understand anything about it.

As he was saying that, Yanual checked the sheets and bed covers, while Yuri enthusiastically dived into the bed and under the quilt.

「That’s right. Let’s ask Taiki-sama tomorrow. Then, I will be going to sleep. Good night, Yanual-niisama.」

Leaving only her face outside, Yuri says while narrowing her eyes comfortably, then Yanual blinks and turns to her.

「M? Are you going to sleep already? Well, I do understand your desire to try to sleep on this bed as soon as possible. I will go to bed early as well. Good night, Yuri.」


Before he even realized, Yuri was already soundly asleep, calmly breathing. Surprised by that, Yanual opens his mouth.

「Sleeping already? You are always fast to fall asleep.」

Saying that as if he was impressed, Yanual looks at the ceiling. All lighting was indirect, provided by the lighting sources in the perimeter of the room, still, inside of the room was quite bright.

「……It would be better if it was a bit darker, but I don’t know how to turn off those lamps.」

Saying that he stood up and started walking around the room.

「Touching this silver plate… It’s the light in the toilet. Here is the entrance……」

Having learned how to use touch-type illumination, Yanual was searching for a switch that could be touched while roaming about the room.

And finally, he noticed a white switch installed on a cabinet right next to the bed.

「What is this white bump……」

Frowning upon meeting such curiosity, he casually pressed the switch.

A small sound is heard, and at the same time, the indirect lighting on the ceiling goes out.


Yanual raised his voice in delight and looked around.

「I see……Only the floor is slightly illuminated, making it easier to walk around and yet not being a bother. Such thoughtfulness to the slightest details…」

While muttering those words, Yanual quietly got into bed.

「Now, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I have to sleep as fast as possible… Kuh…」

Yanual was mumbling with an excited face, but almost instantly he fell into the world of dreams.

「Nuuh……Where is this warm wind is coming from?」

Mumbled frowning Ditzen with a dryer in his hands.

The time has passed two o’clock at night and it was four hours since the siblings went to sleep.

After the dinner, Ditzen returned to his assigned room earlier than everyone else, but since then he continued to explore it without even trying to sleep at all.

「What sort of magic can you use to make something like this…」

Said that he put the dryer on the side of the bed and looked around.

「How strange. Far from understanding the structure, I don’t even know how to use it. Why is music playing in the bathroom……Well, although it indeed feels comfortable.」

After saying that, he then stopped his gaze on the cabinet next to the bed.

Pressing the white switch he turns off the indirect lighting on the ceiling.

「It disappeared.」

Pressing the switch again and indirect lighting on the ceiling lit again.

「Now it’s lit.」

Ditzen frowned once again.

「……There is no flickering, even when they go off. And on the other hand, when it lights up, it goes to the best condition instantly. It’s definitely nothing like an oil lamp.」

While pushing the white switch over and over, he wracked his brains.

And after checking the switch again, Ditzen finally noticed that the bottom of the cabinet opens.

From there appeared a glossy gray box.

「What is this?」

On the front of the box was a one-sided door with a handle that can be grasped with fingers. Without any hesitation, Ditzen grabbed that handle.

When the door was opened, the inside of the box became bright and cold air started to leak out.


Thus, by discovering the refrigerator, it was settled, that Ditzen won’t see any sleep tonight.



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