Chapter 44 – Returning home reluctantly


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“I don’t want to return!”

Hearing those words, Yuri tilted her head as if she was in trouble.

“However, it seems to have become an uproar down there……”

Yuri said that and turned her attention to the video which was being shown. The video is a view of the ground which was taken from the sky. Apart from the grassland, the hills and the red townscape, there are many figures of people.

Yanual mumbles with a face that looks dissatisfied at that sight of Ditzen.

“That’s right, Ditzen. Taiki-dono has told us that we can come again. Isn’t it fine if we come again immediately?”

Being told that by Yanual, Ditzen spreads his hands with a face that is about to cry.

“Those people are searching for you it has nothing to do with me!”

“Who the hell is ‘you’? Do you mean ‘us’?”

Seeing Yanual’s eyes were narrowed, Ditzen raised his voice with “Uguh”.

“N, no, Your Highness. But even if I don’t go down……”

Yanual snorted to Ditzen who refused to back down and he speaks.

“Don’t think that only your wish will come true because we will end up going home. We’re taking you along with us.”

“As I thought! Hey, Taiki-sama! Can I stay in this castle!?”

Ditzen cried with desperate look due to Yanual’s remarks, but Taiki shook his head from side to side with a wry smile.

“I bet, there are also many people who are looking for Ditzen-san.”

When Taiki answered that, Ditzen turned to Yanual.

“Your Majesty, just say that I died……”

“Let’s just say that Ditzen has kidnapped us. There will be a wanted list circulating around even in the neighboring country, for sure.”

“What a coward thing to do!”

Ditzen kneeled on the ground and groaned. While looking at that situation, Ayla speaks.

“Ditzen-sama? There is also something called diplomatic relationship. Even if one person becomes missing, they will definitely think that this Heavenly Country is the one who is suspicious.”

“If they don’t say that they have been at the top of the sky……”

“There is a high possibility that they will be seen by someone when Yanual-sama and Yuri-sama went down, right? The ground is being searched by that large number of people, after all.”

Being persuaded by Ayla, Ditzen kept silent without being able to object this time.

Yanual and Yuri look at each other and turn to Taiki.

“It seems that the talk has finally came to a close. I’m sorry that it took so much time.”

“No no. It makes me happy if he got interested in this castle to that extent.”

“Please invite me again soon, okay? Because I will throw away anything even if I am busy.”

“Hahaha. Then, I will send you an invitation in the near future.”

While having such exchanges, Taiki raise his head.

And Mea, who was watching the course of events quietly until then, opened her mouth.

“That, it’s my first time to see that floating stuff.”

When Mea said that, Torraine, Rant and Schnee who are standing side by side with her, nods silently.

“Did you mean this?”

When Taiki pointed his finger at it while saying that, not only Mea and the others, but also Ayla nodded.

There’s a black drone floating above where Taiki points his finger and a video is being projected in the empty space above the drone. The video is slightly transparent, and the blue sky and a part of the castle wall were visible behind.

After confirming that, Taiki opens his mouth.

“It’s called Aerial Projection Display, but……”

When Taiki couldn’t explain, Ayla and the others tilted their heads with a difficult expression at the same time.

“Haha…… Well, I will explain it again next time. Now then, I will drop everyone off.”

When he announced that in order to mislead them, Taiki turns his eyes to A1. In accordance to that, A1 started to move and lifted the big box.

It’s a square box made of metal. There’s no top side, and the front, rear, left and right walls are as high as the upper part of the waist. Yanual and the others got in that box and looked at each other’s anxious faces.

“…… It’s scary to go down from this altitude with this.”


“Is that so? I was thinking that it looks fun, you know. doesn’t the scenery also look good?”

Hearing such conversations of the three, Taiki laughed.

“Then, should I add three more to carry it?”

When Taiki said that, three robots flew out from the castle in a matter of a few seconds. The robots, that landed lightly, stood side by side with A1 in order to surround the box and fixed their hands on the box.

“Ooh, it’s reassuring if it’s like this.”

“But the scenery is……”

“Your Highness Yuri, we should place the scenery as secondary for now.”

Taiki laughs and raises his voice to the noisy three.

“Well then, we will invite you to the castle again later.”

He said that and they exchanged farewells. While waving their hands from the top of the box which was lifted by the robots, the three of them went down to the ground.

The three, who entered inside the clouds, raise surprised voices as their sight was covered in pure white.

“Ooh, it’s a cloud. We’re inside the clouds.”

“I thought it will feel more fluffy.”

“It’s like a dense fog, isn’t it…… It’s strange.”

While they were having such conversations, they broke through the clouds and the scenery of the ground spread before their eyes.

The vast territory of the Imperial Country of Fleida spreads before their eyes and Yuri raises a cheer.

“It is beautiful isn’t it, Yanual-niisama.”

“Yeah, it is wonderful scenery. I really want the technology of that Heavenly Country by all means, in order to make this Imperial Country of Fleida even bigger.”

“Umu umu! If that’s the case, then leave it to me……”

“You’re probably planning not to come back.”

“You are right. If Ditzen-sama will go, Yanual-niisama and me too……”

“Of course, we will also go there again. Even so, that country was really strange. After all, we hadn’t seen the original residents of the Heavenly Country except Taiki-dono.”

When Yanual said that, Yuri raised a question mark.

“Is Ayla-sama different?”

“Ayla-dono also didn’t seem to be familiar with the Heavenly Country and her reaction towards us was clearly different from Taiki-dono.”


“Taiki-dono didn’t know about the culture and common sense that we had spread on the ground, and if I speak of it negatively, I could see his naive side. But, Ayla-dono is rather close to us. The cat beastmen, who are like a servant, are probably the same to us as well.”

“Oh, really? Are you saying that all of them weren’t born in the Heavenly Country?”

“As far as I saw, the real resident of the Heavenly Country is only Taiki-dono. I don’t know how many other residents are there, but it doesn’t seem too many.”

Yanual, who analyzed the Heavenly Country, looked up at the sky with his arms folded.

“…… I have to go there again no matter what. To that country”



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