Chapter 49 – Superiority


Translator: Pink Tea        Editor: Ryunakama

 As Ditzen was desperately running away, Aifa and Violette confirmed their torn robes and cloaks and narrowed their eyes.

「…A fairly good judgment.」

「The choice of spells was accurate as well.」

 As they walked on the road while talking like that, they look at the back of the fleeing Ditzen.

「But the technique is still superficial.」

「Since that’s Fleida’s magician, I guess he is about middle rank?」

「There is room for growth.」

「Indeed. Desperate training might earn him the lowest seat of the court magician…」

 While having such a conversation, they rose into the air.

「But that is for Fleida’s magician.」

「Sorry about that. But we are Empire’s magicians.」

 With those words, both speed at the same time, heading after Ditzen. Their speed is as fast as that of an arrow and almost twice as fast as Ditzen.

 Ditzen, who went ahead, noticed them, but the difference in speed is clearly enough for them to catch up with him before he reaches the castle.

 A number of patrolling soldiers took notice of the three flying in the air.

「S-Save me!」

 Screaming, Ditzen throws gusts of wind at the two pursuers.

「Seeking help so brazenly…」

 Mumbled Aifa, while casually waving his hand, extinguishing the wind sent my Ditzen.

「Prioritizing the result over his pride as a magician is the correct answer. It’s obvious that he has no chance of winning against us. Though he should have chosen flame magic, as it would also work as a distraction.」

 As Violette said that, Aifa silently spread his hands. Soon after, a thin ice sheet appeared, covering flanks of Aifa and Violette. A giant sheet, capable of hiding a person completely.

 Arrows are being shot one after another at the half-transparent wall. Taking a sidelong glance at the ice sheet that turned white from cracks in it, Violette smiled.

「Shooting ordinary arrows at us, who are capable of using flight magic… Looks like Fleida’s military is nothing special as well.」

 When Violette said that, barely containing her laugh, Aifa deeply sighed.

「…It’s not like you are even doing anything.」

「Oh my. You want me to exert myself? What a barbaric way to treat women you elves have.」

 After Violette uttered those words, Aifa furrowed his brows and went silent.

 In the meantime, the distance with Ditzen was steadily shrinking.

 Then, a man’s loud voice echoed.

「Practitioner-dono! Will we use magic arrows?!」

「You still didn’t shoot any?! H-Hurry up! Shoot a whole lot of them!」

 Immediately after Ditzen’s answer, the soldiers poised the bows. Troops, lined-up at the side of the road leading to the castle, all at once aimed at Aifa and Violette.


 Along with the signal came a whooshing sound of cutting through the air.

 The next moment, the space around Aifa and Violette was consumed by flames, wind, and ice, and then finally a loud explosion occurred there.

 The shock wave broke the surrounding stone walls and covered the area in dust.

 Looking at that scene, Ditzen who was still flying ahead, dropped his speed and took a breath.

「W-We got them…?」

 Saying that Ditzen kept watching while the soldiers were loading a new set of magic arrows.

「Don’t drop your guard!」

「Gather more people!」

 While shouting, the soldiers kept increasing in numbers, surrounding the area.

 However, before the enclosure could complete, the cloud of dust scattered from the inside, along with the flames and debris. Aifa and Violette stood expressionlessly among the residual wind from the shock wave and hail from pieces of ice and debris from shattered pavement and walls.

「…Why get in my way? Didn’t you just complain that I’m not doing anything?」

 Aifa signs deeply when Violette says that.

「We did not come here to wage war.」

「If it will come to that eventually, what’s the difference?」

「Even if it so, it is not for us to decide.」

 As Aifa replies so, Violette turns to him eyes filled with anger.

 Did he hear that conversation or not? But Ditzen completely returned to running away.

 Seeing his back, Aifa sighs.

「…I could have already caught him if I was alone.」

「That’s what I want to say.」

 After disputing in a vicious tone, they simultaneously soared and followed after Ditzen.

 Seeing the two that flew off as if nothing happened despite being attacked by a whole barrage, the soldiers, that were supposed to be ready to shoot, couldn’t react in time.

「…What, what are those monsters?」

 A soldier in the most luxurious armor exclaimed and then raised his head in sudden realization.

「N-no! Chase after them!」

「Yes sir!」

 Responding so, soldiers rushed after the two, but confusion was still clearly visible on their faces.

「Open the gates!!!」

 When Ditzen flew to the gate like he was about to ram it the gatekeeper-like soldiers appeared with spears in their hands.

「Pra-Practitioner-dono! What were the explosions a while ago?!」

「Open! For now, just open them!」

 Puzzled by the panicking Ditzen, gatekeepers moved to open the gates. However, before gatekeepers could do anything, the gates began to open on their own.

 Behind the opening gates was a figure of Yanual, leading soldiers and practitioners.

 Yanual looked at the pale Ditzen and raised one eyebrow.

「Mm. So it was Ditzen after all. What kind of experiment did you fail? I don’t remember allowing tests that involve explosions that can be heard all the way inside the castle?」

「No! NONONO! It wasn’t me! It’s assassins from the empire! Look, over there!」

 Aifa and Violette could be seen in the direction Ditzen was pointing while giving explanations.

「…Empire? You don’t mean…」

 Yanual quietly mumbled seeing the two.



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