Chapter 5 – A month later


Translator: “Drey”

The sun touched the ocean and the sky turns red.

While looking aimlessly at such a fantastic sight, I breathed out while soaked up in the swimming pool. The warm water penetrates my body while feeling the cool breeze. I feel good.

The place where I’m currently at now, which was shown by the camera earlier, was indeed a heated swimming pool. There are two buildings, one is where I can take a shower. The second is the heated swimming pool. I think it’s way more relaxing in the heated swimming pool rather than the bathroom. So, I clean up my body here because things like shampoos and body soap are also always in stock.

While I’m looking at the sunset, a flock of small wyverns entered my sight. According to the data, apparently a small wyvern of less than 10 years old will act in a group that reaches in dozens and will carry out a hunt with their strength of number.

Because they have a wingspan spreading to more that 2 meters even though their bodies are small, they are big like an idiot if you look at them with the same feeling as a bird.

I was flustered the first time I saw small dragons approaching in several flocks but recently I got to see it frequently so I came to regain my composure.

The flock of wyverns are rapidly getting closer to my direction, but I’m just looking at it while I am submerged in the pool.

Their distance is getting closer.

However, the moment when the flock of wyverns reaches the flying island, they were bounced off by the collision on an invisible wall.

On the space where there should be nothing, a ripples of white lines spread and cover the sky in faintly.

It’s a defensive barrier.

I tried checking it up, but it seems to be a barrier that can withstand about one blast of a highest rank dragon breath. In other words, most attacks can be prevented just by the barrier.

I thought that it’s going to be bad if a flock of large dragons attacks, but it didn’t even receive a crack from the likes of young wyverns with Danger Level C and below.

Looking at some collided wyverns that were too exhausted while falling down to the ocean, I breathe a sigh.

「……I’m bored」

To be honest, I got tired exploring the castle in 2 weeks. I also got tired of reading mangas, playing games or lazing around in a week.

「…… or more like, I’m lonely.」

Reflexively, I grumble in whisper tone.

It isn’t because I’m looking at the sunset that I’m becoming sentimental. It’s a word that truly overflowed from the bottom of my heart.

Leaving the pool and putting on a bathrobe, I return to the castle. It’s an extremely deprived appearance, but no one is here after all.

I went up to the fifth floor and touched on the screen panel of touch-display. I choose the words of Remote Reconnaissance from among the entries.

Only the ocean is shown on the four directions of the screen and the scenery is changing at a speed as if being washed away.

I’m searching the surroundings using this feature regularly for these past 3 weeks, but it didn’t reached to a land at all.

The flying island itself, where the Heavenly castle is, able to adjust its speed and it will speed up to 100 kilometers per hour at the maximum.

It is far slower than the likes of airplanes, but it’s still 100 kilometers per hour. It’s a speed which is likely to get over in two days if it fly through Japan.

At the beginning, it can’t be helped because I didn’t know how to change the speed, but even so I changed it to 100 kilometers per hour and it was a week since then. It’s calculated as 2,400 kilometers in one day if it is flying for 24 hours a day.

Although it is continuing to advance in one direction for nearly 17 thousand kilometers in a week, why can’t I see a land?

No way, it isn’t a world where there is only an ocean, right?

「It’s possible…… that Angel was really like a natural airhead.」

I kept gazing at the screen as I was about to be crushed by anxiety.

And, I narrow my eyes at something that could be seen faintly inside of the screen.


When I try looking closely at the faint on the horizon, that something that came into my view looks like a land.


The chair falls by the force when I stand up and reflexively raised a strange voice.

Inside the screen, the land gradually becomes bigger and the shadow resembling a mountain also becoming clearer.

There’s no doubt. It’s something real. A real earth is being showed.

「I beg you! Don’t make it an uninhabited island! It’s fine even if there’s a dirty old man so please!」

I press my hands together while speaking such stupid things.

What would I do if it is a primitive man saying ‘UhhoUhho’? Such thoughts crossed my mind, but I decided not to pay attention to it.

After a short while, the image became clear to the point that I could finally see the situation on the ground.

It appears that, the sea side is like a steep cliff that has been hollowed out. There seems to be a considerably height difference from the sea level.

I see mountain peaks surrounding the area, so currently I can’t see any city.

Or more like, all I can see is nothing but cliffs, forests and mountains.

「I can’t also see a ship」

I stare enough to open a hole on the screen while murmuring such monologue.

My monologue increased since I grew up living alone, but for these last three weeks it came to the point that I always utter a monologue.

This is a harmful effect of loneliness.

And, while I’m thinking such trivial things, I found something above the cliff.

As I am gradually approaching it, I found out that it is a man-made object.

It’s a rectangular box shape. It looks like there’s a big loop attached on the side.

Ah, it has a horse.

「It’s a carriage!」

I become delighted while jumping up. It’s a discovery of civilization. I will write this in my diary.

As I become almost too excited, I calm myself first and approached the screen in order to observe the carriage.

Fumu Fumu, if the horse is not small, then that carriage is quite big. The carriage itself is a bit plain, but it appears to be rather solidly built.

And, I saw the horse lying down and rolling over in the screen. It’s very difficult to judge because the image is diagonal from above.

「Do horses lie down similar to a dog?」

As expected it’s not a horse. Maybe it’s a horse-like creature of this world.

Soon after, a horse came running from the forest. A person is riding the horse.

「Oh! He’s wearing armor! So cool!」

I raise my voice while clapping my hands towards the screen. There are three horses at the other side of the carriage and there are figures of three knights mounted on it. It’s a splendid armor shining in silver. There are also swords being held in their hands.

It’s a scene similar to a movie.

When I’m observing with a feeling like I’m watching an interesting show, a person came jumping out from the side of the carriage this time.

I guess she’s a woman, because her plain light brown skirt is fluttering. Shaking her long red hair as if to regain her composure, the woman proceeds to run towards the edge of the cliff.

It’s a scene often found especially in movies. Beautiful woman running on the beach. Simply picturesque.

「That’s happening over the cliff, though.」

I smile wryly while saying that and stared at it with my arms folded.

However, I am concerned about the woman who is seriously running for her life.

「I guess it’s ‘that’. It was the time I was running away when I encountered an exhibitionist at the beginning of spring. There’s no mistake」

In that case, are those knights a pervert?

While I’m thinking such stupid thoughts, the woman who finally reached to the edge of the cliff turned around. The knights who set their swords has descended from the horse and proceeds to walk slowly towards the lady.

「…… Oya?」

I tilted my head to the different development with my guess and stared at the screen. The camera is already quite close to the land and I can feel the tense atmosphere building up.

This composition is a situation I saw somewhere.

「This, isn’t this a Tuesday Suspense!」

Tuesday Suspense Theater……! The culprit is always cornered to the cliff and will either live or die, it’s a simple mystery. 1

And, this scene is exactly just like on that Tuesday Suspense.

「The first villager is going to die!」

I hurriedly return to the front of touch-display screen.


  1. TL Note: a japanese TV series


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