Chapter 50 – What happened?


Translator: Drey          Editor: Ryunakama

The four people are having a seat across the big table. Besides the four people in the hall, there are rows of soldiers along the wall and the magician-like men, who are dressed in robes on the four corners, have frozen up.

Under that tense situation, Yanual opened his mouth.

“The Heavenly Country, is it?”

He said that and took the cup of tea that was placed on the table. He put the cup of tea on his mouth and took a sip of the liquid inside. Everyone was curiously watching that movement of Yanual in silence.

In the moment of silence, Violette opens her mouth irritatedly.

“…… So, could you answer me as the representative of the Imperial Country?”

When Violette asked that overbearingly, the faces of the surrounding soldiers turned to anger. While knitting his brows to their gazes which filled with anger, Aifa sighs.

“We also have not officially visited as a representative of the Empire. It’s useless for extra pressure.”

When Aifa said that, Yanual raise the edge of his mouth and makes a thin smile.

“In that case, can you also keep silent?”

When he said that with a mischievous look, Aifa turned towards him expressionlessly.

“I will personally refuse that.”

“If so, aren’t you just the same?”

Yanual lowers his chin while laughing inwardly to Aifa’s response. Ditzen, who was watching intently at that situation while anxious, talks to him.

“If, if something happened here, will the Imperial Country and the Empire go to war……?”

“No. It’s because these two didn’t come here in order to start a war. Well, if it will really turn into a war, we should definitely kill these two.”

When Yanual said that while laughing, Violette’s eyes sharply narrowed.

“That was an interesting talk, wasn’t it? Especially the part that you will kill us……”

Although Violette’s face was smiling, her narrowed eyes has clear anger.

Probably in response to her anger, the tip of Violette’s hair is swaying by itself.

As the soldiers quietly put their hands on their weapons, Ditzen clenched his fist while swallowing his saliva.

While looking around the room where the sense of tension has instantly increased, Yanual laughs as if letting out a sigh.

“If we don’t bring the court magician of the Imperial Country Capital, we probably can’t make a decent fight. It would be fine if we can kill one person. It’s not different on dealing with a dragon.”

He indirectly announced that they will not fight against the two now and the soldiers become relieved.

While watching that with satisfaction, Violette raised her head.

“That’s a good decision. But I’m dissatisfied that you are believing that you can somehow take one of us on.”

And, when Violette said that while carrying the cup to her mouth, Yanual nodded greatly.

“Umu. That’s why, if we’re going to fight, I will probably put something in that drink. Some stuff, that can’t be detoxified, are also being handed down in our family.”

The moment Yanual said that, Violette stopped moving and dropped her sight on the cup. Her cheeks becomes stiff as the liquid inside sways.

Seeing Violette who had already taken a sip, Aifa shook his head from side to side.

“I had predicted that much.”

“You should say it!”

When Violette kick her seat and yells, Ditzen clench his fist and stands up.

“Unusually, your Highness has a brainy idea! Alright, let’s finish them in one go……”

“Sit down, Ditzen.”

After stopping Ditzen, who was trying to activate a skill with great pleasure, in a few words, Yanual snorted.

“I haven’t put anything in that.”


Ditzen as well as the other soldiers also shows an astonished look to his unexpected words.

Aifa shrugs his shoulders to the anxious Violette and opened his mouth.

“It’s unknown whether it will become a war or not, but if you make a move on us, it will definitely become a war. In that case, there’s no future for the Imperial Country. To actually make a move on us is probably your last resort.”

When Aifa said his predictions, Yanual tilted his head.

“No, it’s different. Today’s tea tastes very good, so I just didn’t want to mix it.”

He said that with a serious face and Aifa closed his mouth and kept silent.

“You didn’t put? Is that true?”

As if to respond to the doubtful Violette, Yanual puts his own cup to his mouth and drinks the liquid inside.

“Yeah, it’s delicious.”

Yanual separated his mouth from the cup and said that somewhat happily. Maybe because he was dumbfounded by his behavior, Aifa slightly relaxes his body and opens his mouth.

“…… I understood that you are against having a war with the Empire and don’t show any signs of fighting us. If so, I wonder if you could also tell us the information about the Heavenly Castle?”

When Aifa muttered that in order to confirm, Yanual tilted his head strangely.

“Why? If you don’t have an official letter, your social status is neither an envoy nor anything, just a traveler. Why do we need to disclose information?”

He answered that calmly, and Aifa and Violette can’t help but widen their eyes.

“…… Are you planning to argue with us?”

While Aifa asked that in a low voice, Ditzen secretly looked outside.

And, he raised his voice.



When Yanual has been drawn by his voice and looked outside, he found a flying body outside which can be seen from the window.

It is unmistakably the robot that was supposed to be in the sky.



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