Chapter 51 – Feared Golem


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“Tha, that’s…..!”

Hearing Violette’s voice which she uttered while standing up, Aifa narrow his eyes and speaks.

“That, is that a messenger from the Heavenly Country?”

Hearing his question, Violette clearly shakes his head from side to side.

“No, it’s not that kind of innocent thing. That’s the mysterious golem that had easily crushed my golem.”

“That’s…… much thinner and smaller than I have imagined. It doesn’t look like it can overwhelm the Empire’s Golems at all, but……”

Hearing the conversation of Violette and Aifa, Ditzen’s eyes widened.

“Overwhelm the Empire’s Golems!? As I thought, Taiki-sama’s Golem is……”

Hearing Ditzen who exclaimed with an excited appearance, Aifa rose from his seat.

“Taiki? Is that the name of that golem’s master?”

Aifa muttered that quietly and stood up alone.

When they went out of the castle, Taiki’s robot is standing right in front of the castle gate. The gatekeepers and the patrolling soldiers are gathering and encircling at a distance, but the robot is quiet without making a slight movement.

Within the noisy place, the four people showed up with Ditzen as the lead.

“Ooh! There’s no doubt!”

When Ditzen pushed away the soldiers and stood in front of the robot, the robot inclined its head and lowered its gaze.

“Prac, Practitioner-dono. This golem is……”

“Right! It’s from the Heavenly Country…… Ah, a letter!”

Ditzen rubs the body of the robot while answering the question of the soldier, and he noticed that a letter is being held in its hand.

Seeing Ditzen receive the letter in a hurried state, Yanual knits his brows in the back.

“Hand it over to me first.”


After refusing briefly, Ditzen opened the letter by himself and began to check the contents.

“What’s this, what’s this…… Dear, Yanual-niisama…… Is this a letter written by Yuri-sama?”

“Isn’t that addressed to me! Pass it here quickly!”


“What the hell!?”

While they are arguing, Aifa is showing an amazed face at their side.

“…… I think it’s a bad idea to accept a golem from another country without much defense.”

When Aifa muttered that and turned around to Violette, he realized that something was wrong with Violette.

Violette is standing diagonally on his back as if taking a distance from the robot, but her hair is swaying and a dark light is dwelling in her eyes.

“…… Although my golem has lost, It doesn’t mean that I lost……”

While sharpening his eyes at Violette who’s muttering something, Aifa raised his hand.

When he blocked the gaze of Violette with his hand, a strong gaze, as if looking at her parent’s enemy, turns to Aifa.

Aifa received her gaze head-on and sighed.

“Certainly, if a single golem and a first class magician fights, the magician, who excels in mobility and variety of attacks, will be superior. But what will be left after you win? Won’t we just lose our chance to go to the Heavenly Castle?

When Aifa said that in order to persuade her, Violette shut her mouth as if she was chewing something and lowered her chin.

Aifa watched the silent Violette for a while and looked back at the robot. The robot was supposed to be watching the quarrel between Ditzen and Yanual, but its face is facing towards him without noticing it.

When Aifa’s face becomes stiff reflexively, the robot removed its gaze as if it had lost interest.

Aifa exhales weakly while looking at the Robot’s profile.

“…… I can’t sense any magic and its body is not especially big, but it has a creepy intimidating air.”

While Aifa stares intensely at the robot with a sense of tension, Violette narrows her eyes while burning in anger quietly.

The surrounding soldiers are being affected by the atmosphere of the two and they shed a cold sweat.

However, only Yanual and Ditzen were arguing without worrying about the situation of the surroundings.

“Isn’t there no restriction of number of people written in that letter!?”

“Please read the air there, Your Highness. This is an important base which protects the territory, so if Your Highness will not stay……”

“I don’t want to stay, so I will give you all my power!”

“I don’t like it! It’s annoying to protect the fortress!”

“So, your real intention is coming out!?”

“I got the letter first, so the rights are also to me……”

“I’ve never heard such nonsense!”

While glancing at the two who are arguing without minding their surroundings, Aifa walked up to the Robot.

While he is observing the surface of the robot’s body closely, Violette also approaches little by little.

“…… With these thin limbs, the strong golems of the Empire are……”

Violette stared seriously at the fingertips of the robot and reached out her hand unconsciously.

“It’s not just made in iron……”

When she touched the robot’s hand while whispering that, the robot slowly grabbed Violette by inserting its both hands underneath her armpits.


Reflexively, Violette gasps. But without worrying about the surprised and stiffened Violette, the robot began to float gently.

Seeing the robot that began to float up in complete silence, the surrounding soldiers made a loud noise.

Although he became surprised for a moment, Aifa calmly jumped up on that spot and hung with one hand on the robot’s shoulder.

“Wa, wa, wa…….”

While taking the trembling Violette and the clinging Aifa, the robot floats up to the sky before their eyes.

“Your, Your Highness!?”


The soldiers, who finally grasped the situation, raised their voices and the two, who was arguing, turn their heads together.

“We’re busy now…… Hmm?”

“Ta,Taiki-sama’s golem is gone……!?”

The two, who looked around while raising such voice, looked up at the sky at the same time again.

“Tho, those guys!?”

“Wa, wait! I’m going too!!”

Yanual shouts and Ditzen flies to the sky immediately.

“Oi! Take me too!”

Yanual hurriedly called out, but Ditzen replied over his back without turning his head at him.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness! It’s an emergency, so I will go alone for now……!”

“You’re lying! Leaving me here alone…… I will remember this, Ditzen!”

While the vain shout of Yanual echoes through the sky, Ditzen’s face was all smiles.



  1. And they are going to kill the weak human Taiki-dono.

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