Chapter 6 – First villager


Translator: “Drey”

【Villager? 】

The woman who is being chased above the cliff pulled out the dagger that was hanging on her waist and turned behind.

Before her line of sight are the three knights who got down from their horses.

The knights who set their swords are approaching the woman little by little.

「Surrender yourself obediently!」

When a knight shouted that, the woman pushed the blade against her neck on her own and said,

「I will kill myself if you get any closer!」

Upon hearing that, the knights looked at each other and laughs.

「We don’t care even if you die. We will just return with your corpse, undressed you naked and hang your body.」

Saying that while the other knights laugh as if ridiculing her, the woman knit her brows and trembled.

「If, if I fell from here, my body will not return from the sea!」

When the woman says that in trembling voice, one of the knights lowered his sword and spoke calmly.

「… If you surrender obediently, I will talk to these fellows to treat you kindly as much as they can. If your words are true, I guess there will be no need to question you about the crime.」

Hearing that words said in a gentle voice, tears welled up in her eyes and raised her voice.

「Lie! It is a lie! I didn’t tell anyone…!!」

When the woman shouts, the knight who heard that tilts his head as he draws near.

「Are you lying?」

That single question of the knight made the woman stiff. Seeing her expression that becomes miserably distorted, the knights closes the distance little by little.

「L, lying…. I didn’t, I didn’t said any lie…….」

Staring intensely at the woman who mutter something while sobbing, the knights already gotten five meters closer.

The woman who returned to her senses raised her face and puts her strength into both her both hands, while holding the dagger.

「Don’t, don’t come any closer…!!」

Blood run on the edge of the blade and a red line flowed on her neck.

At that moment, when the knights was about to jump forward to stop her, they noticed something unusual behind her and stopped their movement.

「……wha, what, is that….」

Someone said so.

Seeing the stunned face of the knights, the woman looks behind.


Raising her voice, the woman’s eyes round in surprise.

Behind the boundary between the sea and the sky, something huge came approaching them from the sky. As it approaches, the woman and the knights turns their face upwards to chase the huge object with their eyes.

「The, the island, is flying……」

The knights said that while drawing backwards. The horses neigh and runs away to the forest, the cries of the birds and beasts also echoes from the direction of the forest.

「Let, let’s return to report…..!」

When the knight who is in the back shouted in fear and started to run away, another knight also hurriedly turns back his heel.

「You, you sneaky bastard!」

Seeing the two who ran away, the remaining knight clicks his tongue and take the small knife hanging on his waist.

「…… Although it’s a waste, I have no choice but to kill you!」

The knight shouted that as if to convince himself, then threw the knife towards the woman.

The knife approaches towards her chest, as she turned around.


The woman’s scream overlapped with a high-pitched metallic sound emitted by the knife.

「Wha, what!?」

While the knight raised a surprised voice, a huge figure appeared. The knife hits on its body, but it simply flicks it off. The knife spins a few times before landing on the ground.

The knight looked up at the huge figure and fell on his butt.

「…… an, Iron golem? Bu, but, its appearance is something I have never seen before……」

The knight is in shock, he hurriedly stands up and draws his sword.

「Go, golem? A golem, from the sky……?」

Even though the woman is completely unable to stand due to her fear and surprise, she still looked up at its figure while seated down heavily on the spot.

The golem bends its waist as if looking down on the woman, it spreads both of its long arms and hugged the body of the woman tightly.

「HIH!? N, NO……!」

Effortlessly, it picks up her body. The woman gasped and tried to resist by slamming her legs, but it was pointless.

The golem looks upward towards the huge island that was floating calmly in the sky.

「It, it’s like this iron golem is going to……!」

The knight slashes on the back of the golem while screaming in anger, but as soon as his sword touched, the blade broke in half and the edge of the blade stabbed on the ground.

「Im, impossible……」

Opening his eyes wide in shock, the knight looks at his broken sword.

In front of him, the golem begins to float lightly to the sky like a balloon.

「Wait, wait, wait a second!? NOOO!」

Carrying the woman who’s screaming in terror, the golem fly lightly to the sky.

The knight was helpless, he stared in shock but could do nothing else.

【Heavenly Castle】

I was looking at the screen, confirmed the figure of the rescued woman and stroked my chest feeling relieved *phew*.

「Oh man, that was dangerous. A close call. What a relief」

I muttered that and leaned my weight on the back of the chair.

It was a pleasant discovery that the instruction to the robot could be done verbally, but it was quite close.

I touched on the screen of the touch panel and press the name Robot A1.

「For now, please drop her off in front of the castle gently. So that she will not get hurt.」

When I say that, the instructions that I issued on the screen panel are displayed in words in blue, then they change to white.

It seems like it has been accepted.

Because I can’t see the appearance of the robot golem and the woman from my current screen, I pressed all the Outer Castle – East, West North and South camera.

The images in each corners are showed on four directions of the screen and I look around the screen restlessly.

「They were directly below earlier so I wonder where are they going to ascend from?」

After gazing at the screen for some time, they finally appeared in the south garden area.

Embraced by the robot that is calmly flying in the sky, the woman seems to be unconscious.

「The, the robot golem can adjusting its strength by itself, right…?」

Anxiously, I looked at the flying robot and turned around to the elevator.

What will I do if she died?

My body trembled to the unpleasant thoughts as I entered the elevator.



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