Chapter 7 – Meeting a person of another world for the first time


Translator: “Drey”

Confirming the figure of the robot golem and the woman coming down lightly from the sky, I came out from the castle.

Now, this is my first conversation in a long time. Moreover she’s a woman.

While experiencing a sense of tension that is unusual due to expectation and anxiety, I waited for the robot to land.

The woman is not moving, her face is pressed against the robot’s chest, but looking at how the robot is handling her, I guess I don’t have to worry about her being crushed to death.

The robot landed and placed her feet on the ground.

「Uhm, nice, nice to meet you…… well, ah, do you understand japanese?」

Saying that while laughing awkwardly, I look at the back of her head.

But, her body is leaning to the ground as if crumbling down from her knees.


Instinctively, I move to support her body with both hands in a hurry, but we end up falling to the ground together.

I caught her in time as we fell down while holding her in my arms, but she strongly knock the temple of my head.

「Ow-ow-ow, it hurts……」

I raised my face in agony, when I lower my line of sight, what I saw is an appearance of a breathtaking beauty.

A long and glossy red hair hangs on her cheeks, but even so the woman’s beautiful features is simply breathtaking. With eyebrows in a small shaped of ハ, long eyelashes quietly concealed her eyes. Straight across on her nose bridge, is a nice shape lips.

She also looks a little thin when I look at the line of her nape and jaw, but her limbs are slender and long. Her proportion is well balanced like a model.

I looked at the woman scrutinizingly and unintentionally became fascinated in the end.

「…… I am out of my mind. After all, I think I got frightened by the scene from Tuesday Suspense.」

I was trying to convince myself and nodded several times, then I look up at the robot.

「…… Can I command you without touching on the screen? Please carry this woman gently」

In the next moment, the robot bends its waist and brought down its upper body, and gently lifted the woman with both hands. It is a princess carry naturally.

「Alright, for now, let’s take her to the medical room」

When I said that and start to walk forward, the robot came following silently. It is a smart child.

Getting in the elevator, I press the third floor.

When we arrived in the third floor and got off from the elevator, the dim room become bright. Seeing the robots standing in line, I noticed that there is one robot missing in the space at the front row of the rightmost side. I wonder …

「Ah, A1. Were you the one who was standing over there?」

When I look up at the robot and said that, A1 is just quietly facing forward.

It/He(?) is silent. However, there’s no doubt that he is a gentleman by seeing how he treated the woman so far. A1 is a gentleman.

I’m thinking such a delusional thought while walking through between the lines of robots and heads.

I wonder how many robots are here? Since there was also letter A in the entry, I wonder if this whole line will start to move if I press the A button?

As I kept walking, I finally reached a door. It’s a simple double door, I open it and enter inside a medical room.

White wall, floor, bed and some medical equipment. There were also some shapes similar to a sunbed at the back of the room.

The door is a little bit too small for the robot, but A1 entered the medical room by skillfully dropping his waist and leaned over his upper body. Even so, from how I can see his consideration for the woman being carried in his hand, this guy is a real gentleman.

While I’m thinking about such things, A1 laid down the woman on the sunbed even though I didn’t give an instruction.

「Hmm? Do you prefer a tan skin? But what if she is proud of her skin as is? She might hate you if you force her to tan herself while she is unconscious」

When I admonish him, A1 stood up straight and stopped moving.

Isn’t A1 looks like he is sulking for some reason?

「Fumu. There’s no way A1 who is a gentleman to force tan a sleeping beautiful woman to light brown on his own accord. I’m sorry, it’s my bad.」

As I apologize to A1, I approached the female lying down on sunbed machine. It has a transparent viewing window and a display on the lid part of the sunbed machine.

The screen panel became dark when I try touching on the display and the inside part of the sunbed machine where the woman sleeps glowed in white light.

Suddenly, the lid closed by itself.


I hurriedly check the display. If I made her tanned by mistake, she will surely hate me. I can’t build a friendship anymore. Breakup of diplomatic relations. There is no doubt that I will be in a state of isolation.

However, looking at the words lining up in the screen panel, I gave a sigh of relief.

Gentle letters such as medical examination, simple medical treatment, and rapid rest were lined up in the screen.

Apparently, this also seems to be something similar to the medical equipment I have seen in movies.

「First of all, let’s start a medical examination」

When I say that and touch the screen panel, the light coming out from the viewing window glows brighter. When I look inside timidly, the face of the woman is being lighted from below and it turns into a horror image.

「It’s similar when I was frightened by watching a western doll at night …」

When I stare at the display after blurting out the rude remarks, various informations were displayed in the screen panel.

「Human being, female, 16 years old …… so young. Height 160 centimeters, body weight 50 kilograms, chest measurement……!? Ei, eight….. this is bad, this is bad」

There’s too many personal information being displayed, so I raise my face. There seems to be no concept called privacy in this machine. It is a great difference when comparing this with the gentleman A1.

Let’s name it as sexual harassment machine.

And, the sexual harassment started to sound ‘pipipipi’ as if to appeal a complaint.

When I try looking at the display, this time something similar to a table(chart) that I saw in a blood test and so on are displayed. For example, you drunk too much if the gamma GDP is high. What being displayed is that kind of information.

Those entries and numerical value were closely lined up and there were words at the very bottom.

「…… Slight tendency towards malnutrition? So she’s definitely underweight」

While I voice my disappointment to the ratio that showed her various numeral, I stare at the lit up face of the woman, or more precisely a girl. The light makes her looks scary after all.

Then, maybe because the medical examination was over, the lid lifted up automatically. Staring at the girl lying down on the sexual harassment machine, I nodded with my arms folded.

「Alright, if that’s the case then this fellow right here will treat her to a meal」

I say that and raise the edge of my mouth, then turn my face towards A1.

「Please look after when she wakes up. In the meantime, I will go to the dining hall.」

When I said that, A1 turned around this way.

…..Well, I guess it’s okay.

I nodded lightly to A1 who looks at me in silence as I left the medical room.



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