Chapter 82 – New Country


Translator: Drey          Editor: Ryunakama

Country of light and darkness, the Karluk Kingdom.

Although it is a small country, it prospers as the center of trade routes of various countries and it holds a power which is not inferior to a large country economically.

It has a big lake in the south and it was one of the midsize countries that was called the water country in the past.

However, after the neighboring countries became larger, the highways were improved and the damage of monsters decreased, the Karluk Kingdom with a location, where peddlers always stop by, suddenly became wealthy.

Along with that, the gap between rich and poor within the Karluk Kingdom becomes severe, and a harsh discrimination against those have-nots spreads to the ordinary people.

Even so, the Karluk Kingdom’s public finance have become rich in just over a decade and the population has grown due to immigrants or refugees seeking work.

And the number of debt slaves have also become more than in other countries.

The country of light and darkness. This title was ironically attached to the current state of the Karluk Kingdom that had become an economic power.

「…… It’s a very terrible country.」

While hearing the explanations from Yuri and Aifa, I expressed such an impression.

Ayla who sits next to me and Mea who carried the tea also looked pale. It would be a terrible country especially for two who have became a slave in the past.

Aifa nods quietly and look up at the screen.

「…… I hear that a number of slave merchants have a great variety of difference in the prices which they set on the slaves because of the large number of slaves. The higher grade slaves in the Karluk Kingdom becomes several times the price in other countries and at the same time If you look for a cheap slave in the Karluk Kingdom, you can get a slave with a price that’s similar to trash.」

「I heard that their slave seal’s research is also thriving, so their types of slave seals can’t be compared to other countries. They don’t do it normally because it will lose its value as a property, but there’s even a slave seal that if the contractor dies, the slave will also die together……」

The more Ayla listens to the terrible story, the paler her face becomes.

「But if it is a country with a lot of immigrants and merchants, isn’t it easy to go there secretly? It seems like there’s a lot of people even outside the city.」

When I looked at the video which is being shown on the screen and said that, Aifa nodded lightly.

A city surrounded by a big wall is being shown on the screen and a tall castle like a tower is built in the center. Maybe because the soil had been piled up the more we look to the center, the tall buildings lining up as if to surround the castle and the other buildings after it were lined up one step lower than their surroundings.

It is a style of creating a town where houses are lined up on the slope of the mountain. It is very interesting for the purpose of watching, but if you look up at the castle from below the city, you will feel greatly intimidated.

「Though if merchants come from various countries, it seems like it should be easier to walk inside the city, right?」

When I said that, Yuri tilted her head with her eyebrows in ハ character.

「Yes, it is, but the fact that various people stopped by as we thought, also means that some dangerous people have come. So, the royalties and nobles, particularly the wealthy merchants, live in the aristocratic district which is in the center, and the rich people such as the knights and the merchants who own a store live in the business district. There is a street stall district where poor people such as peddlers and slave traders migrants live, and I heard that most of those who came from outside can only enter the street stall district.」

「Heee…… Then, that great number of people around the wall are outside because they can’t fit into the street stall district?」

When I asked that, Yuri narrowed her eyebrows with a difficult face.

「No, they might be immigrants and refugees who couldn’t live inside the city. The competent merchant whom Yanual-niisama’s become acquainted with had also said something similar. If I remember correctly, he said that the two trading cities aren’t that much, but the royal capital is taking a lot of tolls.」

「Yeah. I have also heard that. If I’m not mistaken, it was one silver coin per person. It isn’t an amount that we can’t afford, but it would be tough for immigrants and refugees.」

「I see.」

I nod understandingly at their words. If I think of it conversely, the excessive immigrants and refugees may be increasing too much and on the verge of bursting, and they are restricting them with high tolls.

And as I was controlling the distant view camera while thinking such things, I noticed that apart from the huge gate, there were countless small houses without doors in front of the wall.

They are poor houses like a wood have been joint together, but they are built much bigger than the scale of a village in that area.

「I hear that immigrants are settling down around the wall that surrounds the royal capital, but those houses similar to huts must be it.」

「Eh? Did they build a house outside because they can’t enter in the royal capital?」

I reflexively said that at Aifa’s words. Then, Ayla who had been silent until now, speaks sadly.

「Ordinary humans are risking their lives to move from city to city. They can hire escorts if they are merchants, but people who can’t afford it can’t do that. That’s why, they probably wanted a temporary shelter in front of the relatively safe wall. If there’s, fortunately, an expedition of chivalric order, they might be able to accompany them, but in rich countries like the Karluk Kingdom, the chivalric orders are in each city and there would be no big movements……」

Hearing the explanations from the three people, I breathe a sigh.

It’s better than the forest where they are very likely to come across monsters, but the dissolute city is also quite scary.

No, if Aifa comes together as an escort, it would be alright, but……

While I’m being worried, Yuri showed a smile and looked at me.

「I heard that that city is trading various goods that came from neighboring countries. I wanted to see it by all means, so I would like to be accompanied by Taiki-sama.」

Yuri said that airily, waiting for my answer with a beaming smile.

While I am at a loss for an answer, this time Ayla speaks while panicking a little.

「Me, me too, I want to accompany Taiki-sama if you go! That, if the slave seal is being researched, there may also be a way to remove it contrarily and……!」

「That’s true.」

I nod with my arms folded at Ayla’s words.

It’s a little scary, but if Yuri will also go in addition to Aifa, I feel pretty safe.

Of course, I will also have A1 come, but if Ayla will also go, I should take another one robot with us. Two robots in addition to two capable magicians…… I felt like it will go well.

「…… Alright. Well then, shall we go? Ah, I have to bring money, don’t I?」

When I muttered that, Mea headed towards the elevator in a jog. And after a while, she returns carrying a leather bag about the size of a face in her both hands.


Mea stands in front of me, saying that satisfyingly.

「Thank you.」

I said that while patting the head of Mea and I looked at the contents of the leather bag.

Dazzling gold coins are in it, but would it be enough if I take one silver coin for the toll?

And while I was lost in my thoughts, Ayla peeked from my side and knitted her brows.

「…… It’s an amount that seems to be able to build a house in the aristocratic district, but is it necessary to have this much……?」

It seems that there were too many as I thought. But Mea, who had been reminded, hands it over to me without any care.

「If there was a lot, you can also buy anything. Like meat.」

I loosen up at Mea who said that with shining eyes.

「For souvenirs, huh?」



  1. now that i think about it…. cant he just try to check if the medical chamber can remove the slave seal ?? since it can be considered as debuff or curse…

    • I believe in one of the earlier chapters he mentions to himself that the medbay thing might be able to remove the seal, but he doesn’t want to get their hopes up if it can’t.
      Still pretty dumb to not tell them to go into the bay for a checkup and try to remove the seal. Even if he can’t they’d be none the wiser/sadder.

      • exactly. his reasoning makes no sense. say you had an otherwise incurable lifelong debilitating illness and there was a treatment that *might* completely cure you, was completely free, had no negative side effects at all, and only took a few minutes to try, but you find out your doctor hadn’t even attempted the treatment “because he didn’t want to get your hopes up”, wouldn’t you be kinda extremely very pissed at the doctor? I would be.

  2. it seems he’s not that bright. it would certainly seem like a very obvious thing to at least attempt. even if the author wants to say the medbay can’t remove the seal, he should show taiki trying it and failing, otherwise it makes him look dumb for not trying it. and if he trys it later in the story and it works, then he looks REALLY dumb for not trying it earlier.

  3. also i’m very skeptical of the plausibility of this country’s entire scenario – increased economics and prosperity caused by increased trade and a safer environment hugely *increases* the number of poor? and therefore may people are flooding *into* the country in order to experience the terrible living conditions? if people are flooding in for jobs, then it must be known that there is a labor shortage, in which case wages should be rising and unemployment should be relatively low. if there are bad conditions, it would probably be that the population is overworked, rather than underworked. it just sounds like the author is trying to make some sort of vaguely preachy point about something(?) in RL but is doing so poorly due to a lack of understanding of economics. i’m really not trying to be overly picky here, but the author went through this drawn out explanation of the economics of this country (and not of any of the other countries they’ve been to) when the explanation makes no sense. maybe there’s a missing piece of info that will be given later that explains this. hopefully.

  4. This chapter reveals that various types of slavery magics exist including very strong magics forcing the slaves to die if their master dies. Certainly, with such powers, there should be plenty of schemers who weaponized slavery magic. But maybe the author once again plot protects the MC against anyone trying to enslave him and then forcibly having wealth and possessions transferred.

    • Grammar: “Mea who carried the tea also look pale.”
      —> Please change “look” to be “looked”.

      Grammar: “various people stops by as we thought”
      —> Please change “stops” to be “stop”.

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      Grammar: but is it necessary this much……?”
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